Wes Humboldt

Wes Humboldt Logo 01.jpg Liquor/Insurance Sales

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Mike O'Brien
First Appearance: "Oh Baby!"
Last Appearance: "Final Countdown"
Episode Count: 18
Dad was right. He's a lunatic.
— Brent

Wes Humboldt is the owner of Dog River's combination liquor store/insurance agency. He's also the captain of a slow-pitch team, the "Wild Ones." He's quiet and good-natured, which others take advantage of.


Season 1

At the Dog River Hotel, Wes bets that Brent will start crying before 10pm when babysitting Wanda's son, Tanner Dollard. Later, he bets $50 Brent will break a bone. ("Oh Baby!") He attends the town meeting where Hank makes a proposal to improve tourism. He complains about the meetings being held during the day. He's part of the committee to decide what big thing to build and propose a statue of a big dog standing in a river. ("World's Biggest Thing")

S01E04-Hank freaks.jpg
I'm not playin' your sick game anymore.
Oscar tries to return a case of empty beer bottles but Wes tells Oscar the bottles are extremely old and aren't used anymore. Oscar flies into a rage over being denied $1.20 and yells he'll never return. Wes reminds Oscar he might need insurance in the future. ("Cousin Carl")

S01E08-Wes w empty.jpg
Stubby Heidelbergs?

Season 2

At Corner Gas, Brent makes fun of Wes' all-denim outfit. However, Wes dissects the joke and takes the fun out of it. Later at the station, Brent lets Wes cut in front of Oscar. Trying to show he pays attention to what happens in people's lives, Brent reads from a book on Dog River's history and tells Wes that his father died saving his platoon in the Korean War. Wes is shocked and Oscar tells Brent that everyone in town knew but kept it secret from Wes and told him his father ran off and joined the circus. ("Smell of Freedom")

S02E03-Wes Daddys dead.jpg
Daddy's dead?
At the Ruby Cafe, as Fitzy eats a Ruby Club, Wes tells him that no one wants a planned traffic light. As Lacey says she's not against the light, she's accused of having an agenda and Wes tells her to stick to making sandwiches. ("Hero Sandwich")

S02E07-Wes and Fitzy.jpg
Hank's right.
Outside the Ruby, Wes tries to grab the Clavet Cup while Karen is holding it, resulting in Karen twisting his arm until he offers to take a picture of her with it. Inside the Ruby, Karen compliments Wes on the photos he's taken of her with the Cup while he complains about his hurt arm. Offering to take one last photo, Karen looks for the Cup on the counter but can't find it. ("Hurry Hard")

S02E11-Karen and Wes.jpg
My arm hurts.
After Wes gets an ATM in the store, a large crowd of townsfolk gather there. However, they buy nothing, don't use the ATM and turn the store into a salon of discussion. Fearing the "ATM crowd" are planning to overthrow him, Mayor Fitzy has Davis convince Wes to get rid of the ATM by giving him a pile of lumber. ("An American in Saskatchewan") Wes is among the many asked to show a new doctor around town but refuses. ("Doc Small") Oscar and a farmer hassle Wes for remaining open on Dominion Day (what Canada Day used to be called). ("Air Show")

S02E12-ATM Crowd.jpg
Oscar arrives at Corner Gas from the Liquor store, having talked to Wes about the game between the "Guzzlers" and Wes' "Wild Ones." Oscar claims Wes bad-mouthed the Guzzlers even though Oscar was the only one making insults. Brent and Hank meet Wes at the Hotel bar to smooth things over, but Paul stirs the pot so that the losing team will have to buy beer for the winning team. Brent and Hank insult Wes, up the bet to beer and nachos and call Wes crazy even though he says nothing to them.

S02E17-Wes and Oscar.jpg
Ya Nimrod.
At the game, with Lacey missing from the Guzzlers, the Wild Ones try to speed the game along to the fifth inning so they'll win by a rule technicality. With the Wild Ones at bat, an argument ensues where Wes insists he was out but Brent counters that Wes was safe. Noticing Lacey's arrived, Brent then agrees with Wes, ending the Wild Ones' inning. The Guzzler ultimately win the game, 8-7, after a group of Guzzlers converge on a pop fly and all bump into each other. Flat on his back, the ball drops into Hank's glove. ("Slow Pitch")

S02E17-Wes and player.jpg
They only have 9 players!

Season 3

Wes and Hank come upon Lacey using a musical breathalyzer at a road side checkstop Davis and Karen are operating. Later, with Hank hogging the breathalyzer, Wes yells at Hank that he wants a turn. Later, Wes tries to put a notice up on the no-rules bulletin board at Corner Gas. When Brent outlaws the board, Wes says the reason Brent is doing so is that he's angry that his parents aren't willing him their couch. ("Will and Brent") Learning Oscar has handicapped plates, at the Liquor store, Davis and Wes treat Oscar as if he's enfeebled, which he protests. ("Fun Run")

S03E04-Wes and Hank.jpg
At Corner Gas, Wes overhears Wanda giving Oscar a sham customer rewards card but believing it's real, he asks for one too. Later, Wes complains to Wanda that his card is the same level as Hank and Paul's, so Wanda creates a platinum card. ("Friend of a Friend")

S03E14-Wanda Wes.jpg
I let you backdate your insurance...
At the Ruby, having made fun of Karen's static apnea prowess, Lacey makes a joke about it to Wes out of habit. Later at the Hotel bar, there's a surprise birthday party for Wes which Wanda thinks is for her. ("Block Party") At Corner Gas, as Emma counts jelly beans, Brent and Wes get confused about how much his purchases cost. ("Bean There")

S03E15-Wes bday.jpg
Aw, you guys!

Season 4

As Fitzy is about to unveil Dog River's population, Oscar interrupts and claims he's taken his own census, "the people's census." Saying the town has about 500 people, Wes says maybe Oscar's right and that he's a hero. ("Census Sensibility") During Dog River's mayoral election, Fitzy has a press conference where he proclaims he's adopting Hank's idea to paint statues of prairie dogs and put them around town to increase tourism. Wes thinks it should be gophers instead. Emma then announces she's entering the election and intends to bring a casino to Dog River. Wes asks if they can paint the casino. ("Gopher It")

No! Don't listen to Fitzy!

Prairie dogs? You're crazy.

Season 5

Minutes before midnight of his 40th birthday, with no bottle of rare Scotch to celebrate due to Hank, Brent wakes Wes up. At the Liquor store, Wes has a bottle that costs $450, which Brent declines. Hank offers to pay for it with his truck but Wes jokes that another $400 would be owed. Brent steps in and pays for the bottle. ("Final Countdown")

No, I've always been here.


  • Wes' birthday is April 16 which he shares with Wanda. ("Block Party") ("The Accidental Cleanist")
  • Just before Brent's 40th birthday party, Hank jokes that he thought Wes died or moved to Winnipeg. ("Final Countdown") This is a reference to Mike O'Brien, who portrays Wes, being busy portraying Lorne Goldstein on the show Less Than Kind, which is set in Winnipeg.
  • Mike O'Brien passed away due to cancer on May 24, 2015.


"No offense Lacey, but maybe we just won't buy your stupid sandwich. Your stupid yet delicious sandwich."
―Wes, "Hero Sandwich".


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