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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Morris Elfenbaum
First Appearance: "World's Biggest Thing"
Last Appearance: "One Piano, Four Hands"
Episode Count: 3
Can I have your fork?
— Ted to Karen, "Safety First".

Ted is a very large, imposing man who lives in Dog River.


Season 1

At the Town Hall, a town meeting is held to solicit ideas to increase tourism in Dog River. Mayor Fitzy holds a vote on Ted's idea (who he calls Ed) but the townsfolk decide not to paint a big, pink smiley face on the town's water tower. ("World's Biggest Thing")

Sorry Ed.

Season 3

After Josh and then Hank quit as the busboy at the Ruby Cafe, Lacey hires Ted. He looms over Brent and Karen and insists on waiting while Karen's eats her salad so he can bus her fork and bowl. ("Safety First")

I'll wait.

Season 4

After Brent installs an air pump at Corner Gas that charges for air, a mob led by Davis, which includes Ted, demands that Brent re-install the old pump that doesn't charge for air. Ted keeps insisting that if the mob returns with torches, they should bring marshmallows too. ("One Piano, Four Hands")

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No marshmallows?
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