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"Spin Cycle"
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Season: Five — Episode: 2
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Kevin White & Dylan Worts — Aired: October 8, 2007 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Karen's attempt at group exercise turns out to be more than she bargained for when she meets the instructor. Wanda buys a new phone for Corner Gas which Brent enjoys not using while Oscar uses it too much. Emma puts together a calendar featuring the ladies of Dog River in the nude, which Lacey struggles with.


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Well, that is great. Everyone in town naked! You know, this town.
— Lacey
At Corner Gas as the phone rings, Wanda explains to Brent that the phone is new and must charge fully before being used. At the Ruby Cafe as Josh cooks, Lacey's surprised when Hank orders a salad. While saying he's upping his exercise regime and eating right, Karen orders a bacon burger. At Corner Gas, Wanda's excited about the new cordless phone's range and battery life. Brent toys with her and reaches for the phone, wanting to know the specials at the Ruby. Wanda stops Brent and walks to the cafe to see what's on the menu for Brent. At the Ruby, Lacey discovers that a group of ladies, including Emma, Helen and Mertyl are planning a fund raising calendar featuring the town's women. Feeling left out, she guilts them to invite her to participate and finds the photos will be in the nude.

S05E02-Brent grabs phone
Don't touch it! It has to fully charge!
Oscar arrives at Corner Gas and is fascinated with the new phone. While he insists it's a cell phone, since it has no cord, Brent repeats the ploy that he's going to use the phone before it's charged. At the Ruby, the ladies explain that the women are partially covered in the photos. They ask for Lacey's help getting others to pose but she's flustered and stammers unconvincingly how at ease she is with being naked, which Wanda overhears. In the police cruiser, as Karen eats her bacon burger, a comment from Davis makes her feel overweight. As a box of comics is delivered to Corner Gas, Brent threatens to use the phone to inform Hank. Wanda drives to Hank's house to let him know. At the Police station, Karen invites Davis to sign up for a spin class and has to explain what it is.

S05E02-Emma Helen
We're tastefully covered up.
Arriving back at the station, the phone's fully charged, ending Brent's game with Wanda. Complaining they're out of paper towels in the bathroom, Oscar's left alone with the phone, which he answers, despite telling Wanda he wouldn't touch it. Outside the school, those that have signed up for spin class wait for the instructor as Karen eats an apple. Hank arrives and takes such a large bite of Karen's apple that she gives it to him. She and Davis learn that Hank is the instructor. At Corner Gas, Wanda's fine to take her clothes off when Lacey asks. Lacey forces enthusiasm which Wanda teases her for and Al Goar smiles wryly at her. Having taken Corner Gas' phone, Oscar gets a call in front of the Foo Mart and yells at the caller that he's not the station and believes the phone is his.

S05E02-Lacey Al Goar
I would love to get naked.
Spin class begins and Davis struggles to keep up. As Hank points out how well Karen is doing, Davis calls her a teacher's pet, resulting in Hank threatening to see Davis after class. Oscar calls Emma while driving home and crashes into a wheelbarrow at the Leroy's. In the house, he calls Emma again to tell her he's using a cell phone. In front of the Police station, Karen starts to get undressed when Lacey asks her to be in the calendar. Lacey shields her eyes and tells Karen the photos will be taken later. Karen makes fun of Lacey using the phrase "scantily clad" and says she's acting like a 70 year old. At the Leroy's, Oscar lies that Brent gave him the phone. Emma calls Corner Gas and the phone's base station rings causing Brent and Wanda to realize the phone's missing. Oscar scolds Emma when "his" phone rings.

S05E02-Karen Davis bikes
In front of the Police station, Davis shows Karen and Lacey semi-nude photos of himself and is peeved that he can't be in the calendar. Learning Karen is invited, he believes it's because she's a teacher's pet. Karen denies this just as Hank walks by, compliments them on the spinning workout and thanks Karen for the apple. Emma leaves a message at Corner Gas that Oscar's taken the phone so Wanda leaves to retrieve it. At the school, Karen's given the cold shoulder by the other spinners. She unsuccessfully tries to fit in by calling the class stupid. Wanda arrives at the Leroy's and using their phone, calls the Corner Gas phone. Oscar thinks Emma's calling him and says the "cell phone" makes her sound like Wanda. Wanda loses her temper, runs outside and chases Oscar.

Corner Gas-s05e02-Spin Cycle 1
You better hope I don't catch you!
At spin class, Hank finds a tack on his bike seat which Karen proudly admits she placed there. Believing she's covering for one of the students, Hank punishes the class with hard riding but excludes Karen from it. At the Ruby, Oscar yells at a caller that he doesn't care what number of products he delivers and calls him a jackass. He dials the Corner Gas number to complain to Brent and gets a busy signal. Outside spin class, Karen tries to bond with her classmates by writing a derogatory message in soap on Hank's truck windshield but is caught by Hank. At Corner Gas, Wanda tells Brent she failed to catch Oscar. Assuring him that Oscar will return the phone when its battery dies, the delivery man Oscar told off arrives. The order is five times what Brent wanted and the delivery man believes Brent called him a jackass. Brent orders Wanda to get the phone back.

S05E02-Delivery Guy
Get the phone back from Dad before he gets me killed.
At the Ruby, Emma tells Lacey that a photographer will be at the cafe the next day to take the nude pictures. Lacey waffles so Helen asks if she's uncomfortable being "scantily clad." Using Karen's joke, Lacey jibes that Helen is seventy years old. Helen takes this as a compliment as she's 74. The next day, Jenny replaces Hank as the spinning class instructor and works everyone hard. She gives Davis 10 extra minutes riding for talking with Karen. Showing no favouritism to her, as Hank did, she gives Karen 20 extra minutes. At Corner Gas, Lacey's in a panic as Emma's in the Ruby with the photographer. She confesses to Brent she doesn't want to pose nude but feels obligated. Brent laughs that everyone knew she wouldn't be comfortable and that Emma's surprised Lacey didn't cave earlier. Brent presses the page button on the Corner Gas phone's base station.

Hey over there!
Wanda, who's on Centennial Street, hears the phone ring and seeing Oscar with it, she chases him down the street. Having learned that Emma accepts who she is, Lacey enters the Ruby and gets undressed in front of Emma and a man, who she thinks is the photographer. Elated, her mood quickly dampens when she finds out the man is a customer. Oscar and Wanda run past Lacey, Wanda tackles Oscar, retrieves the phone and lets Brent know Lacey's state. At the school, Karen apologizes for getting Hank fired while he relates that people have a hard time viewing others outside of their stereotypes. Later at the Ruby, Hank plays up how he became the spinning instructor. At Corner Gas, Brent calls Emma and reports he's gone back to a corded phone attached to the wall. Later, Oscar tries to use the phone while getting into his car but rips it off the wall.

S05E02-Wanda street
Get back here you crazy son-of-a...


  • As Emma opens the door at the Leroy's for Wanda, the background is a painted backdrop with a railing and flowerpots. This is very different than the real background shot at the house that poses as the Leroy's home in Rouleau, Saskatchewan.
  • After Wanda gets the Corner Gas phone back from Oscar, she calls and talks to Brent using it. However, there's no phone at Corner Gas for Brent to answer.
  • Producer Norm Hiscock portrays the guy who watches Lacey get naked.
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it twice, both while receiving calls on the phone he stole from Corner Gas. One of the callers, a delivery man, calls Brent a jackass, thinking it was him on the phone.


"You know, for a guy in his sixties with legs like a chicken, he can really move."
―Wanda about Oscar
"Is your zipper stuck? Don't haul me into your crazy orgies, sinner."
―Brent to Lacey


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