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"Super Sensitive"
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Season: Six — Episode: 12
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Andrew Carr — Aired: February 23, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 0.86
Summary: Davis gets a lesson in sensitivity after Karen is offended by his blonde jokes. Brent and Lacey try to convince Hank that superstitions are fake and Wanda takes on Emma's identity at a gym and finds that becoming Emma is not as easy as she thought.


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Well, what about my needs to make fun of people?
— Oscar
At the Ruby Cafe, Oscar and Davis tell blonde jokes which offends Karen. Later, Hank arrives to celebrate an end to his bad luck. Explaining that he broke a mirror seven years previously, he tells a story about it being caused by driving a mirror truck. However, Brent recalls Hank broke a mirror with a hammer swatting at a fly while Lacey listens. At Corner Gas, Emma tries to pay for groceries with a membership card to a gym in Regina, the "Rec Plex." Indicating she's never used it, she gives it to Wanda but warns her that it's non-transferable. At the Police station, as a result of a complaint from Karen, Mayor Fitzy sends Davis on a sensitivity course and then belittles it.

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My truck story was better.
At the Ruby, Brent and Lacey try to convince Hank there's no such thing as bad luck. Lacey tries to open an umbrella inside over Hank's protests, but can't. Brent opens it, spilling his soup and Hank proclaims him cursed. At the Rec Plex, Wanda passes herself off as Emma to the attendant, Jerry, by entering a raffle. Davis attends the sensitivity training led by Al Goar and becomes fully immersed in it. (♫ Jann Arden - Insensitive ♫) Emma receives a call from Jerry that she's won the raffle, for a flat screen TV. At the Corner Gas pumps, Brent teases Hank by walking under a ladder over Lacey's protests. Brent slams the ladder on his thumb, convincing Hank that he's cursed and that bad luck will strike Brent one more time, since it comes in threes.

At the Ruby, Davis returns from training and is hyper-sensitive to Karen and Oscar. Karen's appreciative but Oscar's incredulous and wonders what happened to Davis. At the Rec Plex, Jerry asks Wanda about a delivery time for the raffle prize, which she doesn't know is a TV. Wanda's caught off-guard and learning she won, chants her name during a dance, confusing Jerry, who asks who Wanda is. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Brent plans to tease Hank further about being superstitious but Lacey's become convinced that Brent is cursed. At the Leroy's, Wanda and Emma argue over who should get the prize. Emma offers the gym membership permanently in exchange for it, assuring Wanda that the prize is worth less. Oscar blabs that the Rec Plex wants a picture of them with the TV, resulting in Wanda looking angrily at Emma.

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Oh hello, respected elder.
At the Ruby, Lacey gets a taste of Davis' new hyper-sensitivity. A photographer arrives at the Leroy's for the Rec Plex prize picture. Emma and Wanda have to switch roles, Wanda and Oscar don't want to hug in the picture while Emma enjoys Wanda's discomfort. At the Ruby, Hank and Lacey clunk heads reaching for a penny and are alarmed to hear the gas truck is coming soon. Hank's convinced an accident with the truck will be Brent's third piece of bad luck which worries Lacey. Brent arrives at the Leroy's and although initially confused why Wanda and Oscar are acting as a couple, he catches on and joins them for the picture, squeezing everyone together. Mertyl's at the Ruby as Lacey points out to Hank the gas truck has come many times to the station without an accident. Hank can only come up with an inane scenario where a disaster will happen.

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Just take the damn picture.
At the Police station, Karen lures Davis into the jail cell and locks him in. Oscar arrives and announces he's there to reverse Davis' sensitivity training. Outside Corner Gas, Lacey sees the gas truck arrive. Seeing a man trying to light his pipe and a kid burning paper with a magnifying glass, she gets worried again. She calls Brent and expresses her concern but he's not swayed. At the jail cell, Karen and Oscar have no luck changing Davis so Karen proposes a last resort. At Corner Gas, Fitzy makes fun of Wanda while showing her a flyer from the Rec Plex with the "family" picture. Brent joins in and kids her about snuggling Oscar, causing her to announce she can't pretend to be Emma anymore. She returns the membership to Emma and says it's not easy being her.

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It could be your last thing.
Taking Davis out of the jail cell, he's hooked up to a lie detector as Oscar tells him blonde jokes. These produce no effect until Karen gets confused about one of the jokes and Davis snorts. Oscar tells another blonde joke and Davis laughs heartily, fully desensitized. Emma goes to the Rec Plex where Jerry deduces she lent the card to Wanda and takes back the TV. At the Corner Gas pumps, Hank tries to lure Brent away with chili dogs while Lacey comes onto the delivery man, Sparky. Neither ploy works so they steal the truck, on which Hank breaks a side mirror. Coming to their senses, they return the truck. Sparky charges Brent for the broken mirror which Hank says is Brent's third piece of bad luck. At the Ruby, after Oscar tells a blonde joke, Karen tells a joke which lands her in sensitivity training.

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We got him! The old Davis is back.



  • Lacey mentions that the gas truck is coming on a Friday the 14th. The only time this occurred in 2009 was in August.


"I'm not torturing him. I'm showing him that you don't have to be afraid of silly superstitions. Or any other Stevie Wonder songs."
―Brent about Hank
"Gas truck's coming, Brent's third thing, do the math, carry the two equals boom!"


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