Town Hall

Town Hall Logo 01.jpg Community Centre
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "World's Biggest Thing"

The year's toil is done, so we celebrate, with music, cheap booze, and a couple of pointless fistfights.
Wanda, "Harvest Dance".

Corner Gas - s02e18 - Harvest Dance 1.gif
Brent dancing at the Town Hall.
The Town Hall is used for official town meetings presided over by Mayor Fitzy Fitzgerald. Its also used for community events such as a talent show, ("Cousin Carl") bingo ("Bingo Night"), the Harvest Dance ("Harvest Dance") and the town potluck dinner. ("Mail Fraud") The first structure built in Dog River, a shed, was located behind Town Hall until Hank burned it down. ("Block Party") The Harvesters use the building for their meetings ("Potato Bowl") as do the "Knit Wits." ("Knit Wit of the Month") Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "World's Biggest Thing".


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