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"Trees a Crowd"
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Season: Three — Episode: 8
Director: Mark Farrell — Writer: Brent Butt & Paul Mather — Aired: November 7, 2005 — Viewers (millions): 1.53
Summary: Brent and Hank stumble across their old tree house, only to be intimidated by the new kids who've taken it over. Wanda escapes Davis' police custody with ease, Lacey's bad at Kung-fu and Oscar's in denial when an old friend shows up with lust in her eyes.


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To defeat a child, you gotta think like a child.
— Hank
At the Ruby Cafe as Josh cooks, Lacey asks Brent for help opening a jar. Trying to make her feel better, he says opening jars is technique until he sees how skinny her arms are. Driving with Hank in his truck, Brent wonders why Hank is towing a front-end loader. They reminisce about a tree house they played at when they were kids and see that it's still standing. At the Ruby, Lacey tells Davis and Wanda she's worried a customer may leave without paying. The customer does dine and dash, eliciting a chase into the parking lot where Davis slides across the hood of a car and falls. Karen apprehends the thief and puts him into a hold.

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This is the guy you meant, right?
At the Leroy's, Peg, an old flame of Oscar's visits to show off pictures of her new grandson. She and Oscar are very chummy which puts Emma in a foul mood. Now living out of Dog River, Peg mentions her daughter's water heater is broken which Oscar offers to fix. Brent and Hank stop to check out the tree house but are confronted by the kids that currently use it. A kid tells them to leave but Hank's reading comics in the tree house. At Corner Gas, Lacey admires how Karen took out the thief, who offers to teach Lacey how to "kung fu." Wanda makes fun of Davis' fall who points out that he put the thief in the police cruiser, which he insists neutralizes criminals. Wanda refutes this and says she can get out of the back of the cruiser.

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Oh, that Peg, what a great gal.
At the Ruby talking about the tree house, Brent and Hank become miffed with how bossy the kids were to them. Returning to the tree, they tells the kids to get out but beat a hasty retreat when they're shot at with pellet guns. At the Ruby, having learned a kung fu move, Lacey has Oscar come at her to demonstrate her new found skill. However, she doesn't have the strength to pull it off. Still angry about Peg, Emma arrives and orders Oscar to clean out the car trunk. Wanda hits her head while getting into the back of the cruiser and asks Davis to get her some ice. Davis gets distracted when Oscar offers him snow chains from the trunk of his car and when he returns to the cruiser, Wanda's escaped and is in Corner Gas icing her head.

S03E08-Wanda ice.jpg
I wanted ice.
Licking their wounds at the Ruby, Hank hatches a plan to beat the kids. However, it backfires and again, Brent and Hank retreat. At the Ruby, learning of the situation with Peg, Lacey gives Emma relationship advice which she maligns until seeing Peg in the parking lot with Oscar. Taking Lacey's advice, Emma praises Oscar for cleaning the car trunk for which she indicates she'll make a special dinner. However, Oscar invites Peg to the dinner at which Emma openly displays her jealousy. In the parking lot outside the Ruby, Lacey asks Davis to come at him so she can try the kung fu move. Davis is reluctant as he's watching Wanda to see if she can get out the cruiser again. Finally agreeing, he turns away, Lacey's move fails and Wanda escapes. An exasperated Davis puts Wanda back into the cruiser.

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Come on, swoop at me.
At Corner Gas, Hank convinces Brent to buy the kids off. Davis asks Wanda to try and get out of the cruiser again. About to leave to fix Peg's daughter's water heater, Emma picks a fight with Oscar. Accusing him of imminent infidelity, Oscar says Emma's being ridiculous and Peg is a grandmother. After offering the kids nearly $50, they refuse and sent Brent and Hank running with a hail of BBs. Brent institutes his plan which involves using Hank's front-end loader like a tank and charging the tree fort while Hank fires a BB gun. Nearing the tree, the kids scatter. Brent and Hank climb into the house and celebrate, just as Peg and Oscar drive by. Peg comments that Brent hasn't changed since he was little.

At Corner Gas, Lacey critisizes the kung fu move Karen taught her and forces Karen to put her into a hold. Davis dares Wanda to get out of handcuffs which Wanda assures him she can easily do. Oscar fixes the water heater and while waiting for hot water to come out of the kitchen tap, Peg seduces Oscar. Oscar backs away and protests as Peg moves in on him. At the Ruby, Emma tells Lacey that her relationship advice backfired and that Oscar is with Peg. Karen tells Emma to lay down the law and she leaves to get Oscar. At the tree house, the kid's Dad confronts Brent in a friendly manner, thinking his boy and his friends being kicked out of the house is just children fighting. However, when he recognizes who Brent is, that Brent has no kids and sees Hank reading a comic book in the house, he realizes Brent and Hank are to blame.

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We could make it hot right now.
At Corner Gas, unable to get out the handcuffs, Wanda serves a customer who's buying toilet paper while Davis watches her. Emma bursts into the house looking for Oscar but finds he's not there. Instead, she finds a school chum of hers, Marvin, is having a shower. At the Ruby, Wanda's gotten out of the handcuffs but doesn't tell Davis that Karen freed her. As payback to Karen, Wanda asks Lacey to try the kung fu move on her, which she ensures works, to Lacey's delight. Wanda tells Karen that the latch on the police cruiser is broken and to get it fixed. At the farm of the kid and his Dad, Brent and Hank use the front-end loader to do chores as repayment for kicking the kids out of the tree house. At the Leroy's, happy that Oscar resisted Peg's advances, Emma isn't fazed that in appreciation, Oscar's laid out the leftovers from the special dinner Emma made that he invited Peg to.

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Oh, I've never felt so neutralized!



"I'm not gonna hit on a grandma."
"Your kung fu sucks."
―Lacey to Karen


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