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"The Littlest Yarbo"
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Season: Three — Episode: 5
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Brent Butt & Mark Farrell — Aired: October 17, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: When a dog finds Hank's sunglasses, he's sure that it's TV's The Littlest Hobo, the fictional dog who helps those in trouble. Hank tries to prove his theory but can't outsmart the Hobo. Brent waffles on the designs for the new travel mugs for Corner Gas and The Ruby while Davis and Karen's status in Dog River is threatened when two firefighters show up in town.


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I spend a lot of time with a guy who thinks the Littlest Hobo has been reincarnated.
— Wanda
At the Police station, Mayor Fitzy and Emma introduce Dog River's new firefighters, David and Carol, to Davis and Karen. At Corner Gas, Hank asks Wanda if she's seen sunglasses he's lost. At the Ruby Cafe, Davis and Karen introduce David and Carol to Lacey. Davis and Karen ask Lacey to fill their enormous travel mugs with coffee. Lacey's unhappy that it takes a pot of coffee to fill one of the mugs. In town, a German Shepherd barks at Hank who leads Hank to his lost sunglasses. Hank thanks the dog and going to pet him, the dog takes off. At Corner Gas, as Brent looks through a company souvenir magazine, Lacey tells him about the travel mug problem. He suggests they split the cost of travel mugs and put both their businesses' names on them.

S03E05-4 at Ruby
Can I get a coffee to go?
At the Leroy's, Oscar's not happy that after raking the leaves, Emma wants him to dispose of them. At Corner Gas, Brent becomes worried which side his logo should appear on the travel mugs. Discussing it with Wanda, she advises him to just ask Lacey if she's OK with the side he wants. Hank runs into Oscar in town and relates that the dog that found his sunglasses is The Littlest Hobo. Oscar thinks that Hank's talking about a human drifter and Hank's attempt to explain just confuses Oscar more. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, a busy Lacey doesn't care which side the logos go on the travel mugs and just wants them ordered. She plays along with Brent and loses a guessing game to decide where the logos should go. In town, Oscar throws a can on the sidewalk. The Hobo arrives and barks at Oscar until he puts the can in the garbage.

S03E05-Hobo Oscar garbage
What do you want?
At Corner Gas, Brent, Hank and Oscar overwhelm Wanda with their stories of the mug logo and the Hobo. Brent feels he might be putting the logo on the wrong side of the mug and Hank sets out to prove that the dog is the Littlest Hobo. As David and Carol are talking to some locals in front of the Foo Mart, Hank fakes illness and collapses across the street to see if the Hobo will rescue him. The Hobo, Davis and Karen look on unconcerned but David and Carol race across the street. David performs CPR on Hank, who protests he's OK. At the Ruby, a jealous Karen watches the respect that David and Carol get from Lacey and the townspeople. At the pumps at Corner Gas, having filled his car's tank himself, Oscar plans to leave without paying. The Hobo begins to bark loudly, bringing Brent outside. Oscar pays Brent and yells at the Hobo.

S03E05-Hank fakes
Getting dizzy, head spinning...
At the Ruby, Hank still maintains to Wanda that the dog is the Hobo but wonders why he didn't come to his rescue. Wanda insists the Hobo is fictional and since the show is 20 years old, that the Hobo would be dead if he was real. Mentioning that the dog didn't act because he knew Hank wasn't really in peril gives Hank an idea how to prove the dog is the Hobo. While walking down Main Street, Davis reassures Karen that they get as much respect as the firefighters. Oscar demands they run the Hobo out of town but Davis refuses. Oscar says he'll ask David and Carol to help him. At the Ruby, Brent tells Lacey he's changed his mind again about the logo placement which Lacey doesn't care about. Worried the firefighters will get more respect than them if they help Oscar, Karen and Davis change their minds about helping Oscar. They don't care that Hank's walking blindfolded into traffic and the Hobo doesn't appear.

S03E05-Hank into traffic
Help Hobo, help!
Still worried about the logo placement, Wanda winds Brent up by suggesting that Lacey is pretending she doesn't care where the logos go. Heading to the Leroy's, Davis and Karen find David and Carol already there, having finished a meal with Emma and Oscar, who really like them. The firefighters insist they'll take care of the dog and Oscar slams the door in Davis and Karen's faces. Still worried about the logo placement, Wanda eggs Brent into making Lacey agree with his opinion. Lacey is angry that Brent still hasn't ordered the mugs, cows Brent and says she'll order them herself. Later at the Ruby, the firefighters have a fire drill in which Davis and Karen run pell-mell for the exit, knocking everyone out of their way. Hank wanders around town looking for the Hobo but only finds a different dog.

S03E05-Karen David Emma
We had a lot on our plates, eh?
Lacey is thrilled with the fire drill and calls David and Carol heroes. They catch Davis and Karen spying on their conversation. At Corner Gas, Hank asks Brent and Wanda if they've seen the Hobo. They make fun of him using lyrics from the TV show and then start singing the show's theme song. (♫ Terry Bush - Maybe Tomorrow ♫) Davis and Karen arrive, announce a "police drill" and get everyone in the station to leave. Not happy with the time it took, they insist on doing it again and advise everyone to panic when trying to exit. Several weeks later in front of the Liquor store, Karen greets Emma whose response to her is lukewarm. Seeing David and Carol, Emma greets them enthusiastically eliciting a wry face from Karen. At Corner Gas, Hank is depressed that he can't find the Hobo until Wanda says that the dog only shows up when Oscar does something wrong.

S03E05-Brent Wanda sing
We'll travel light that's Hobo style.
The travel mugs arrive and to solve Brent's concerns, Lacey says she had both their logos put on the same side. However, instead of the logos, the mugs have written on them "Corner G and the Rub." Lacey apologizes and Brent jests that it sounds like a hip-hop band. In the front yard at the Leroy's, Hank finds Oscar putting leaves in a garbage bag and suggests he burn them instead. Agreeing, Oscar douses them in gas, causing a huge fire. Davis arrives to help but makes the fire worse by spreading the leaves. The Hobo comes on the scene but to Hank's consternation, runs away. The Hobo goes to Corner Gas and barks at David and Carol about the fire. He then runs into the station, gets a can of lighter fluid and points at the fire on it with his paw. Concerned about the Hobo's barking, David suggests they take him to the SPCA. The Hobo runs away with the firefighters chasing after him.

S03E05-Lacey w mug
Peace out, Rub.
Emma puts out the fire with a hose while Davis, Hank and Oscar shiver under blankets. Fitzy and Lacey arrive at the scene where Fitzy praises Davis' efforts. Learning that David and Carol are chasing a dog instead of putting out the fire, Fitzy decides to go back to a volunteer fire department and asks Davis to run it. Lacey hands out coffee in the new travel mugs and Emma thinks "The Rub" refers to a massage parlour. Later at Brent's house, Brent and Hank have a barbeque in the backyard where Hank wishes the dog was the Hobo. The Hobo arrives and barking at Brent's shed, Brent and Hank enter it to investigate. The Hobo locks them in and steals one of the steaks Brent was cooking. He then runs through Dog River with the steak and eventually hitches a ride out of town on a pickup truck.

S03E05-After fire
Oh, yeah, he was a big help.



  • How do David and Carol fight fires without a fire engine?
  • Jackass!: After Oscar is caught by the Hobo at the Corner Gas pumps trying to leave without paying, he calls Brent a jackass for not calling the crime a "gas and dash."


"He seems nice enough. I'm not sure about that Carol, though. She seems a little quick to judge. I noticed that about her right away."
"There's just something about firefighters that make you feel safe, like the way they saved Hank's life. Well, okay, that's not the best example."
"A big fireman French kissing you isn't peril?"


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