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Season: Two — Episode: 4
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt & Mark Farrell — Aired: October 26, 2004 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Lacey's birthday party is ruined when her deepest fear reveals itself, but it turns out everyone in town has his or her own unique fear, except Wanda. Brent and Hank determine to discover what freaks her out. Oscar tries to prove to Emma that he can cook, and Hank and Lacey prove to be bad liars.


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What, fears? Not really. I mean just the standard stuff, you know, pirates, vampires, sasquatch, intimacy, commitment.
— Brent
At Corner Gas, Brent, Hank and Wanda decorate for a surprise birthday party for Lacey. Confident Lacey will love the gesture, Brent blows up two balloons. Lacey is overjoyed when she arrives at the station but seeing the balloons Brent is holding, she screams and runs out. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey admits she has globaphobia, a fear of balloons. In the basement at the Leroy's, Emma finds Oscar building a small windmill for his own mini-putt course. He rants about a fight with the owner of the local mini-putt course in which he was banned. Emma cautions him about seeking revenge. At the Ruby discussing phobias, Hank believes Lacey's fear is misnamed and should be called "balloonaphobia." Wanda indicates she has no phobias.

S02E04-Lacey scared.jpg
Aaaahh! Oh, get away! Get away!
At Corner Gas, Hank says he has no fears either until Brent reminds him of his allergy to bees which Hank awkwardly agrees with. In private, Hank begins to tell Wanda that he lied to Brent about the allergy when they were kids and has maintained the fiction. Wanda walks away while Hank's talking and returns as he ends the story. Hank asks her to keep the truth secret which she easily agrees to, having not heard it. At the Leroy's, Emma mentions to Oscar that she uses cooking to calm down. To spite Emma, Oscar claims he can cook and stomps off. Karen and Davis arrive at Corner Gas where Hank tells them about Lacey's phobia. Davis appears concerned and remarking that fear is what separates humans from animals, they all realize there are many other differences.

S02E04-Oscar windmill.jpg
I'll show you who can cook.
At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Brent imagines what caused Lacey's fear of balloons and though trying to comfort her, he says her fear is embarrassing. Karen arrives at the Leroy's to handle Oscar's complaint about the mini-putt which he doesn't care about anymore. She's intrigued to find Oscar is cooking. At Corner Gas, Wanda ponders having no fears which Brent believes makes her scary. Hank startles Wanda by yelling in her face to show she does have fears. Wanda chases Hank outside and jumping on his back, starts wailing on him. At the Ruby, a stammering Davis tells Lacey he'd like to take her out someplace. Believing Davis is asking her on a date, Lacey slips into the kitchen when Davis gets a call from Karen that there's an incident at the mini-putt. At Corner Gas, trying to see if Wanda has any fears, Brent finds Wanda isn't scared of spiders.

S02E04-Brent Wanda spider.jpg
It kinda tickles.
Finding Karen loves to cook, Oscar lets her. Karen is worried that demonstrating traditional female skills may undermine her authority as a cop but Oscar is happy to keep her secret. Bringing Wanda to a grain elevator to see if she's afraid of heights, Brent decides to forgo the experiment when he learns it involves climbing up many stairs. At the Leroy's, Oscar has Brent and Wanda try "his" cooking which to their surprise, they find delicious. Davis arrives with Emma, who punched the owner of the mini-putt, resulting in her being banned. She tries the food and is impressed. At the Dog River Hotel, Hank practices an apology to Brent for lying about being allergic to bees on Mertyl, who begs him to leave her alone.

S02E04-Oscar Karen.jpg
Whatever you say, Toots.
At the Leroy's, Brent finds Wanda isn't claustrophobic and Emma is shocked to see the mess in the kitchen. At Corner Gas, Wanda isn't tricked into opening a gag can of peanuts but Oscar is. Recovering from the scare, he mentions that his cooking success has made Emma jealous which he finds amusing. At the Ruby, Lacey can't avoid Davis and agrees to go out with him that night to Regina. Davis asks her to keep their plans secret and leaves. Determined to outdo Oscar, Emma arrives and asks Lacey to dinner that evening. Learning that Oscar isn't cooking, Lacey declines and stammering that she has a "date-thing", Emma accuses her of lying. At Corner Gas, having worked up the courage to admit his lie to Brent, Hank finds Brent knew he wasn't allergic to bees as right after Hank made the claim, he stuck his hand into a bee hive. Hank's indignation is assuaged with a stick of gum.

S02E04-Young Hank.jpg
I'm Winnie the Pooh!
At the Ruby, Lacey asks Oscar if she's a good liar. Oscar calls her a terrible liar and that she thinks everyone has a crush on her. At Corner Gas, Hank brings a globe which doesn't scare Wanda but makes Brent uneasy. In the kitchen at the Leroy's, Oscar taunts Emma for being angry. Karen arrives unannounced and the tension results in Oscar blurting out that Karen isn't doing the cooking for him. Emma maligns their trickery. In Regina, Lacey discovers that the reason wanted their plans kept secret is that he is also globaphobic and is bringing her to a support group. Seeing her surprise, he accuses her of thinking that he had a crush on her. When Lacey denies this, Davis says she's lying.

S02E04-Lacey Davis Regina.jpg
Oh, they'd laugh if they knew.
Brent and Wanda are invited back to the Leroy's for dinner by Emma who mentions that Oscar did the cooking. However, having really done the cooking this time, Brent and Wanda find the food repellent. Emma stands over them and Oscar and insists they finish eating everything. Karen is made to wash the dishes. At Corner Gas, as she holds a balloon, Lacey shows Brent that Davis' support group helped her. Brent opines that phobias are mysterious and Wanda still hasn't found her fear. As Brent calls globaphobia silly, Lacey retorts that so is agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces. Brent agrees and as Wanda heads outside, she looks at the vast prairie with foreboding.

S02E04-Dinner at end.jpg
It tastes like bug repellent.


  • Debut of Mertyl Runciman and Wanda chases Hank.
  • The past mayor of Regina, Pat Fiacco, appears as Stan, owner of Dog River's mini-putt course.
  • Tim Allen, who plays the zombie, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.
  • Davis has a Battlestar Galactica theory that everyone on Earth could be the descendants of the last surviving Battlestar. Incredibly, five years after this episode aired, the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series concluded with this ending.
  • Jackass!: Oscar calls Stan, owner of the local mini-putt, a jackass for not believing he broke the course record. Oscar's banned from the mini-putt (which Stan let him play for free). Later, Emma punches Stan and refers to him as a jackass.


"This is not about revenge. This is about gettin' even."
"You're a terrible liar. The whole town knows it."
―Oscar to Lacey


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