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"Will and Brent"
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Season: Three — Episode: 4
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Brent Butt & Kevin White — Aired: October 10, 2005 — Viewers (millions): 1.58
Summary: Oscar and Emma become suspicious of Brent when he encourages them to get a will. Brent does damage control, but not before his parents make sure Brent's inheritance is more punishment than reward. The town takes a surprising shine to Karen and Davis' drinking and driving check stops but not Lacey's new bulletin board.


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It's Oscar and Emma, what's he gonna inherit, a green hat and a ball of yarn?
— Wanda
At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey lectures Hank on the proper use of the new bulletin board. Hank gives her a hassle but Lacey lauds the chance for the townsfolk to communicate better. Emma and Oscar enter and seeing the board, complain they weren't told about it. As Josh cooks, Lacey explains the board to Brent and Wanda but when Brent complains Lacey has too many rules about its usage, Lacey decides to post rules. At the Police station, Karen discovers Davis has ordered pylons for their sobriety checkstop program as he feels people resist the campaign fiercely. Complaining he orders too much stuff and they already have a breathalyzer, Karen cancels the order and jokes with the saleswoman about Davis' compulsive buying.

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I'm trying to organize the board.
Outside Corner Gas, Brent overhears Emma telling Oscar they need to make plans and that Brent should get their furniture, including a couch. At the Ruby, Brent tells Hank and Wanda that his parents are making plans for when they die. Hank thinks Brent is being greedy while Brent thinks his parents have a will. Somewhat ashamed, Karen tells Davis that the saleswoman talked her into ordering a new breathalyzer that plays music. At Corner Gas, Emma and Oscar tell Brent they'd like to him give some of their things and Hank interrupts that it's when they die. They're surprised and relate that it's if they downsize. Learning that Brent overheard their conversation and told Hank they were dying and he was hoping to get their couch, Emma and Oscar are disappointed in Brent.

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Is that true?
At the Ruby, Davis and Karen tell Lacey about the checkstop program but learning she took down their bulletin as it violated the board rules, Davis cites resistance. Emma and Oscar wrongly believe Brent is scheming to get their stuff and announce they are getting a will. Later at Corner Gas, Brent tells Wanda what happened and is glad his parents are getting a will. He imagines them using a legal will kit which is exactly what Oscar and Emma are reviewing at the Ruby. Way out of Dog River, Karen tells Davis that he's set the checkstop so far out of town that they'll catch no one. Hank warns Brent that his "lust" for his parent's things will come back to haunt him, but as Wanda jokes Emma and Oscar don't have much of value, Brent assures Hank he'll be OK.

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I'm not sure about this location...
Initially giving Oscar and Emma free fries, when Lacey learns she's not being willed anything she wants, she charges them for the food. Davis and Karen move the checkstop to just outside the Ruby and pull Lacey over. Lacey loves the breathalyzer, which plays music, and it attracts Hank and Wes to the checkstop. Worried he's a bad son, Brent takes Wanda's advice to spend some time with his parents having fun. At the checkstop, Hank hogs the breathalyzer, causing a long line-up of cars to form behind him. At Corner Gas, Emma tells Brent that they've made a will and hints that Brent isn't getting anything. At the Ruby, Lacey lectures Mertyl when she puts a notice up on the board incorrectly which annoys Mertyl.

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At the Police station, having seen how much people like the breathalyzer, Davis tells Karen they shouldn't use it anymore and instead, rely on human assessment of sobriety. Karen discovers the breathalyzer won't play music anymore. Davis doesn't tell her that he and Hank got drunk at the Dog River Hotel and broke it. At the Leroy's, Brent tries to make up with Oscar who tells Brent that he's getting the driveway redone, giving money to charity and he's getting nothing in the will. Brent is perturbed to find that Oscar offered their couch to the foreman who's doing the driveway work. With the bulletin board at the Ruby empty of notices, Lacey and Wanda discover there's a no-rules board at Corner Gas. Davis buys a pick-up sticks game, believing it'll be a good test of drunkenness until Karen dissuades him of its effectiveness.

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It'll be more than that, smart guy.
At the Ruby, after finding Hank is too dumb to be executor of their will, Emma tells Lacey she'll put up a notice on her board if Lacey agrees to be the executor. The board at Corner Gas has a crowd of people in front of it, making it hard for Wes to put up his flyer. Brent is miffed to learn his parents asked Hank to be the executor of their will. Emma indicates they picked Davis but doesn't tell Brent that Emma did so to get out of a sobriety test involving the pick-up sticks. Lacey lets Wanda take her bulletin board over to Corner Gas but as Brent makes a jab at Wanda's height, she hits him in the head with the board. While Davis has Alice play with a ball and cup to prove her sobriety at a checkstop, Wanda's disappointed to find that the new breathalyzer doesn't play music as Karen got a cheaper one in order to get a safety vest.

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That was on purpose.
Lacey tells the bulletin board crowd at Corner Gas she has a new board with no rules at the Ruby. No one cares but in order to make Lacey happy, Brent tells everyone he's getting rid of the Corner Gas board as it's too cluttered. Hank leads the crowd to the Ruby while Brent tries the ball and cup game. At the Ruby, having made up with his parents, Brent reviews their will with Emma. He imagines himself in 20 years at a beautiful house, talking to his future self, who has done very well. Oscar comes by but Brent is told it isn't Oscar, it's himself in 22 years. Brent cries out but doesn't wake from his day dream.

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Who are you?


  • Hank spells "mats" wrong in his bulletin.
  • There's a bulletin board on Main Street beside the Foo Mart. ("Dog River Vice")
  • Jackass!: While dreaming about himself 22 years in the future, Brent is greeted by Oscar who calls him a jackass and says he's him in 23 years.


"It's not about a couch or murder. I just want them to get a will."


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