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  Season 6  

Premiere: October 13, 2008 — Finale: April 13, 2009 — # of Episodes: 19    
Summary: The Leroys are frisky tubbers, Davis and Karen are "Safety Pete", Lacey saves Dog River days, Wanda becomes Italian, Hank gets a robot, Yarbie, Brent is tempted with a comedy tour offer.

Season 6 of Corner Gas was the final season, featured 19 episodes, premiered on October 13, 2008 and concluded on April 13, 2009.


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S06E01 1.gif    "Full Load" October 13, 2008
Directed by: Don McCutcheon - Written by: Brent Butt

When Brent enters a reluctant Lacey into an eating contest, it tarnishes his reputation and results in a very offended Davis. At the Leroy's, Emma's new MP3 player allows Oscar to get away with too much. Karen's auctioneering experience pits Hank and Wanda in a battle of vehicles.

S06E02-Wanda as Oscar.jpg    "Bend It Like Brent" October 20, 2008
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Andrew Carr

Davis' decision to take on Brent and Lacey as the sponsors for his soccer team lands him in hot water with the players' parents. Too scared to drive, Karen enlists Hank's help. An old tape of Wanda doing television projects initially amuses Oscar and Emma until they find themselves satired.

S06E03-Brent sign Davis.jpg    "Self-Serving" October 27, 2008
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Mark Farrell

Brent implements self-service at Corner Gas but loses touch with his customers. Lacey's buffet at the Ruby has her customers working overtime. Wanda's quest to be the Rumour Queen proves disastrous for Karen and Emma, while Oscar and Davis compete to buy Hank's old laptop.

S06E04-Hank snowsuit.jpg    "Meat Wave" November 10, 2008
Directed by: Don McCutcheon - Written by: Dylan Worts

Karen and Davis win a meat market draw, and Emma and Oscar take part in helping store their stash. Hank is put in a sticky situation when the air conditioner is broken at Corner Gas, and Lacey and Wanda take care of a lost electronic pet at the Ruby.

S06E05-Howler Karen.jpg    "All That and a Bag of Chips" November 17, 2008
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Norm Hiscock

In spite of Lacey and Davis' best efforts, Karen is labeled a thief when she forgets to pay for a muffin. Wanda tries to get inside Hank's head to figure out his new email password. Brent's culinary skills are put to the test to prove to Oscar and Emma that he is not a freeloader.

S06E06-Pete flies.gif    "Good Tubbin'" November 24, 2008
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Kevin White

Lacey's excited about Oscar and Emma's hot tub party until she discovers she is the only guest. Davis charms Dog River as their new safety mascot, until Karen dons the suit. Brent tries to discover where Hank is staying after damage to Hank's house leaves him homeless.

S06E07-Running.gif    "American Resolution" January 12, 2009
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Mark Farrell

Karen, Hank, and Wanda's willpower is tested when they try to make one another break their New Year's resolutions. Davis tries to get out of making coffee at the Police station. Brent and Emma teach Oscar a thing or two about being a Canadian citizen.

S06E08-Brent appears.jpg    "Reader Pride" January 19, 2009
Directed by: Don McCutcheon - Written by: Norm Hiscock & Dylan Worts

Brent goes too far proving to Lacey and Hank that he's a true Roughriders fan. Davis enlightens Wanda to the unwritten rules of making mixed CDs, while Karen volunteers to read books at the Senior's Home which stirs Oscar's libido, causing problems for Emma.

S06E09-Brent guitar.jpg    "Rock Stars" January 26, 2009
Directed by: Don McCutcheon - Written by: Brent Butt

When Brent decides to improve his guitar skills, his instructor makes him feel inadequate and leads Oscar into the path of his nemesis. Wanda secretly writes the horoscope for the Howler to her benefit. Hank tries to prove he's stronger than Emma after taking Karen's workout advice.

S06E10-Brent chases.gif    "Shirt Disturber" February 2, 2009
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Kevin White & Norm Hiscock

Brent is the boob on a trip to see his and Hank's favourite comic book artist. Lacey's donations to the thrift store make the perfect gifts for Karen to celebrate her recent promotion. Oscar and Emma's new home alarm system causes headaches for Davis.

S06E11-Dance.gif    "Cat River Daze" February 16, 2009
Directed by: Jeff Beesley - Written by: Mark Farrell

Lacey sets out to save Dog River Days with the help (or hindrance) of Davis and Hank. Oscar and Karen go crazy over a cat and Brent fakes an injury to teach Wanda a lesson, ending up with a real injury in the process.

S06E12-Rec Plex pic.jpg    "Super Sensitive" February 23, 2009
Directed by: Jeff Beesley - Written by: Andrew Carr

Davis gets a lesson in sensitivity after Karen is offended by his blonde jokes. Brent and Lacey try to convince Hank that superstitions are fake and Wanda takes on Emma's identity at a gym and finds that becoming Emma is not as easy as she thought.

S06E13-Howler.jpg    "TV Free Dog River" March 2, 2009
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Norm Hiscock & Dylan Worts

Emma keeps a watchful eye on the citizens of Dog River to ensure the town beats Wullerton in "Turn Off Your TV Week." Lacey and Oscar find a profitable way to break the rules and Karen and Davis hit the radio airwaves to help everyone cope. Brent finds a creative way to get through a week of no TV with the help of Hank and Wanda.

S06E14-Wanda shaky ride.gif    "Queasy Rider" March 9, 2009
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Brent Butt & Kevin White

Wanda's new scooter brings a European flair to Dog River much to Brent's inconvenience. Lacey tricks Karen and Davis into helping her move. Hank's new greeting puts him in an awkward situation with Emma and annoys Oscar.

S06E15-Robots.jpg    "R2 Bee Too" March 16, 2009
Directed by: Don McCutcheon - Written by: Norm Hiscock

Jealous of Hank's new toy robot, Davis places an order online but is surprised when his robot arrives. Despite Emma's warning, Lacey's quest to expand Brent's culinary horizons turns him into a food critic from hell. Wanda suits up to help Oscar combat a beehive.

S06E16-Hafford Brent.jpg    "Crab Apple Cooler" March 23, 2009
Directed by: Don McCutcheon - Written by: Andrew Carr

Brent and Hank decide to take a trip down memory lane stealing crab apples from a neighbour's yard. No one wants Oscar on their charades team, until he proves his skills. Davis and Wanda find reasons to write angry complaint letters to companies in hopes of getting free stuff.

S06E17-Kids and cop car.jpg    "Happy Career Day to You" March 30, 2009
Directed by: Brent Butt - Written by: Kevin White & Dylan Worts

When Emma finds herself a substitute teacher at the elementary school, she asks Karen and Wanda to talk to the kids about their careers, causing tension to erupt. Lacey's attempt to make the Ruby more birthday friendly goes too far. Brent and Hank panic after they suspect Oscar has eaten a 30-year-old snack cake.

S06E18-F on lawn.jpg    "Get the F Off My Lawn" April 6, 2009
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Norm Hiscock & Kevin White

Lacey and Davis are on the hunt after two of the letters on the Ruby's "CAFE" sign are blown off during a bad windstorm. Wanda's demands for more rights at Corner Gas lead to unexpected opportunities for Hank and more headaches for Brent. Oscar worries about Emma after Karen's pick in a jam contest.

S06E19-Brent performs.jpg    "You've Been Great, Goodnight" April 13, 2009
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Brent Butt & Kevin White

Brent's mysterious disappearances every Wednesday night has the whole town talking. When it is discovered he has been pursuing a lifelong dream that threatens to take him out of Dog River, everyone is forced to cope with the news.

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