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"You've Been Great, Goodnight"
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Season: Six — Episode: 19
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt & Kevin White — Aired: April 13, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 3.02
Summary: Brent's mysterious disappearances every Wednesday night has the whole town talking. When it is discovered he has been pursuing a lifelong dream that threatens to take him out of Dog River, everyone is forced to cope with the news.


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I mean, I was flattered and everything but why would I go anywhere when everything I like is right here?
— Brent
On a Wednesday at the Ruby Cafe, Brent tells Hank he read in the Howler that the band "Fast Exit" is on a reunion tour. Excited, they notice that the closest town the band is playing in is Wullerton. Spitting on the floor, Lacey scolds them as the health inspector is present. However, she also doesn't like Wullerton and spits. Later at Corner Gas, Wanda's puzzled as Brent leaves work early in a rush. At the Ruby, Wanda tells Hank and Lacey that Brent leaves early every Wednesday but they don't know where he goes. Emma and Oscar arrive and also don't know where Brent heads to. Lacey chastises everyone's curiosity but the next morning, pleads with Brent to tell her. He refuses so she teases him that he's seeing a woman, which he doesn't deny.

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Wullerton sucks!
In front of the Ruby, Oscar asks Davis and Karen to find out where Brent's going. Inside, Lacey tells Emma that Brent is seeing someone in Regina. At Corner Gas, Davis and Karen read an etching from a pad of paper Brent used to see if it provides a clue where he's going. They only find several cartoon doodles and when Brent catches them, he explains what the drawings mean. Wanda arrives and while mockingly chastizing the cops, tries to give them the keys to Brent's car and house. At the Leroy's, Oscar's incredulous when Emma tells him that Brent has a girlfriend. At the Ruby, Lacey tells Hank and Wanda that Brent has a girlfriend, which Wanda doesn't believe. Davis and Karen inform them that they'll be tailing Brent into the City the next Wednesday. Six days later, the cops hide the police cruiser behind the "surveillance bush" and trail Brent's car.

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Subject is on the move.
Arriving in Regina, Davis and Karen follow Brent's car to a comedy club, the "Chuckle Barn." Entering the club, they find that Hank, Lacey and Wanda are already there, having also followed Brent. Scanning the crowd they can't find him until the first comedian is announced and shocked, they discover it's Brent. Listening to his act, Wanda's impressed that the crowd is laughing at Brent's stories about the people in Dog River. Hank's thrilled that Brent is leading a double life but when the act ends, Davis and Karen are disappointed that they weren't mentioned. Hours later with the show over, Brent is congratulated by everyone including Kelly, the owner of the club. Kelly's able to guess who everyone is from Brent's descriptions of them in his routine except for the cops.

I found him.
The next day at Corner Gas, having heard what Brent is doing, Oscar is initially miffed that Brent is telling stories about him in his act. But hearing that Brent's funniest stories are about him, Oscar chooses to believe he's a funny guy. Emma though isn't happy Brent is trying stand up comedy and thinks he should settle down. At the Ruby, Hank's gone Hollywood as the sole member of Brent's entourage. Davis and Karen press Hank to tell Brent some funny stories about them to use in his act. At Corner Gas, Emma shares her concerns about Brent with Wanda. Wanda realizes if Brent is successful that she'd be in charge of the station and dreams of surrounding herself with hunky guys who dote on her. To see her fantasy come true, she tells Emma they should support Brent.

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Kyle, beverage s'il vous plait.
At the Ruby, Davis and Karen fail at routines with a spilling sugar dispenser in front of Brent which doesn't impress him. At Corner Gas, Oscar gives Brent an old comedy record in an attempt to bolster his act. Wanda effuses about Brent's routine and encourages him to go on the road with it. Later at the Leroy's, Emma is convinced Brent will become a drug addict if he continues in comedy and cites an alcoholic cousin who plays in a polka band as proof to Oscar. At Corner Gas, Lacey catches Wanda sketching out changes to the station while Hank reads an L.A. newspaper from 1968 to prepare for Hollywood life. Lacey says they are delusional and is left alone in the station when the phone rings. It's Kelly from the Chuckle Barn who leaves a message with Lacey offering Brent a spot on a national comedy tour.

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It's hard to find a place to rehearse, isn't it?
At the Ruby, Lacey tells Emma about Kelly's offer who begs Lacey not to tell Brent. At the Police station, Davis introduces Karen to a drama student from the high school. Convinced they aren't in Brent's act because Karen isn't funny, the student shows Karen how to spill sugar. At the Ruby, Lacey nearly tells Brent about the offer. Later after Brent leaves, she tells Emma she can't keep the secret. Oscar overhears and rebukes Emma, even though he burned Brent's letter of acceptance to college to keep him from leaving town. Oscar makes an impassioned speech about trying new things which impresses Lacey. Brent arrives and she gives him the message. Brent is thrilled with the news and leaves to call Kelly.

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Well, it's about respect.
Later, Brent returns to the Ruby and is surprised with a going away party. However, he tells everyone including Josh, Mayor Fitzy, Helen, Mertyl, Wade, Phil Kinistino, Francine and Brian that he has no intention of going on the tour. Wanda's disappointed, having already hired an assistant as is Hank, who won't be able to entourage. Davis is pantless, a last attempt to get into Brent's act but Emma is overjoyed that Brent is staying. Brent explains that trying stand up was an item on a list of things he wants to do and he's happy staying at home. After letting slip that he burned Brent's acceptance letter, Oscar distracts Brent and everyone raises a glass and salutes him. The party over, Brent meets a fan in the parking lot who thinks he's joking that he doesn't want to go on tour.

What's going on?

The future of each of the main characters is shown. Lacey's attempt to run a second Ruby in Wullerton fails, Oscar continues saying "jackass", Emma stays married to Oscar despite its impact on her health and Hank remains unemployed.

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All hail the interloper!

S06E19-Oscar end.jpg

S06E19-Emma end.jpg
You're like Yoda!

S06E19-Hank end.jpg
I was born to annoy.

Davis and Karen get married but not to each other. Wanda completes a PhD but still works at Corner Gas, with a raise. Brent does complete the items on his list including fishing in the Yukon. Brent looks at everyone and smiles with satisfaction at his decision to stay in Dog River.

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We really don't do anything.

S06E19-Wanda end.jpg
The smartest person in town.

S06E19-Brent end.jpg
It's BLT, Brent Leroy time.


  • "Fast Exit" was Brent Butt's band whose song Capital Cash was performed by Thunderface four year before. Lacey must have forgotten about Fast Exit as Brent, Hank and Wanda all explained who they were to her. ("Rock On!")
  • The "surveillance bush" appears for only the second time, having been seen in the series premiere. ("Ruby Reborn") It's a fake bush created for both episodes.
  • Brent's comedy act mentions Lacey's globaphobia. ("Whataphobia")
  • The audience at Brent's stand up performance is filled with CTV executives including President Ivan Facen.
  • Oscar mentions that he was a paper boy, ("Ruby Newsday") Emma taught piano, ("One Piano, Four Hands") Lacey coached hockey, ("Face Off") Wanda was a real estate agent, ("Top Gum") Hank was an accountant, ("Safety First") and Davis and Karen had a radio show. ("TV Free Dog River")
  • Series production executive Louise Clark portrays the Health Inspector.
  • Series co-creator, producer and director David Storey portrays the guy who Brent doesn't recognize at the Ruby.
  • Episode writer and story editor Kevin White portrays the guy in the last scene. He also portrayed Harold Main after whom Main Street (changed to Centennial Street) was named. ("Block Party")
  • Recurring Characters who appeared at the surprise party for Brent include Josh, Mayor Fitzy, Helen, Mertyl, Wade, Phil Kinistino, Francine and Brian.
  • Several others who played multiple characters and were never named also appear such as Tim Allen (11 different roles), Peter Scoular (Auditor, Scout Leader, and others) and Mark D. Claxton (Peter's Dad, E Farmer and others).
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it once while reading the Howler. Oscar said it 91 times during the series.


"Ah, it's like Brent's got this whole other life. He's a stand up comedian, he's got a girlfriend..."
"It's my birthright. You've given me a very special gift, all my funniest stories are about you."
―Brent to Oscar
"That makes no sense. I mean, at your age going off to do some sort of cabaret routine. You shouldn't be trying new stuff. You should be stuck in a rut with a wife and kids."
―Emma to Brent
"Sober people don't join polka bands."
"Why the hell settle? We never settled. I'm a paper boy one week, you teach piano the next. The next week Lacey's a hockey coach, Wanda's a real estate agent, Hank's an accountant, the cops have a radio show. We all try new things."
"To Brent. Not doing anything, not going anywhere."


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