Thunderface Logo 01.jpg Rock Band
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Rock On!"

They sound like a weasel caught in a chainsaw.
Lacey, "Rock On!".

Thunderface was a rock band from the 1980's formed by Dog River high school classmates Hank Yarbo (vocals), Brent Leroy (lead guitar) and Wanda Dollard (bass). They once blew the principal's eyebrows off during a concert as Hank didn't know how much gunpowder to put in the flash tray. The band was resurrected in 2004 with the addition of Karen Pelly on drums and performed "Capital Cash" at the Dog River Hotel. ("Rock On!")


  • Apart from the drums, all instruments and vocals for Thunderface were done by the actors portraying them. Fred Ewanuick did his own singing, Nancy Robertson learned to play bass guitar specifically for the episode, and Brent Butt was already a guitarist, having performed in a band called Fast Exit whose song "Capital Cash" was performed by Thunderface.
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