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Location: Saskatchewan — First Appearance: "Gopher It"

Well, they got that big magpie up the road, Fitzy. Are you, as Mayor of Dog River, tellin' me that we're not as good as Wullerton?
Brent, "World's Biggest Thing".

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You're one of us now.
Wullerton is the rival town of Dog River. The rivalry is so intense that whenever anyone in Dog River mentions "Wullerton", they instinctively spit on the ground. ("Ruby Reborn") ("Comedy Night") ("Harvest Dance") ("TV Free Dog River") ("You've Been Great, Goodnight") Wullerton residents do not behave the same way. In a dream Hank has, Davis is forced to take a job as a cop in Wullerton. Davis tells his new partner that he used to work in Dog River, spits and his new partner says, "Why'd you do that?" ("Gopher It")



"And right up the road at Wullerton, they got the world's biggest magpie."
―Hank, "World's Biggest Thing".
"You spit every time anybody says Wullerton."
―Lacey, "Comedy Night".
"Hank is an idiot for going out with a girl from Wullerton."
―Davis, "Harvest Dance".
"Hello. I'm Wullerton Willie and I'm a big jerk. But at least I'm not as dumb as all the people in Dog River."
Chris on radio, "Dog River Dave".
"Wullerton sucks!"
―Health Inspector, "You've Been Great, Goodnight".


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