Stephen Logo 01.jpg Attorney

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Peter Oldring
First Appearance: "All My Ex's Live in Toronto"
Episode Count: 1
He was just...oh, he was just so forgiving. You know? I mean you could treat him badly and he'd say I'm sorry.
— Lacey, "All My Ex's Live in Toronto".

Stephen was Lacey's fiance. He's an attorney who lives in Toronto and is extremely nice.


Season 1

After Brent and Hank see Lacey get a call from Stephen, who's planning to visit her, misinformation from Hank leads others to believe Stephen is a stalker fugitive. Arriving in town, Karen pulls Stephen over and she accidentally smashes his tail light with her billy club. At the Ruby, Lacey tells Brent that Stephen was too nice and she broke off their engagement. Brent won't share a chili cheese dog with Stephen and after Hank pretends to be Lacey's boyfriend, Lacey apologizes for leaving Toronto without telling Stephen and then phoning his parents to say the wedding was off. Believing Stephen is stalking Lacey, Davis and Karen arrest him.

S01E07-Stephen arrested.jpg
I find people pretty friendly here in Dog River.
In the new interrogation room at the Police station, Stephen quietly tells Davis he has to charge him or set him free. Lacey, Emma and Oscar arrive at the interrogation room and entering, find Stephen trying to fix its broken intercom. As Lacey cites wrongful arrest to Davis, they all try to clear up the confusion. Emma orders Davis to release Stephen which he agrees to, but says he still has to give him a ticket for his broken taillight. Davis cuts Karen off when she tries to explain she broke the light. At the Dog River Hotel, Stephen tells Lacey he's engaged and visited her to make sure he didn't have feelings for her. Having left Dog River, Stephen is given a ticket by a cop in another town for his broken taillight. ("All My Ex's Live in Toronto")

S01E07-Police interrogation room.jpg
Yeah, it still has a few kinks.


  • Hank mentions to Lacey that Stephen dumped her. ("Harvest Dance")
  • Lacey tells Karen that she poured gravy on pie when Stephen visited. ("Physical Credit")


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