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"The Eight Samurai"
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Season: Five — Episode: 6
Director: David Storey — Writer: Gary Pearson — Aired: November 12, 2007 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Emma receives Dog River's gift from their twin-town in Japan, but loses it. The gift passes between members of the town who all find a different use for it. Brent reluctantly teams up with Lacey to help make the Ruby and Corner Gas more environmentally friendly. While filling in at the Hotel bar, Wanda attempts to become an advice-giving bartender.


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Why is Dog River trying to kill us?
— Henkenvyorken Staffer
At Corner Gas, Hank effuses about give-aways other gas stations have and asks Brent why he doesn't have any. Brent offers Hank run of his house if he'll pay for the tank of gas he wants, but Hank derides this as a catch. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey shows Brent that she's composting and encourages him to do more for the environment. Explaining carbon trading to him, Brent makes a quip about it. Having received a samurai sword from Dog River's twin town in Japan, Emma calls Mayor Fitzy, but doesn't say what they sent. Fitzy recalls that the town's previous twin, Henkenvyorken, Denmark ended the relationship after Hank sent a package containing gas, fertilizer and a battery, which they thought was a bomb. Emma invites the twinning committee consisting of Fitzy, Karen and Helen over to see the gift.

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Oh, just a little taste of Dog River.
At Corner Gas, Wanda leaves work early to fill in for Phil at the Hotel bar. Brent and Hank don't think Wanda will make a good bartender, due to her caustic nature. At the Ruby, Brent makes fun of carbon trading using food while Lacey ignores Karen's request for soup. Lacey continues to press Brent to be serious about reducing energy in their businesses and mentions they could win an award. At Davis' house, Oscar shows Davis that a branch overhanging Davis' driveway is a hazard. Oscar then goes home and takes the samurai sword which Emma discovers is missing. The committee arrives at the Leroy's where Emma lies that the twin town only sent a letter, which she burnt, indicating a gift they would send. The committee walks past Davis' house where Oscar and then Davis are using the sword to chop at the branch.

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All right Oscar, that's enough. My turn.
Outside the Hotel bar, Hank can't convince Wanda to accept a book on mixology as she prefers to make simple drinks with rye. Inside, Wanda serves Emma, who's worried about losing the sword. Wanda takes Emma's concern as an indication that her marriage with Oscar is troubled and comments on it. Emma wonders when Phil will return. At the bar, Lacey continues pestering Brent about going green while Hank shows them the mixology book. Lacey asks Wanda for a drink from it but Wanda insists she's busy helping people with their problems. She blabs that Francine and her husband are in financial trouble, which Francine denies and Wanda makes light of, offending Francine. Offering to make Lacey's drink, Hank goes behind the bar. Wanda's more interested in trying to get Oscar to confide in her than getting the beer he ordered.

You won't have any problem with the tip then.
Hank makes drinks for Brent and Lacey but short on the right ingredients, uses potatoes and ketchup. Emma scolds Oscar for taking the samurai sword and about to correct him that it's not a hedge trimmer, Karen arrives. Not wanting to be caught in a lie and reveal she lost the sword, she calls it a hedge trimmer. Karen advises sending a gift to their Japanese twin town quickly and Oscar reminds them of the protests and negative news after the Henkenvyorken fiasco. Emma whines that Henkenvyorken wasn't her fault. At the bar, Wanda manipulates Davis into believing that there's an issue between him and Karen. Later at the Police station, Davis is cool towards Karen while he uses the sword as a paper cutter.

S05E06-Karen Davis paper cutter.jpg
Everything OK?
Lacey shows a recycling box to Brent but he refuses to use it unless she puts it beside trash can in front of Corner Gas. Exasperated that he's done nothing to go green, Brent protests that he rode a bike that's leaning against the station. To dispell Lacey's disbelief that the bike is his, he rides awkwardly away on it, saying he's going home. Out of Lacey's view, he then calls the station where Wanda relates that a customer is wondering why Brent stole his bike. In front of the Foo Mart, Davis tells Emma that he gave the "wood chopper" to Josh. At the Ruby, Josh uses the sword to slice sandwiches. Oscar proposes sending a hockey stick to the Japan twin while Hank wants to send what he did previously. Hank then proffers a novelty bowling ball candle, but Karen nixes all ideas.

S05E06-Brent on bike.jpg
Well, stranger things have happened.
At the bar, Davis leaves as soon as Karen arrives. Wanda tricks Karen into thinking that Davis opened up to her and that Karen doing all the police work is why Davis is angry at her. Hank complains to Brent that he can't get the fruit he needs to make the drinks in the mixology book. Emma advises Lacey that if she wants Corner Gas to go green, she'll have to do it herself. Lacey doesn't know where the sword is so Emma departs. On her way out, Hanks offers Emma a drink which she thinks is an insult. Hank then pulls out the sword to slice up an apple, which he's using in place of a mango. At the Police station, Davis and Karen realize there's no problem between them. They confront Wanda at the bar where she tries to fool them again that there's an issue, so that she can act as the problem solver.

S05E06-Hank w sword.jpg
Oh, almost forgot the mango.
Oscar isn't impressed with a drink Hank makes. Hank warns him the RCMP are watching for drunk drivers which Oscar confuses with the Mountie's musical ride program on horses. At the Corner Gas pumps, Lacey buys gas and gets Wanda to divert Brent's attention so that she can replace the station's light bulbs with energy efficient ones and turn off the AC. In front of the Foo Mart, Emma tries to describe what she's looking for to Hank who immediately pulls the sword from his truck. However, the sword's blade is rusted and damaged. At the Leroy's, Oscar sees Emma with the wrecked sword and delights that he caused Emma's dilemma with the twinning committee. Emma intends to tell them the truth, that she lost it.

S05E06-Emma sword Oscar.jpg
This sword has caused nothing but trouble.
At the Ruby, Brent notices the cafe is darkened and asks Josh about it. He then changes all the bulbs to old ones and turns on the AC. At the bar, Emma meets with twinning committee and shows them the sword. They think Emma is proposing to send it as Dog River's gift since many people around town used it and it looks Japanese. Emma doesn't dissuade them and accepts their compliments. Having heard many complaints about Wanda, bar owner Phil returns from vacation early and fires her.

S05E06-Phil and Wanda.jpg
You're fired.
At the Ruby, while Brent smirks, Lacey doesn't notice that Brent has reverted the cafe to its pre-green state. Fitzy arrives with Al Goar, who heads up the local environmental committee. Goar presents Brent with a plaque for the energy savings at Corner Gas and critisizes Lacey for not doing enough at the Ruby. Later at the Ruby, the truth has come out about sword, which angered the Japanese twin town when they received it back in a damaged state. Hank proposes another gift for Japan that resembles a bomb while Emma protests again that it's not her fault.

S05E06-Goar and Fitzy.jpg
You might want to turn your AC down.


  • Al Goar appeared in five episodes before his name was given in this episode.


"You ever notice that every few weeks either me or Hank or Wanda has some crazy new job?"
"Well, sometimes with Brent, OK, all the time with Brent, you have to take matters into your own hands."


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