Wade Logo 01.jpg Garbage Man

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Mike Simpson
First Appearance: "Oh Baby!"
Last Appearance: "Just Brent and His Shadow"
Episode Count: 11
I'll take that action.
— Wade, "Oh Baby!".

S02E05-Wades family.jpg
Wade's family.
Wade lives in Dog River and is the town's sanitation engineer. He's married with two children. He hangs out at the Dog River Hotel and is a member of the Corner Gas softball team, the "Guzzlers."


Season 1

At the Hotel, Wade bets that Brent will start crying before 10pm when babysitting Wanda's son, Tanner Dollard. Later, he bets that Brent will suffer a burn to the face or some sort of permanent mark. ("Oh Baby!") He attends the town meeting where Hank makes a proposal to improve tourism. ("World's Biggest Thing") At comedy night at the Hotel, Wade wonders why Hank makes fun of his shirt. After Lacey tricks guest comedian Bob Lang into insulting Dog River, Wade yells for "Mean Hank" to come back on stage. ("Comedy Night")

S01E04-Hank freaks.jpg
I'm not playin' your sick game anymore.

Season 2

Wade sits at the Hotel bar as Oscar says he loves the smell of the bar but Davis regrets being able to smell again. ("Smell of Freedom") After Oscar takes home all the items he finds on the side of the road, Mayor Fitzy believes Dog River doesn't need a garbageman and Wade is let go. At Wade's home, he tells his son and daughter that there won't be any presents for Christmas. Later, Emma throws everything Oscar's collected on the side of a road and seeing the mess, Fitzy re-hires Wade. Wade returns home with new bikes for his kids. ("Lost and Found")

S02E05-Wade garbageman.jpg
Can't find any damn garbage.
Ordered by Fitzy to crack down on jaywalking, Davis slams Wade up against a building for not using the crosswalk. ("Hero Sandwich") He's part of the group that buries the time capsule. ("Mosquito Time") He's a member of the "ATM crowd" that hangs out at the Liquor store and sees the ATM leave Dog River. ("An American in Saskatchewan") Wade is a member of the Corner Gas softball team, "the Guzzlers" and wears #1. ("Slow Pitch")

S02E07-Davis and Wade.jpg
Too good to use the crosswalk?

S02E12-Crowd at end.jpg

S02E17-Guzzlers w Wade.jpg
Guzzler Wade.

Season 4

Wade is interested in the conversation about fondue at the Ruby Cafe and later, asks who is talking about the liquor, kirsch. ("Just Brent and His Shadow")

Did someone say fondue?

Season 6

Wade attends the party for Brent at the Ruby when everyone thinks he's going away on a national comedy tour. He's wearing a tan baseball hat and is behind the guy that Brent doesn't recognize. ("You've Been Great, Goodnight")

S06E19-Guy and Wade.jpg
Fair enough.


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