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"Security Cam"
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Season: Two — Episode: 8
Director: Trent Carlson — Writer: Brent Butt & Mark Farrell — Aired: November 30, 2004 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: When Brent installs a security camera at Corner Gas, he isn't prepared for the private moments caught on tape. Two unlikely conspirators hatch a plan to deal with the camera, and Hank sees the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream when Davis gets a new stun gun. Oscar and Emma's romantic getaway falls short of expectations.


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For some reason, this security camera's really freakin' people out.
— Brent
At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey gives Emma food for a romantic getaway she and Oscar are taking while Brent is uncomfortable with the idea. At Corner Gas, Brent tells Lacey he's installing a security camera to save money on insurance. At the Police station, Karen is incredulous that Davis has acquired a taser gun. While installing the camera, Brent tells Lacey to not talk about his parents getting romantic. On the road, a grouchy Oscar admits to Emma that he's lost. Karen maligns Davis' handling of police equipment and recalls his mishaps with a riot shield, which he thought was for everyday use. Arriving at Corner Gas, Hank gets very wary when he learns the security camera is real.

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What are you gonna do with that?
At the Ruby, seeing Davis with the taser, Lacey kids that he needs it for all the riots that happen in Dog River. Karen critisizes Lacey's math skills when she talks about the odds of a riot happening in town. Brent checks the video tape of the camera to ensure it works. At the Ruby, Hank sees the taser and begs Davis to stun him, to no avail. Mentioning the new security camera, Karen wonders why Brent's installed it. Oscar and Emma pull into a dumpy motel to ask for directions and learn it's the resort Oscar planned to take Emma to. In the police cruiser, as Karen and Davis talk about finding the money for the taser by ordering bullet-resistant vests instead of bullet-proof ones, Hank acts like a lunatic in attempt to get stunned. Davis and Karen ignore him.

S02E08-Hank freaks.jpg
I'm freaking out!
At the motel, Oscar and Emma lie on the bed in their room which is moving due to a young boy jumping on the bed next door while the boy's grandfather moans due to a broken leg. At the Ruby, Hank continues to pester Davis to stun him. At Corner Gas, Brent shows Wanda that the camera recorded Karen and her insulting Brent. Wanda admits she forgot the camera records audio. While in the police cruiser, Hank continues pleading with Davis and Karen to stun him and shows he can take the shock of licking a battery. Asking them to pop the hood so he can demonstrate he can withstand licking the car battery, Karen offers to club Hank. Learning Brent is mad at Wanda, Lacey stages a "play" that the camera records in which Karen and Wanda woodenly say they were only kidding when they insulted Brent.

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His grandpa can shut up anytime too.
Lacey gives direction after the take which is also recorded. Brent watches the "play" on video and kids about their acting skills while an embarrassed Wanda and Lacey also watch. Lacey explains they made the play to demonstrate that people shouldn't be judged on everything they do. Brent then shows her that after Lacey left the "play", Karen and Wanda called her controlling. Lacey glares at Wanda who sidles away. In front of the police station, Karen tells Davis about the "play" and he feels left out that he hasn't been asked to act in one. At Corner Gas, Lacey apologizes to Brent and they both malign Wanda being a know-it-all. Hank arrives and learning the camera is still in operation, refuses to hang out there anymore which Brent jokes justifies the camera's expense.

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I'm not an actor, Lacey.
At the Ruby, Hank tells Karen he wants to get rid of the camera and she draws a map of how he could. Driving home, Oscar apologizes to Emma for the state of the motel. Getting his bill at the Ruby, Davis bursts into a rage and yells at Josh and the customers. Breaking into a smile, he indicates to Lacey he was demonstrating his acting skills and asks to be in one of the security camera "plays." After Lacey indicates there won't be anymore, Davis shows his range by telling Brent that his parents are dead, and then retracts it. Brent is shaken and Lacey explains that Davis is auditioning for the security camera. Driving back home, Emma appreciates Oscar trying to create a romantic getaway and snuggles up to him.

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This whole town's out of order!
Walking into Corner Gas, Davis pesters Brent to act in one of the "plays" but they're interrupted by Wanda who finds the video of Brent and Lacey saying Wanda's a know-it-all. Joined by Lacey, they apologize to Wanda and act like the video was staged. Hank walks in and staring at the camera, he admits to timing its movements until Brent points out it's stationary. At the police station, Davis practices a scene with Karen and uses the taser gun as a prop. Closing up for the night, Brent and Wanda leave Corner Gas, not seeing that Hank is hiding behind a display. As Hank sidles against the wall to take out the camera, Davis catches him. Emma reminds Oscar of a sexual role playing game they used to play at Corner Gas and they race there.

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A program called Sally Smartypants.
Hank blames Karen for planning the break-in. Davis radios Karen, who can't explain the map she drew Hank and Davis ominously says they'll talk later. Saying he deserves to be tased, instead, Davis sends Hank home. Alone with the camera, Davis acts out his scene but ends up zapping himself and collapsing behind a display. Arriving at Corner Gas, Oscar and Emma start acting out their role playing game until they hear groaning. Finding Davis stunned behind the display, Oscar worries how much Davis heard. The next day, Lacey and Wanda watch Oscar and Emma's role playing on video. Brent denies it's sexual in nature and that there ever was a camera. Wanda points out to Lacey that Brent ripped the camera from the wall.

S02E08-Davis stunned.jpg
I, stunned...


  • As Oscar and Emma race to Corner Gas, they're driving on the left side of the road.
  • This is one of only two episodes that Oscar doesn't wear his green baseball cap, the other being when he forms his own club with Davis and Karen. ("Potato Bowl")


"Nudge? My mother doesn't nudge."
"Now, no more dirty talk. Hand me that big tool, so I can mount this."
―Brent to Lacey
"You know, there's more to me than just a pretty boy, tough guy cop. I have depth and range."


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