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"Smell of Freedom"
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Season: Two — Episode: 3
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Paul Mather & Kevin White — Aired: October 19, 2004 — Viewers (millions): 1.64
Summary: Davis regains his sense of smell in a freak but fortuitous accident. It's a beautiful new world, until the smell of his fellow officer proves too much. Brent realizes just how little he knows about his fellow Dog Riverites and scrabble champ Lacey is challenged by an unlikely wordsmith.


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I used to envy the smelling. But now I'm startin' to realize it's a curse.
— Davis
At Corner Gas, Brent makes fun of Wes for wearing all denim while Wanda laughs. Wes dissects the joke and declares it not funny. At the Ruby Cafe, Brent tells Lacey and Davis about his joke. Davis comments that he ate some bad leftovers and Brent jokes that Davis was hit in the head and lost his sense of smell. Everyone in the Ruby stares at Brent and Lacey tells him Davis hasn't been able to smell since he was a child, which even she knows. In private, Lacey rebukes Brent and says he doesn't pay attention to those in his life, which he refutes. As Josh cooks, Lacey shows Brent her Scrabble game and mentions she's a champion at it but can't get Brent to play her. At the Leroy's, Oscar complains to Emma that he can't get a cat out of a tree in front of their house and decides to call the police.

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You ate food that was off?
All the Corner Gas pumps, Brent apologizes to Davis and asks why Davis didn't tell him he couldn't smell. Davis recalls when he very explicitly told Brent, which he doesn't remember. Davis worries this will change their relationship which a stammering Brent denies. Lacey can't get Wanda to play her at Scrabble as Wanda points out Lacey is a poor winner. Karen arrives at the pumps and telling Davis about Oscar's problem, Davis thinks she's joking. When he finds out it's true, he takes Brent and Karen's attitude as prejudice that he can't smell. Lacey convinces Hank to play her Scrabble by offering free coffee. Karen plays "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with Davis to see who has to deal with Oscar. As Davis tries to change the rules, Brent makes a crack resulting in Davis calling him a "smellaphobe." Their game finished, Lacey is surprised to find Hank's won, even though he used simple words.

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Cool! I like this even better than Kerplunk.
At Corner Gas, Karen and Wanda kid Brent about his ignorance of the town's people. In front of the Leroy's house, Oscar refuses to hold the ladder as Davis climbs it to get the cat. The ladder falls, Davis hits his head and he discovers he can smell again. In front of the Police station, Davis pointedly smells everything to Karen's embarrassment. Once they get in the police cruiser, he looks at her with alarm, coughs and sticks his head out the window. At the Ruby, Lacey has a rematch with Hank and despite using obscure words, Hank is able to beat her by adding an "S" to the end. At the Leroy's, Emma tells Brent that he's always been self-absorbed as Brent learns Oscar's favorite singer. At the Ruby, Lacey offers to coach Hank at Scrabble which he agrees to for free pie.

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You cops are too soft.
Jogging beside the police cruiser, Davis admits to Karen that he finds her perfume sickly-smelling. Insulted, Karen drives away. At Corner Gas, Brent reads a book on Dog River's history as Oscar complains about the lack of service. Brent serves Wes ahead of Oscar and to demonstrate he pays attention to people, tells Wes that the book indicates his father died in the Korean War. Wes is grief-stricken and Oscar tells Brent everyone in town maintained a lie that Wes' dad ran away with the circus. Lacey has Hank play Scrabble with Emma but Hank starts the game with an inane word. Over the radio, Davis fakes an emergency to get Karen to meet him. After promising to not wear her perfume anymore, Karen stomps off when Davis complains about the smell of her hair. Hank continues to play words that aren't valid.

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Daddy's dead?
At Corner Gas, Brent's attempts at friendly banter are met with hostility by Fitzy and another customer, who call him a monster. Emma beats Hank badly, leaving Lacey puzzled. At the Dog River Hotel with Wade and Oscar, the odor has Davis regretting being able to smell. Oscar opines that Davis needs to get hit in the head with a ball in order to lose the sense again. At another table, Lacey discusses with Hank and Brent how embarrassing Emma's win over Hank is for her. Believing that Hank only performs under pressure, she announces to the bar patrons a free lunch for anyone that can beat Hank at Scrabble.

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The higher score wins, right?
The next day at the Ruby, Lacey hands out sandwiches to a long line-up of people who've beaten Hank. She deludes herself that Hank always beats her because he feels no pressure when playing her. Outside, Oscar hits Brent in the head with a ball, mistaking him for Davis, which bursts Brent's eardrum. Later at the Ruby, Davis and Karen tell Emma they patched up their differences by Davis wearing cologne. Lacey beats Hank at Kerplunk and proves to be a bad winner. At the counter, Davis calls out to Brent several times but can't get his attention. Not knowing Brent's eardrum is broken, Davis makes a bad joke about it, which results in everyone in the Ruby staring at him.

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Just take the sandwich.


  • The house used to film the cat in the tree isn't the Leroy's house as there are houses across the street from it.
  • As Hank puts the word "AAAAAAHH" on the Scrabble board, ten "A" tiles are visible but Scrabble only contains nine.
  • Oscar's quote to Wes about "money talks" is from Neil Diamond's song Forever in Blue Jeans.
  • Brent reads a book on Dog River's history which Lacey later reads. ("Rock On!")
  • Although Davis is supposed to have had no sense of smell since he was nine, he comments how nice the bathroom smelt in Corner Gas months before. ("Grad '68")
  • Jackass!: Oscar calls Brent a jackass after he reveals to Wes that his father died in the Korean War. The town conspired to tell Wes that his father ran off with the circus.


"Brent's a monster."
―Mrs. Tucker


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