Corner Gas - s02e04 - Whataphobia 1

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Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Whataphobia"

Now you come after me?
— Hank, "Physical Credit".

Corner Gas-s05e05-Wash Me 1
Wanda chases Hank details the times that Wanda runs after Hank to render a beating. This usually happens at Corner Gas. Occasionally, Wanda chases someone else. Its first appearance is in the Season 2 episode "Whataphobia".


Corner Gas - s02e04 - Whataphobia 1
Featuring: Wanda, Hank and Brent

Discovering Wanda has no phobias, Hank startles Wanda by yelling in her face to show she does have fears. Wanda chases Hank outside and jumping on his back, starts wailing on him.

S03E16-Wanda chases Hank
   "Physical Credit"
Featuring: Wanda and Hank

After Wanda doesn't get a credit card and Hank does, he teases her by renting a car and checking his credit score, then paying for it with his card. Hank's surprised when Wanda chases him after telling her about the credit score and not for renting the car.

Corner Gas - s03e17.Telescope.Trouble 1
   "Telescope Trouble"
Featuring: Wanda and Hank

At Wanda's house, after borrowing a TV, Hank trips over her birdbath and accidentally throws the TV into Wanda's car, smashing her driver side window.

Corner Gas-s04e09-Outside Joke 1
   "Outside Joke"
Featuring: Wanda and Davis

As Karen recalls putting sardines in Wanda's car engine, Davis steals her thunder by spraying Wanda with whipped cream. Wanda then chases Davis and lays a beating on him.

Corner Gas-s05e02-Spin Cycle 1
   "Spin Cycle"
Featuring: Wanda and Oscar

With Oscar having taken the portable phone from Corner Gas, Wanda goes to the Leroy's and chases him to retrieve it. However, she's unsuccessful and comments on Oscar's speed, despite having skinny legs.

Corner Gas-s05e05-Wash Me 1
   "Wash Me"
Featuring: Wanda and Hank

After Wanda writes the phone number of Joe, who she has a crush on, on Hank's dirty truck, the truck is washed. Hank relates he backed everything written on his truck onto a notepad and put in his truck's lock box. However, the lock combination was lost when the truck was washed. Wanda smacks Hank and chases after him.

Corner Gas-S05E17-The Accidental Cleanist 1
   "The Accidental Cleanist"
Featuring: Wanda and Hank

With Wanda trapped beneath the Ruby deck, Hank draws a moustache on her with Lacey's eyebrow pencil. After Wanda's freed, she chases Hank.

S06E05-Wanda chases Hank
   "All That and a Bag of Chips"
Featuring: Wanda and Hank

After Wanda can't crack Hank's email password and then he forgets it, Hank knows he's in for a beating. Wanda says she'll give him a 30 second head start but jumps over the counter right away and chases Hank.

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