Toby Dillems

Toby Dillems Logo 01.jpg Guitar Instructor

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Kent Nolan
First Appearance: "Hair Comes the Judge"
Last Appearance: "Rock Stars"
Family: Corky Dillems (grandfather)
Episode Count: 2
Your arch nemesis is a 16 year old? OK, my confusion and my rage have been replaced by an awkward sadness.
— Lacey to Brent, "Rock Stars".

Toby Dillems is a teen who lives in Bartlett and teaches guitar. His grandfather is Corky Dillems, who's bullied Oscar all his life.


Season 4

When Oscar's car has a hole in the muffler, two teens including Toby, convey their approval with the noise it makes. Having pulled over and lifted his car hood, Oscar tries to show he's cool to Toby and his friend by yelling at Davis, who's ticketing a car across the street. Once Toby tells Oscar the slang used for cops, he rebukes them and leaves. ("Hair Comes the Judge")

S04E01-Oscar teens.jpg
You ridin' a Thrush muffler under there?

Season 6

At Toby's house, Brent shows Toby a riff he wrote and is pronounced a beginner. Brent returns determined to out-play Toby but his plan backfires when Toby greatly outplays Brent. Wanda points out that Toby's a kid while Brent has a house, car and a business. Feeling better about himself, Brent tells Toby about his grown-up lifestyle. Later, Brent's exasperated when Toby pulls up to the Corner Gas pumps in a very nice vintage car. At the Ruby Cafe, Brent sees Toby arrive with his arm around his girlfriend, Sasha. Not wanting to be one-upped by Toby again, Brent grabs Lacey and introduces her as his special friend. Later, Brent apologizes for being competitive and compliments Toby's guitar skills. This changes when Brent discovers Toby can't tune a guitar manually. Brent's teasing results in Toby playing a difficult piece which Brent ruins by turning a tuning peg on Toby's guitar. ("Rock Stars")

S06E09-Toby and Sasha.jpg
He keeps beating me at everything.
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