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"The J-Word"
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Season: Five — Episode: 12
Director: Don McCutcheon — Writer: Gary Pearson — Aired: February 11, 2008 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Davis and Karen have an adventure with the police cruiser's trunk. A psychic tells Lacey some unpleasant news about her future. Brent gets Oscar to stop saying his favorite word. Emma and Wanda try to organize a non-girly girls party.


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Mrs. Hank Yarbo. Jackpot!
— Wanda to Lacey
In front of the Police station, Davis tells Karen about a movie in which the hero got out of a car trunk quickly. Wanting to demonstrate it's impossible, Davis has Karen lock him in the cruiser's trunk to see how long it takes him to get out. However, immediately after Karen closes the lid, Davis screams to be let out. That evening at the Hotel bar, Davis goes on about his "ordeal" to Brent and Hank and paints himself as a hero. Lacey has a girl's night at her house with Karen, Emma and Wanda. The ladies aren't thrilled that it's a very feminine party which includes a tarot card reader, Tilley. At the Hotel bar, Oscar tells Brent about Davis' trunk experience and calls him a jackass. Brent points out that Oscar uses the word constantly and should stop. Oscar justifies its use as he thinks everyone is a jackass.

S05E12-Davis trunk
If I'm not out in 20 minutes, open 'er up.
At the party, Lacey has her fortune read by Tilley who predicts she'll marry a dark haired, unemployed man. The ladies think this is Hank but Tilley also indicates that the man's first name starts with "R" and, Lacey will never leave town. At the Corner Gas pumps, Brent gasses up Hank's truck. As Oscar walks by with a bag of groceries, Hank tries to borrow money from Oscar for the gas, who calls him a jackass. Brent calls Oscar "hammerhead" so, Oscar sets down his groceries on Hank's truck and argues with Brent that he's trying to get him back for saying "jackass" all the time. Hank joins in calling Oscar "hammerhead" resulting in Oscar leaving and forgetting his groceries. At the Police station, Davis goes on about his experience despite Karen saying he was only in the trunk for a few seconds.

S05E12-Tilley headshot
It means she will never leave Dog River.
Oscar returns to Corner Gas for his groceries and he and Brent exchange jackass and hammerhead barbs which increasingly frustrates Oscar. Brent's happy with the outcome and wishes he'd thought of calling Oscar hammerhead sooner. At the Ruby Cafe, Davis is jealous that he wasn't invited to the party and feels even more left out when Emma and Wanda plan another girl's night that is more masculine with steaks, beer, poker and cigars. As Josh cooks, Lacey tells Brent about Tilley's prediction which he doesn't find interesting until Hank arrives and relates that his first name is Richard. Brent delights in Lacey's predicament which he dares her to share with Hank. Insisting there are lots of men whose name starts with "R", she tells Hank about her tarot card reading, who is ecstatic and is certain she's going to marry him.

Corner Gas-s05e12-The J Word 1
But it's obviously me, woo! Hoo, hoo, ha, ha.
At the Police station, Karen's fed up with Davis when he writes a poem about being in the trunk. She goes in the trunk, which Davis opens after only a few seconds, thinking she won't be able to stand it. She tells him to close the lid again. Shopping for the party, in front of the Foo Mart, Emma tells Wanda they'll need poker chips. She passes herself off as an expert since she played with a group of guys who laughed at her pronunciation of Texas hold 'em. At the Ruby, Hank shares Lacey's predicament with Davis who is jealous that Hank's found someone. Lacey takes a call from Karen and tells Davis that she's locked in the cruiser's trunk. Davis races back to the Police station and opening the lid, lies to Karen that he was right there the whole time.

S05E12-Karen in trunk
Oh, geez!
Brent puts up a sign with a nonsensical deal on candy which Oscar decries. Realizing Brent's trying to get him to say "jackass", Oscar makes reference to the word which brings a "hammerhead" retort from Brent. Acting like he's a co-owner of the Ruby, Hank moves behind the counter and makes himself lunch. Lacey introduces him to Roy, a dark haired, law school graduate who is waiting for an articling position. It's lost on Hank that Roy meets all of Tilley's predictions for Lacey's husband. Hank says that he was unemployed but hooked up with Lacey and, gives Roy a free lunch. In the back yard of the Leroy's, Emma can't start the BBQ. Posturing as an expert, Wanda says the propane tank is empty but takes the entire BBQ to Corner Gas to have the tank filled.

S05E12-Hank behind counter
I'm a reasonable life partner.
In a booth at the Ruby with Hank, Brent tries to get Oscar to say "jackass" by leading him on with questions that will produce the answer "Jack's ash." Hank says it instead, frustrating Brent, who leaves. However, Oscar calls Hank a jackass which Brent overhears and responds with "hammerhead." On the way to Regina to get supplies for the party, Lacey tells Wanda about Roy. She's disappointed to learn that Roy is married and her car dies at the Dog River town border, fulfilling another of Tilley's predictions. Wanda calls Hank to pick them up, figuring that Lacey might as well use him if he's going to act like he's with Lacey. At the Leroy's, Brent makes a sandwich with hand lotion but can't get Oscar to call him a jackass for doing so. To get Davis back, Karen buys and automatic trunk opener and fakes that she's too scared to install it in the cruiser. Davis climbs in the trunk and she shuts the lid on him.

S05E12-Car town limit
I really am never leaving Dog River.
At the Leroy's, Wanda prepares a huge steak which catches fire on the BBQ. Emma's fire extinguisher doesn't work, forcing her to call the fire department and have a firefighter, Chuck, out it out. At the Ruby, Karen's alarmed when Lacey starts rationalizing being with Hank. At Corner Gas, Hank worried that Lacey's depressed and can't figure out why. Brent tells him the obvious and calls Hank "hammerhead." As he continues to make his point with Hank, Brent can't stop saying "hammerhead." At the Leroy's, unable to get more steaks, Wanda prepares salmon. Her clothes reeking of smoke from the BBQ fire, Emma dresses in a frilly shirt and to cover the smoke smell in the house, scented candles are lit. Karen arrives and telling Emma and Wanda of Lacey's depression, says they need to help her.

S05E12-BBQ fire
Stand back, Dr. BBQ.
At Corner Gas, understanding how one can become addicted to swearing, Brent apologizes to a smug Oscar. Oscar uses several different insults until Brent begs him to go back to using "jackass." At the Leroy's, with the party unintentionally very feminine, the ladies have convinced Chuck to pose as a palm reader. Lacey arrives and seeing the spread, believes her party inspired another girl's night. Presenting Chuck to her, he pretends to tell her future in which she dies in a fiery plane crash, unmarried. Lacey's relieved that she won't marry Hank and will leave Dog River. Emma takes a call from Davis and passing the message to Karen that he's locked in the trunk, Karen ignores it and proposes playing poker. The next day at the Ruby, Lacey apologizes to Hank which he somewhat reciprocates. Lacey tells Hank he'll find somebody but he already has, he's dating Tilley.

Chuck is amazing.


  • Hank also acted as Lacey's boyfriend when her ex-fiance, Stephen, came to Dog River. ("All My Ex's Live in Toronto")
  • Karen Von Staden, who portrays Francine, is credited as "Cat Lady" but does not appear.
  • Jackass!: Oscar and Brent each say it ten times. This episode has the highest jackass count by far as Brent tries to get Oscar to stop saying jackass by calling him "hammerhead."


"Sorry hammerhead, as long as you keep using the J-word, I'll keep dropping the H-bomb."
―Brent to Oscar
"Darkness. Aloneness. Caught without my cell phoneness."
"Lacey, snap out of it! It's Hank! He uses chapstick as deodorant."


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