Tiny Joe

Tiny Joe Logo 01.jpg Trucker

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: David Sparrow
First Appearance: "Bean There"
Episode Count: 1
Real truckers don't have monkeys, friend, not in the cab. They could be transporting monkeys, but even that's a little far-fetched.
— Tiny Joe, "Bean There".

Tiny Joe is truck driver who visits Dog River to eat at the Ruby Cafe.


Season 3

At the Ruby, Lacey talks to one of the truckers, Tiny Joe, and discovers that word spread that the Ruby served good food. Oscar tells Tiny Joe that he loves truckers. Oscar tries to get a ride in Tiny Joe's truck who tells Oscar only paying clients are allowed in the cab. At the Ruby, Davis is suspicious of the truckers but Oscar's hired Tiny Joe to haul junk from his basement so he can ride in the truck. On the road, Davis pulls Tiny Joe over. Initially, Davis is intimidating towards Joe but he lightens up when he pulls the cab's air horn.

S03E18-Oscar Joe Lacey.jpg
I'll be quiet, quieter than a monkey.
Davis then talks his way into driving the truck and tears down the road. Davis arrives at the Ruby hoping to see truckers but they've all boycotted the cafe after hearing Lacey bad-mouthed them. Davis gets the truckers back to the Ruby by lying that Lacey has six weeks to live. At the Ruby, Lacey's cheerfulness is taken as courage by Tiny Joe and one of the truckers breaks down crying. In front of the Ruby, Lacey learns from Tiny Joe that the truckers aren't coming to the cafe anymore as they feel it's too upscale, having seen Lamborghinis parked in front. They're saddened given Lacey's "condition" and she learns of Davis' lie to the truckers. Hank thanks Tiny Joe for getting temporarily getting a Lamborghini, which he stole, while Oscar and Davis wait in his cab for a ride. ("Bean There")

S03E18-Joe Davis cab.jpg
Take it easy!
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