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"Shirt Disturber"
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Season: Six — Episode: 10
Director: David Storey — Writer: Kevin White & Norm Hiscock — Aired: February 2, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 0.99
Summary: Brent is the boob on a trip to see his and Hank's favourite comic book artist. Lacey's donations to the thrift store make the perfect gifts for Karen to celebrate her recent promotion. Oscar and Emma's new home alarm system causes headaches for Davis.


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Just a quick autograph! I'm a big fan! I have all your comics, we could be friends. I'm not a stalker, I know your birthday.
— Brent to Peter Moore
At the Thrift Store, Lacey donates clothes which store worker Helen admires. Having second thoughts, Lacey starts to take the clothes back but then grudgingly donates them again. At the Police station, Davis feels threatened as Karen proudly displays her Officer Second Class certificate. Karen states that Davis can't call her "Rookie" anymore but he'll only concede to calling her "Senior Rookie." At Corner Gas, Wanda laughs at an article about comic book artist Peter Moore coming to Regina and derides the nerds who'll attend. Brent confesses he's going to see Moore and get a comic book signed. Seeing Hank arriving, Brent begs Wanda to not tell Hank, as he doesn't want to take him to the signing, scared that he'll doing something embarrassing. Brent lies to Hank that he has an eye appointment and gives Wanda a day off to keep her silent.

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So, you're donating the bag?
At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey proposes getting a group gift to celebrate Karen's promotion. However, given her bad reputation for selecting gifts, Wanda refuses and indicates she's already bought a gift. Mayor Fitzy and Josh also refuse Lacey. At the Leroy's, Davis does a sales pitch for a home security security to Emma and Oscar. At Corner Gas, Hank tells Brent that he knows he's going to see Peter Moore, having received an anonymous phone call. Knowing Wanda ratted him out, Brent tells Hank why he didn't want to go to the signing with him but gives in. The next morning, Emma and Oscar wake up to find Davis in their bedroom to demonstrate how easy it is to break into their house. They commit to buying a system if he'll leave.

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At the Ruby, Karen opens a gift from Fitzy and Josh (who went into together) and a teapot from Lacey which she pretends to like. She loves Wanda's gift, a sweater which Lacey sees is one of the items she donated to the Thrift Store. Driving to Regina, Brent tells Hank to not interact with Moore at all to avoid doing anything embarrassing. At the Leroy's, Davis shows Emma and Oscar how to use the installed security system which Oscar quickly sets the alarm off on. At the comic book store, Brent laughs at all the dweebs there not knowing he's being referred to as one himself. At the Ruby, Karen effuses over the sweater Wanda got her and leaves. Lacey confronts Wanda, calls her cheap for shopping at the Thrift store and is upset to she Karen wearing her clothes.

The Dopplegangers.
Emma and Oscar struggle with the new alarm, arming it every time they leave the house and setting it off. At the Police station, Davis wants to continue to refer to Karen as "Rookie", citing the time it'll save. He's beeped by the alarm company to respond to the Leroys. At the signing, it's Brent and Hank's turn to meet Moore. Surprisingly, Brent acts creepy and weird in front of Moore and leaves without getting his comic book signed. He blames Hank for throwing him off, despite Hank not doing anything wrong. At the Leroy's, Emma and Oscar make excuses for the alarm going off and critisizes Davis for taking so long to respond. At Corner Gas, Lacey demands Wanda get her sweater back from Karen and is angered that Wanda's wearing more of her clothes. Wanda lies she got the clothes by accident but she sought Helen's advice on which were Lacey's.

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It's nice to touch you in person.
Entering their house, Emma and Oscar can't enter the disarm code in time and the alarm goes off. An exasperated Davis arrives and tells them not to use the alarm. Having returned to the line-up, Brent sees Moore a second time but freezes when Moore asks his name. Brent accidentally knocks over Moore's coffee onto his lap, ending the autograph session. At the Ruby, Wanda flaunts one's of Lacey's blouses. Lacey can't take it anymore when Karen compliments the blouse so Lacey tells her where Wanda got her sweater. Wanda doesn't see anything wrong with buying a gift from a thrift store which Karen awkwardly agrees with. As Davis tries to sell a security system to Mertyl, he hears the alarm go off next door at the Leroy's. Entering their house, he tears the alarm unit off the wall.

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What's the code again?
At the Ruby, Emma gives Wanda a box of items having heard from Lacey that Wanda's having money problems. Wanda protests she's just cheap but to no avail. Leaving the comic book store, Hank rebukes Brent for thinking he'd be the one to act like a boob in front of Moore. Brent's determined to get his book signed and leads Hank to Moore's hotel. Without the alarm, Oscar imagines noises in the house which he sends Emma to investigate. At Corner Gas, Lacey rubs it in with Wanda by bringing her a thrown away sandwich. Karen arrives with a box of items for Wanda including the teapot Lacey gave her as a gift. Again, Wanda protests she's not poor. At the hotel, the desk clerk won't tell Brent what room Moore is staying in. However, Brent sees Moore in the lobby and chases after him.

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I don't need any of this, I'm doing just fine.
At the Police station, Davis is alarmed to see Karen studying for her Officer First Class certificate. Confiscating her book, he's then continually bothered by phone calls from Oscar that there's a break-in in his house. Emma then calls that it's all clear. As Brent continues chasing after Moore at the hotel, Hank pulls Moore into a coat closet so he can escape Brent. Pretending he's Brent, Hank's able to get Moore to sign a comic to Brent "Lerroy", as Hank isn't sure how Brent's last name is spelt. At the Ruby, to show she's not poor, Wanda gives all the items she bought from the Thrift Store back to Helen. Lacey wants the teapot back but is guilted that all the items should go to needy people. Lacey's able to get a hobo to buy the teapot for her and in exchange she gives him the sandwich she offered Wanda.

This the teapot you wanted?
In order to placate Oscar, a calculator is installed on the wall where the alarm pad used to be. Karen shows Oscar how to use the "alarm", which she says is silent, while Emma grins knowingly. Oscar leaves and Davis gives Karen credit for the idea and indicates he'll call her "Senior Rookie" from now on. Brent meets Hank at the hotel desk, disappointed that he couldn't catch Moore. Hank's secretly given the signed comic book to the desk clerk who hands it to Brent, saying that Moore left it for him. Reading the inscription, which refers to his "crazy friend", Brent assures Hank that Moore didn't mean this which Hank smiles at and agrees with.

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You two need a moment?


  • When confronting Wanda that she got the sweater for Karen at a thrift store, Lacey calls her a gas station attendee instead of attendant.


"It won't explode, it's decaffeinated."
"That would just be weird. Someone I know owning something I donated to charity."


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