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"Wash Me"
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Season: Five — Episode: 5
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Norm Hiscock — Aired: October 29, 2007 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Wanda's happy when her latest crush gives her his number. But her love life soon hinges on whether Hank washes his truck or not. Brent starts to question his sense of smell in front of Oscar and Emma, and Lacey gives the Ruby an artistic touch-up courtesy of Karen, whose drawings seem to appeal to everyone but Davis.


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Nobody tells me when to wash my notepad, especially she!
— Hank
At Corner Gas, Wanda's smitten with the milk deliveryman, Joe, and is pushed by Brent to ask him out. Extremely nervous, she starts an inane milk conversation with Joe and dreams about him, but he leaves before she can get his phone number. In the bathroom at the Leroy's, Oscar's out of deodorant so he uses Emma's. In front of the Foo Mart, Hank's bought a lock for his truck's lock box and seeks Emma's advice on remembering the combination. Saying he has no desk drawers at his house, he keeps notepads in the kitchen drawers and his kitchen stuff in the lock box. Emma advises writing the combination down on a notepad but having none, Hank writes it on the side of his dirty truck. At the Police station, Karen draws Davis' gun for art class. Hoping she will be able to sketch suspects, Davis pans her work.

S05E05-Joe Wanda milk
Ah, 2%.
At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey points out Joe to Wanda but he leaves before she can talk to him. Frustrated, she punches the wall and makes a hole. At Corner Gas, while serving Oscar, Brent smells his mother, bringing derision from Oscar. In front of the Ruby, Karen sketches Davis asleep in the police cruiser. Lacey likes the picture and hangs it over the hole in the wall that Wanda made. At the Corner Gas pumps, Wanda engages Joe again and to show that she's fun, she writes "wash me" on Hank's truck. This angers Hank, who considers the truck his notepad, and washing it would mean losing all the notes he's made to himself. At the Ruby, Davis sees the sketch and while initially laughing at it, his mood darkens when Lacey points out it's him. Karen scolds Davis for sleeping on duty while Brent points out Karen was drawing Davis instead of working.

S05E05-Davis sketch
This sleeping Davis sketch is hoot.
Outside Corner Gas, Joe's on the phone with his mother, who has lost her cat. Learning this, Wanda starts looking for it and doesn't hear Joe say his mother lives in Calgary. At the Leroy's, after Emma learns Oscar's been using her deodorant, they have a frenzy of using each other's toiletries. At the Ruby, Oscar buys the "Sleeping Davis" sketch for $10. Seeing it covered up the hole in the wall Wanda made, Karen offers to do another one. Davis isn't happy about this and Oscar deflects Lacey's comment that she smells hair spray. A group of scouts ask Hank if they can wash his truck after seeing "wash me" written on it. Hank writes "don't" in front of it but misplaces the apostrophe. As Mertyl drinks coffee at the Ruby, sitting beside Emma, Brent smells men's aftershave. Lacey and Emma blame Hank for the smell.

It says "wash me."
Davis poses in front of the field and tells Karen that she can sketch him if she wants. As time passes, Davis grows tired, falls asleep on the hood of the cruiser and Karen draws him again. Karen brings the sketch to the Ruby and covers the hole with it. On Centennial Street, Oscar points out to Hank that there's two "don'ts" in front of "wash me" on his truck. Hank thinks Wanda wrote the extra "don't" but it was Brent. The scouts return, believing the don'ts cancel each other out, so Hank writes another misspelt "don't." One of the scouts comments that someone smells pretty which Oscar deflects by telling Hank that it's going to rain soon, alarming him. At the Ruby, convinced his smell is off, Brent thinks since the food smells fine, it's not. Other patrons, including Mayor Fitzy hear this and no amount of convincing from Lacey can change her patron's minds that the food's bad.

S05E05-Oscar Hank truck
It's a double wrong.
Emma admits to one of the Scouts that a pine tree smell is coming from her so, he offers her a wash. At the Ruby, with her latest "Sleeping Davis" sold, Lacey suggests that Karen have a show at the cafe. Davis sees the latest sketch and is perturbed. In order to protect his truck from the rain, Hank parks it under the Corner Gas overhang just as Wanda is asking for Joe's number. Hank teases Wanda, who gets rid of him by grabbing his nipple. Joe gives Wanda his number but changes it several times. Wanda's pen doesn't work so she writes the number on Hank's truck. At the Police station as Karen looks through her portfolio of "Sleeping Davis" sketches, she tells Davis about the show at the Ruby with free wine and cheese. Davis says he'll come but keeps alternating his tone between sinister and cheerful.

S05E05-Wanda Hank Joe
Like you like, like him?
Over Hank's protests, Brent gets him to move his truck, just as rain threatens. Wanda sees the truck leave and is frustrated as Joe's number is written on it. Desperate, Hank drives around town looking for a shelter for his truck. He sees a tent by the roadside and pulls in, relieved. However, this is the spot where the Scouts are holding their cash wash drive and they begin cleaning the truck. At the Leroy's, Emma and Oscar agree to stop using each other's toiletries. However, Emma catches Oscar using her moisturizer. Later at Corner Gas, Wanda sees Hank's clean truck and is worried she's lost Joe's number. She's surprised that Hank wrote down everything written on the truck on a notepad, which he put in his lock box. However, the combination to the lock on the lock box is on the notepad.

Corner Gas-s05e05-Wash Me 1
While Hank laughs at the irony, Wanda smacks him and then Wanda chases Hank. At the Leroy's, Oscar vows to stop using Emma's toiletries when she shows him a bottle of expensive shampoo she's bought. Oscar uses it in the shower, screams and discovers that it's hair remover. Hank retrieves his notepad by prying open the latch on the lock box with a crowbar and points out numbers he wrote in the notepad to Wanda. At the Ruby, Brent's happy when Oscar and Emma arrive and they smell normal to him. Wanda finds that Hank never wrote Joe's number in the notepad, he wrote the lock combination. She gives him another smack.

S05E05-Oscar Emma
My word is my bond.
At the "Sleeping Davis" show at the Ruby, as Josh bartends, Davis arrives and announces he's shutting the gathering down. Lacey thinks Davis is cranky from not having his nap and is being vindictive. Assuring her he did sleep and pointing out she's serving wine without a license, Karen asks Lacey to show it to Davis. When Lacey can't produce a liquor license, Karen supports Davis in clearing everyone out. Two years later, at Corner Gas, having tried every combination of phone numbers she could remember, Wanda finally gets a hold of Joe. Having changed delivery routes shortly after he gave Wanda his number, he tells her that he's married with children. Wanda hangs up and tells a mustachioed Brent that she dialed a wrong number.

S05E05-Josh Lacey Brent
Hi look everybody, it's Sleeping Davis.


  • When Joe points out Hank's dirty truck, it has written on the right side "water plants" and "16 37 17." However, a few seconds later when Wanda writes "wash me" on it, "buy plants" is also written on the passenger door.
  • Other notes written on Hank's truck include "buy harmonica", "give Dijon mustard a try", feed Whiskers", "call Mom", "shave", (all on the left side) "pay taxes", (right side, in addition to those above) "fix hood latch" and "fix headlight" (on the hood, seen as Hank pulls into the Scout wash tent).
  • The "Sleeping Davis" sketch that Oscar bought is seen hanging in the bathroom at the Leroy's.
  • Wanda's mentioned a milk deliveryman several times before Joe appears. She asked Brent if the "one who looks like George Clooney" was delivering milk when he was dealing with Marvin Drey. ("Tax Man") She also talked with Brent about the milk delivery when she was venting about a noisy neighbour. ("Mobisodes")
  • Cavan Cunningham as Fitzy Fitzgerald isn't credited, though he speaks.
  • The young Scout, who speaks in two scenes, also isn't credited. Shane Arbuthnott is credited as "Clerk" but isn't seen.


"I only wrote what the truck would write on itself if it could write."
"Nice. I was there for three hours and you choose to sketch the two hours I was sleeping."
―Davis to Karen
"This chili cheese dog smells the way angels up in heaven smell. My sniffer is working again!"


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