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"Telescope Trouble"
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Season: Three — Episode: 17
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Kevin White & Paul Mather — Aired: March 6, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.65
Summary: The door closer at Corner Gas breaks, so Brent takes Lacey's advice and hires her "door guy," Terry. However, teased for not being able to make the repairs himself, Brent vies to regain his masculinity. Wanda goes to great lengths to protect her new telescope and witness astronomical history while Oscar and Emma drive everyone crazy when they borrow an RV and camp in some unusual places.


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Does that ever look like my telescope. Oh, except this one's got two extra knobs.
— Wanda
At the Ruby Cafe as Josh cooks, Lacey tries to get Brent to use a coffee flavouring packet. Oscar says he's already tried one but he mistakenly put a packet of jam in his coffee. At Corner Gas, Lacey tells Brent to fix his door, on which the closer is broken. Brent puts up a sign cautioning customers but Hank enters and is smacked by the door closing. Wanda sarcastically offers to be a witness if Hank wants to sue. At the Ruby, Brent acknowledges his sign isn't working and believes Davis is trying to use his authority as a police officer to make him fix it. Lacey mentions she has a "door guy" Brent can call but he resists until Hank arrives, demanding Brent buy him a coffee as compensation for the door hitting him.

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That doesn't count. He's not a customer.
Emma and Oscar buy an RV on a one week trial basis. Karen helps Wanda bring a telescope into Corner Gas but is hit by the closing door. Wanda explains to her and Brent that she wants to watch a meteor shower and is storing the telescope at the station so her son, Tanner, doesn't wreck it. Hank arrives and enthused about the telescope, which he thinks is a bazooka, Karen offers to store it at the Police station. Oscar and Emma try the RV but Oscar has trouble driving it. Brent meets Lacey's door guy, Terry, who's burly and handsome. Brent is sarcastic with Terry so Lacey warns him to be nice, as she had to curry favour with Terry to get him to look at Brent's door so quickly.

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Are you the door guy?
While carrying the telescope to the Police station, Karen wonders if Wanda overreacted that Hank would wreck it. Wanda reminds Karen of the time at her house that she lent Hank a TV. Hank tripped over a birdbath, the TV flew into the window of her car after which Wanda chased Hank. At Corner Gas as Terry inspects the door closer, Hank believes that by not fixing the closer himself, Brent is less of a man. Brent refutes this but jumps when Terry calls him. At the Police station, after Davis shows enthusiasm for the telescope, Wanda decides to move it. Oscar has Emma try driving the RV. Terry finishes the job and leaves Brent with a pricey bill. As Lacey teases Brent that he'd have hurt himself if he tried fixing the closer, Wanda tells Brent they're going to his house.

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I'm being proactive.
Wanda leaves her telescope at Brent's house where he complains he's been emasculated by Terry. Emma and Oscar park the RV at Corner Gas where Hank marvels at it. Having learned about Terry, Brent's parents poke fun at him. Entering the station, the closer fails and Brent is smacked by the door. On the deck of the Ruby, Hank rebukes Lacey for getting Brent to hire Terry. Hank explains that a reduction in the respect others have for Brent reduces what little he has as well. Brent calls Davis, requesting that he evict his parents from Corner Gas' parking lot. Hank enters Corner Gas and is hit by the door again. He asks Wanda if he can view the meteor shower with her. Davis and Karen tell the Leroys to move their RV and it becomes apparent to them that Brent made the request.

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There's a table that folds in there.
At the Ruby, Brent carps to Lacey that Terry did a poor job on the closer. Brent wants to fix it himself but Lacey warns him it'll void the warranty. Brent's already called Terry, who can't come until supper time when Brent and Hank plan to watch TV. Lacey teases Brent about the softness of his hands and doubts he can fix the closer. In the RV, Oscar's peeved that Brent forced them to move. They drive to the Ruby where they're met by Davis, Karen and Lacey, who tell them to move on. In the backyard of Brent's house, Brent and Hank watch TV while trying to keep an eye out for Terry arriving at Corner Gas. Having a hard time seeing, Brent remembers Wanda's telescope and after setting it up, Brent has no problem seeing the station. Wanda arrives and isn't happy the use Brent's found for her telescope.

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No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Outside the Ruby, Emma and Oscar start the RV up just as a convoy of trucks carrying trees passes by. Brent and Hank arrive at Corner Gas where Hank gets hit by the door again. Brent starts to fix the closer but is worried about Terry and voiding the warranty. Hank jokes that Brent is whipped just as Terry arrives and orders Brent to step away from the closer. The next morning at the Ruby, Lacey's closer fails and the door whacks her. She calls Terry for help who believes that Brent messed with it. Lacey assures Terry that she wouldn't void the warranty and he promises to see to it as soon as he can. Hank enters and hit by the door, demands compensation from Lacey. Emma and Oscar park the RV outside the Police station where initially, Davis and Karen threaten them until they see Emma's made s'mores.

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I'm whipped by a warranty?
Wanda brings the telescope back to Corner Gas where she guards it. As Brent reads the Howler, Lacey tells him about her door closer and that Terry accused her of letting Brent fiddle with it. Wanda relates that Brent tried to fix his closer because Hank made fun of him and she can't interest Brent or Lacey in seeing the meteor shower. At the RV, Davis sings and plays guitar while Karen gorges on the s'mores. Emma tries to get them to leave but they don't take the hint. At the Ruby, as Hank eats a plate of free fries, he tells Brent he should fix Lacey's closer. Assured that Terry won't be coming and seeing a chance to regain his lost respect, Brent agrees. Lacey catches Brent and asks him to call Terry and apologize. Hank pleads with Lacey to let Brent fix the closer.

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How long does this have to be here?
Sick of Davis and Karen, Emma and Oscar drive the RV home and go inside. Terry arrives at the Ruby where Lacey lies that the closer fixed itself. Brent confronts Terry, indicating he fixed it so Terry voids the warranty. As Terry leaves, the door hits him and Lacey leaves to say sorry to him. At night outside Corner Gas, Hank and Wanda look at the meteor shower using the telescope. Hank thanks Wanda and her pleasant reply confuses him. Wanda threatens Hank to never tell anyone she was civil to him. The next day at the station, Hank tells Brent about the shower and that he got Wanda a new birdbath to thank her. Having placed the birdbath in the parking lot, Wanda with the telescope, trips over the bath and launches the telescope into the window of Brent's car.

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Once in 12,000 years and I got to see it.


  • The backyard at Brent's house was visited by a dog ("The Littlest Yarbo") where it's apparent that there is no clear line of sight to Corner Gas for Brent to view with a telescope.
  • Hank mentions Brent's big screen TV. ("Poor Brent")
  • While singing in front of the Police station, Davis plays the guitar upside down.
  • The scene with Wanda and Hank viewing the meteor shower is the first scene of the series filmed at night.
  • Tim Allen, who plays the RV Owner, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.


"That's just physical. It's better than gettin' hit on the bum of the mind."
"Well, it's only every 12,000 years. If I miss it now, I might not get another chance."


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