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"The Accidental Cleanist"
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Season: Five — Episode: 17
Director: Brent Butt — Writer: Andrew Carr — Aired: April 7, 2008 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Karen and Davis discover Emma's cleaning habits follow a emotional trigger and get her to clean for them. Hank accidentally drops something through the cracks of the Ruby deck and discovers treasures underneath it. Brent donates money to the town and gets a legacy in return causing Oscar to feel overshadowed and get one too.


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It's not a sex bench! It's a make-out bench and it's not a make-out bench!
— Oscar
In a small park, Brent shows Lacey a tree he's had planted and donated to Dog River on behalf of Corner Gas. Hiding that he did it for a tax break, he points to a plaque on the tree and calls it his legacy. On the deck of the Ruby Cafe, Wanda shows Lacey her new driver's license. Hank grabs it and drops it between the deck boards. Walking past the tree, Oscar's angered to see the plaque, which says "Brent Leroy's Corner Gas." At the Corner Gas pumps, Oscar yells at Brent that he founded the station and the plaque doesn't mention this. He vows to create a legacy of his own. Hank goes under the deck to get Wanda's license but gets distracted by coins he finds and jewelry he sees. Finally, appearing with a license, it isn't Wanda's but one from 1972, belonging to Wendy Carlyle. Later by herself, Wanda goes under the deck and finds her license and picks up a gold bracelet.

S05E17-Wendy and Wanda.jpg
You found it! Thank you, Hank.
In the kitchen at Karen's house, Emma shows Karen how to make a dessert. Impressed, Karen mentions a woman who insulted Emma's baking skills and leaves to deal with a stain on her shirt. When she returns to the kitchen, it's spotless as Emma's cleaned it. Later at the Police station, Karen tells Davis about Emma cleaning her kitchen but he's too distracted by a Rubik's cube to pay attention. At Corner Gas, Brent tells Lacey he's eating lunch under his tree instead of at the Ruby. He imagines years of passing on his wisdom, mainly from comic books, to children while sitting by the tree. Karen calls Emma to the Police station with the excuse that she wants to photocopy her dessert recipe. Karen and Davis leave Emma alone in their messy office, expecting that she'll clean it.

S05E17-Emma scrubs.jpg
Learned everything from a cake mix box, eh?
At the Ruby, Hank shows Lacey the coins he found under the deck and says he needs to go under several more times to get Wanda's license. Wanda arrives and saying she found her license, she selfishly suggests to Lacey that Hank shouldn't go under the deck anymore, as he'll bother her customers. Lacey agrees and forbids Hank. However, Hank sees Wanda's wearing a bracelet he saw under the deck and points it out. Lacey mentions she had one just like it so Wanda lies she bought hers. Hank looks at her with suspicion as she leaves. At the Police station, after waiting a while in the hallway, Davis and Karen return to their office and are puzzled to find Emma didn't clean it. Meeting Brent under his tree, Oscar leads him down the street and shows him a bench he donated. The plaque on it mentions that Oscar is the founder of Corner Gas.

S05E17-Davis Karen copier.jpg
You think that's enough time?
Hearing noise under the Ruby deck, Emma warns Lacey there's an animal there. However, it's Wanda who is retrieving more valuables and is caught by Hank. While arguing with Wanda over who gets items they both see, Emma and Lacey arrive on top of the deck. Yelling at Hank to get out, he protests Wanda's with him. Wanda keeps silent until Hank pinches her arm. Lacey yells at them both to come out while Emma asks them to find a brooch she dropped. At the Police station, Karen blames Davis' presence as the reason why Emma didn't clean up. Brent finds a young couple drinking beer under his tree and annoyed, gets them to leave. While washing the police cruiser, Davis tells Emma that Oscar has an unpaid parking ticket. Angered, she grabs the sponge and starts rapidly washing the car while critisizing Oscar.

S05E17-Hanks pinches Wanda.jpg
Oscar arrives at Corner Gas and Brent expects him to gloat about his bench. However, Oscar's delighted to show him that the Howler has panned Brent's tree. While walking with Emma, Oscar shoos off his bench two teens, who are kissing. Later at Corner Gas, Brent shows Oscar the latest Howler headline which says Oscar's bench has caused a decline in morals. Realizing Emma cleans when she's angry, Davis moves her into the Police station where she cleans it while he feeds her insults others supposedly made about her. Karen arrives so Davis hustles Emma out and doesn't tell Karen what Emma's cleaning trigger is. At the Ruby, Lacey has Josh board up the entrance to getting under the deck. Telling Hank and Wanda that the deck is closed, Jane thinks she can't eat on the deck and then wonders if there was dining available under it.

S05E17-Oscar Howler.jpg
Trees are like magnets for booze.
In front of the Post Office, Brent and Oscar argue about whose legacy is worse. Brent gives directions to a couple using the "make-out" bench as a landmark. At the Ruby's deck, Davis drops Lacey's house key between the deck boards. Bringing Emma to her dirty garage, Karen tells her that Davis is manipulating her into cleaning. Emma gets angry and starts sweeping but realizes Karen is also taking advantage of her. At the Ruby's deck, Lacey gets Hank to go under and get her key for her. Later at Corner Gas, Hank pays for chips with change and Wanda tricks him into admitting he got the money from under the deck. Seeing an opportunity, Wanda goes under the deck and while retrieving valuables, she gets stuck under two support beams.

S05E17-Directions Woman.jpg
Hot dog!
Finding a young couple kissing on the bench, Brent and Oscar chase them off. While moving the bench to Brent's tree, they find the couple under the tree and have to chase them away again. Cleaning up the area and planting flowers, they admire the beautiful park they've made. However, three hours later there's a dozen people drinking beer and making out at the park which the Howler reports as a ghetto. Davis calls Emma to his house where after a weak insult, he expects her to start cleaning. Emma tells Davis that he's manipulating her and makes a huge mess. At the Ruby, Lacey finds Wanda stuck under the deck and sends Hank down to get her. First though, she has Hank tickle Wanda and then draw a mustache on her.

S05E17-Guy and Girl.jpg
You two are unbelievable!
Watching the party at the park, Oscar proposes joining in. Brent has a different plan and after clearing the people out, they demolish the bench and cut down the tree. After getting Wanda out from under the Ruby's deck, Hank is greeted with applause by a crowd of onlookers. Telling Lacey to call an ambulance, Wanda chases Hank for drawing a mustache on her. At Corner Gas, Brent and Oscar admire the station as their true legacy. Concerned though, that people may switch to electric cars if oil prices keep rising, Brent wonders if they'll go out of business. However, knowing people will always need something, he wonders if the station will turn into a brothel in ten years, run by Wanda. Oscar thinks Brent is crazy for imagining such a future in which they'll also have long beards.

S05E17-Saw and hammer.jpg
Goodbye, ghetto!


  • Wanda's drivers license displays her height (5'0") in feet and inches (5'0"). All Canadian licenses use the metric system so this should be displayed in centimeters.
  • The Comedy Network, which showed each new episode on the Saturday night after its CTV premiere, accidentally showed this episode nine days early, on March 29, 2008.
  • Tim Allen, who plays the Ruby Deck Customer, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.
  • Jackass!: Oscar calls Brent a jackass before showing him the bench he's donated to the town as his legacy.


"I was walking downtown and what should I see, but Brent Leroy's Corner Gas tree."
"Yeah, it's important to have each other's back. Whether making a big bust or photocopying a dainty recipe"
"Do you even care about making sense anymore?"
―Brent to Oscar


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