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"Two Degrees of Separation"
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Season: Four — Episode: 3
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Paul Mather — Aired: October 2, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.31
Summary: Hank installs a new digital thermostat for Oscar and Emma, only to be drawn into their battle over the perfect temperature for the room. Karen makes Lacey regret disobeying a local yield sign. And when Davis puts up a security height sticker by the door of Corner Gas, Brent makes it his mission to figure out how tall Wanda is.


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You never said this crazy thermostat was gonna tell us the temperature.
— Oscar
At Corner Gas, Davis puts a sticker by the door which measures height. Explaining that it's for robbers, Hank wonders if it's useful if Brent was shot or beaten by the thief. Wanda enters and is too short to be measured by the sticker so Davis says if the robber was Wanda, Brent would know. Thinking she's been accused of stealing, Wanda admits to taking a pop and pays for it, making Brent happy with the sticker. While Lacey's driving, Karen pulls her over for running a yield sign. Lacey decries the sign so Karen asks for her driver's license. Discovering it's expired, Karen confiscates it. Hank calls out the height of everyone entering Corner Gas, including Davis and Karen. The guys make fun of Karen's height and Brent asks how tall Wanda is but she won't say.

S04E03-Karen pulls over Lacey
Don't mock the yield sign.
At the Ruby Cafe, Oscar is extra grumpy with Lacey which Emma says is caused by their high heating bill. Lacey recommends a digital thermostat. Getting in the police cruiser, Davis again makes fun of Karen being shorter than he is. At the Leroy's, after installing the thermostat, Hank asks what temperature to set it at. Oscar wants 70 degrees while Emma requests 72. After several changes, Emma threatens Hank who leaves it at 72. At Corner Gas, Brent unsuccessfully tries to trick Wanda into revealing her height. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Karen tells Lacey she has to take a road test to get her license. Lacey tells Wanda she'll pass easily but continues to not understand what's required at a yield sign. Karen indicates she'll make an appointment for Lacey with Dog River's part-time tester.

S04E03-Brent Wanda
You fell right into my...oh.
At the Leroy's, Oscar complains that's it's sweltering and demands the thermostat be lowered to 70 but Emma refuses. At the Police station, Davis continues to lord his height over Karen. She indicates that she's taller than most women while Davis is shorter than most men. Oscar compares the heat to several hot countries until Emma relents and agrees to turn the thermostat down. However, after quite a while, Oscar can't figure the thermostat out so Hank comes to adjust it. With no driver's license, Lacey carries groceries down Centennial Street. Karen and Davis drive by and offer her a ride which she refuses. Karen starts teasing Davis about his height. At Corner Gas, Brent extends the height sticker down and he and Hank stare at the door, waiting for Wanda to enter. However, Wanda enters through the back having realized Brent was going to lengthen the sticker.

S04E03-Emma Oscar
Don't rush me!
Davis becomes depressed so Karen encourages him to be himself. He ignores her and arrives at the Ruby wearing platform boots. Ordering rhubarb pie, Lacey says she's out as she can't drive to the bakery so Davis takes her there. At the Leroy's, Emma complains just as badly as Oscar did but that it's too cold. At the Ruby, Karen tries to help Lacey pass her test but Lacey's nonchalance results in Karen warning her that she may fail. Hank arrives at the Leroy's and tells them it's the last time he'll adjust the thermostat. Oscar complains that knowing the exact temperature is causing the problem and is angered to discover it's helping the environment. Hank sets the temperature to 71 which results in Oscar being too hot and Emma being too cold.

S04E03-Davis car
Get lotsa rhubarb.
At Corner Gas, Brent and Hank scheme to get Wanda's height by Hank sneaking up behind her and marking how tall she is compared to him with his hand. Wanda tricks Hank into high-fiving her and losing his mark. At the Ruby, Emma and Lacey rebuke Lacey for suggesting the digital thermostat. She fires back that she's worried about the license test and complains the town has only one stupid part-time tester, which turns out to be Emma. At the Leroy's, Hank tells Oscar and Emma to go outside while he sets the temperature and wraps the thermostat in duct tape. Outside, they find Lacey waiting for Hank, who is her ride and Karen watching Lacey, to make sure she doesn't drive. Lacey tries to be friendly to Emma but Karen says Emma's going to fail her.

S04E03-Leroy driveway
And why are you here, again?
At Corner Gas, Brent tells Wanda he figured out her height by measuring the height of items on the wall behind her. However, Wanda's been standing on a dictionary so Brent's plan is foiled. Outside the Police station, as Davis and Karen discuss the pros and cons of being tall, Lacey walks by, hauling groceries in a wagon. Karen teases Lacey who gives her barb back. At the Leroy's, Emma and Oscar find that they've both taken the tape off the thermostat to see what temperature Hank set it to. At the Hotel bar, Davis asks Wanda to convince Brent to take the sticker down. However, she can only foresee Brent wanting to keep it up to continue humiliating Davis. Outside the Liquor store, Lacey apologizes to Emma and Oscar for suggesting the digital thermostat.

S04E03-Police station
Well, that's very resourceful.
Emma accepts Lacey's apology but Oscar tells Lacey she better get used to walking. At the Hotel bar, Lacey asks for Wanda's help with Emma but Wanda's busy helping Davis find a subtle way to get the sticker down. Brent arrives and Lacey asks if he knows anyone close to Emma but misses the obvious, asking Brent for help. Brent asks everyone to say their height. At the Leroy's, Hank changes the temperature scale to Celsius and sets it to 20. This solves Emma and Oscar's problem as they don't know if it's too hot or cold. Hank credits Lacey, who's there and hopes this will help with her test. Emma says she'd never let her personal feelings affect Lacey's test score but Lacey fails anyway. At Corner Gas, Davis and Wanda find a subtle way to get Brent to take down the sticker by putting a weight scale by the front door.

S04E03-Emma Lacey test
I failed?!


  • Several of the phrases Hank uses when initially setting the Leroy's thermostat are used by Captain Picard.
  • This is one of two episodes in the series that has no speaking roles outside of the Main Characters. "Game, Set and Mouse" is the other.
  • The Season 4 DVD mistakenly has this episode titled "Two Degrees or Separation."


"It was just a yield sign. I'm not an axe murderer."
"You've taken the metric system and used it for good."


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