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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Thomas Mitchell
First Appearance: "Telescope Trouble"
Episode Count: 1
He's just a door guy with big arms and a tan and a nice truck.
— Brent, "Telescope Trouble".

Terry owns a door company and services Dog River.


Season 3

After the door closer at Corner Gas breaks, Lacey convinces Brent to hire Terry to fix it, though Brent wants to fix it himself. Brent meets Terry, who's burly and handsome. Brent is sarcastic with Terry so Lacey warns him to be nice, as she had to curry favour with Terry to get him to look at Brent's door so quickly. As Terry inspects the door closer, Hank believes that by not fixing the closer himself, Brent is less of a man. Brent refutes this but jumps when Terry calls him. After the closer fails again, Brent carps to Lacey that Terry did a poor job on the closer. Brent wants to fix it himself but Lacey warns him it'll void the warranty. Brent's already called Terry, who can't come until supper time when Brent and Hank plan to watch TV.

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Are you the door guy?
Brent starts to fix the closer but is worried about Terry and voiding the warranty. Hank jokes that Brent is whipped just as Terry arrives and orders Brent to step away from the closer. The next morning at the Ruby, Lacey's closer fails and the door whacks her. She calls Terry for help who believes that Brent messed with it. After Brent fixes Lacey's closer, Terry arrives at the Ruby Cafe where Lacey lies that the closer fixed itself. Brent confronts Terry, indicating he fixed it so Terry voids the warranty. As Terry leaves, the door hits him and Lacey leaves to say sorry to him. ("Telescope Trouble")

S03E17-Terry angry.jpg
Step away from the hinge!


"Terry caught you. Now I'm being lumped in with you. I hate being lumped. Fiddler! "
―Lacey to Brent
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