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"Whiner Takes All"
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Season: Five — Episode: 3
Director: David Storey — Writer: Andrew Carr — Aired: October 15, 2007 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Lacey thinks golfing with Brent and Hank will be all fun and games until a warning by Brent creates a competitive triangle. Oscar and Emma's new bed causes Emma to question her dreams. Karen is appalled when Davis accepts a free meal from Wanda in exchange for avoiding tickets.


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It's like my old granddaddy used to say, it, there's two kinds of people in this world, losers and those who lose to losers. And my friends, you just lost to me.
— Hank
At Corner Gas, Brent gives Lacey golf tips while Hank maligns Brent's golf skills, having beaten him nearly every time they've played. At the Leroy's, Emma decides they need a new bed. Oscar refuses to go shopping for one with her as the last time they went, he couldn't get out of a water bed. After Hank leaves Corner Gas, Brent tells Lacey that he's let Hank win at golf as the whine Hank makes for days afterwards is too much to bear. Lacey's doubtful the whine is that bad so Brent describes several situations, including a squirrel biting Hank's arm. In front of the Foo Mart, Wanda tries to stop Davis from giving her a parking ticket. While bed shopping, Emma meets Lloyd, a suave salesman who constantly compliments her. She's smitten and buys the first bed he recommends.

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That last one was more of a shriek.
Wanda convinces Davis to rip up the ticket in exchange for buying him lunch. At the Ruby, Davis finishes lunch and leaves. Wanda admits to the bribe which Lacey thinks is wrong but Oscar approves of. Wanda and Oscar both make fun of Davis however, Karen, who has been sitting in a booth the whole time, overhears. While playing golf, Brent encourages Hank and reminds Lacey of the consequences of Hank losing. In the police cruiser, Karen confronts Davis about accepting Wanda's bribe but he doesn't see anything wrong with it. At golf, Lacey's beating Hank and after teasing him, gets a warning from Brent. At the Leroy's, Oscar discovers the new bed and though initially wary of the remote it comes with, he quickly takes to its many features.

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I'm having a pretty good game today, huh?
At the Post Office, Karen gives Wanda a big ticket but proposes Wanda buy her breakfast and they can talk about it. At golf, while Hank prays that Lacey misses a putt, Brent coughs just as she swings, causing her to miss. While believing he's saving Lacey from grief, Hank gloats over his win. At the Leroy's, Emma has a dream that she's in bed with Lloyd. The next morning, as Oscar effuses about the bed, Emma accidentally calls him "Lloyd" and then denies knowing anyone with that name. At the Ruby, Wanda pays for Karen's breakfast but she still gives Wanda the ticket to prove that cops aren't stupid. While Oscar writes a letter the bed manufacturer, Emma brings him soup for no reason. At the Ruby, Lacey's peeved that Brent cost her the game.

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I thought we had an understanding.
Saying she didn't think Brent was faking being bad at golf, Lacey challenges him to a match without Hank. Lacey beats Brent, who can't believe how poorly he played. At the Police station, Wanda tells Davis that Karen wouldn't rip up the ticket even though she bribed her. Davis indicates he'll try to get Karen to change her mind and in exchange, Wanda buys Davis another breakfast which he orders from Josh. Later at the Police station, Davis can't convince Karen to rip up Wanda's ticket and Karen comments Davis still has egg on his shirt. At the Ruby, both Hank and Lacey make fun of Brent by saying he's a girl. Oscar takes a call at home from Lloyd who introduces himself and wants to talk to Emma.

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Three scrambled eggs wrapped in a pancake.
At the Police station, Wanda's disappointed that Davis didn't fulfill his end of the bargain. However, they hatch a plan to entrap Karen into accepting a bribe. At Corner Gas, Hank and Lacey continue to call Brent a girl so he challenges them both to a re-match. Brent initially struggles, bringing derision from Hank and Lacey but his game picks up, silencing them. At the Police station, Davis asks Karen to get gas for the cruiser. He then calls Wanda to let her know Karen's on her way and that he's taken her wallet. Brent continues to play well and starts insulting Hank and Lacey. At the Leroy's, Emma becomes flustered when Oscar reveals that Lloyd called. However, he's not upset until Emma lets slip that she dreamt about him. Brent's good game now has Hank and Lacey constantly making noises to throw him off.

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Lloyd called.
At the Corner Gas pumps, after filling the cruiser with gas, Wanda reveals she knows Karen doesn't have her wallet. Proposing to give her the gas for free if Karen will rip up the ticket, Karen offers to pay with money she keeps in her boot. Davis arrives and thinks he's caught Karen in a compromising position but she scolds him and Wanda for trying to entrap her. Wanda then tries a lame police brutality act to get the ticket ripped up. At the Ruby, Davis offers to pay for the ticket and Wanda says she'll pay for another meal for Karen. An angry Oscar heads to the bed store but Lloyd's flattery soon works its magic. Oscar returns home with new lamps and thinks Lloyd is a good guy. At golf, Brent purposely misses his last putt so that Hank loses to Lacey. Thereafter, Lacey has to endure a barrage of Hank's whines. After Oscar has a dream about Lloyd, he returns the new bed.

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Dang, what happened there?



"You took my innocent little bribe and turned it into something sleazy."
―Wanda to Davis


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