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Premiere: September 24, 2007 — Finale: April 21, 2008 — # of Episodes: 19    
Summary: Lacey gets naked, Brent discovers he has a foster brother, Jonathan, pink eye hits Corner Gas, Brent has a midnight birthday bash.

Season 5 of Corner Gas featured 19 episodes, premiered on September 24, 2007 and concluded on April 21, 2008. Classical Gas and The Accidental Cleanist accidentally premiered on The Comedy Network before their scheduled CTV premieres. It was released on DVD in September 2009.


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S05E01-The view    "Cable Excess" September 24, 2007
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Mark Farrell

When Oscar complains that Dog River does not have enough local programming, ideas abound for the next great cable show and Brent is selected to choose which idea will be produced. Lacey, Emma and Wanda encounter some creative differences in their show planning, while Hank becomes the subject of Karen and Davis' new cop program.

Corner Gas-s05e02-Spin Cycle 2    "Spin Cycle" October 8, 2007
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Kevin White & Dylan Worts

Karen's attempt at group exercise turns out to be more than she bargained for when she meets the instructor. Wanda buys a new phone for Corner Gas which Brent enjoys not using while Oscar uses it too much. Emma puts together a calendar featuring the ladies of Dog River in the nude, which Lacey struggles with.

S05E03-Hank whines Lacey    "Whiner Takes All" October 15, 2007
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Andrew Carr

Lacey thinks golfing with Brent and Hank will be all fun and games until a warning by Brent creates a competitive triangle. Oscar and Emma's new bed causes Emma to question her dreams. Karen is appalled when Davis accepts a free meal from Wanda in exchange for avoiding tickets.

S05E04-Brent black shirt    "Dark Circles" October 22, 2007
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Brent Butt

Hank tries to freak out the people of Dog River but a crop circle he didn't make appears. At the Leroy's, a paint job drives Oscar to move in with Davis who thinks he's divorcing Emma. Brent's new black work shirt changes his personality, which intrigues Lacey.

S05E05-Karen sketches Davis    "Wash Me" October 29, 2007
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Norm Hiscock

Wanda's happy when her latest crush gives her his number. But her love life soon hinges on whether Hank washes his truck or not. Brent starts to question his sense of smell in front of Oscar and Emma, and Lacey gives the Ruby an artistic touch-up courtesy of Karen, whose drawings seem to appeal to everyone but Davis.

Corner Gas-s05e06-The Eight Samurai 2    "The Eight Samurai" November 12, 2007
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Gary Pearson

Emma receives Dog River's gift from their twin-town in Japan, but loses it. The gift passes between eight members of the town who all find a different use for it. Brent reluctantly teams up with Lacey to help make the Ruby and Corner Gas more environmentally friendly. While filling in at the Hotel bar, Wanda attempts to become an advice-giving bartender.

Corner Gas-s05e07-Buzz Driver 2    "Buzz Driver" November 19, 2007
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Brent Butt

Oscar becomes a school bus driver but his strictness backfires on him. Hank attempts to make some money by advertising on his truck. Wanda becomes wired on an energy drink causing Brent and Emma to battle over getting Wanda to do chores. Karen is concerned Davis can't back her up after she easily knocks him out.

S05E08-Family photo    "Classical Gas" January 14, 2008
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Mark Farrell

The Leroys are visited by their former foster child, Jonathan, who has become a doctor in Kenya. Emma and Oscar's smothering of Jonathan becomes a problem that Brent helps him resolve. Wanda hides that she's poor at math by using her pupil, Karen. Lacey adds "classic" to items on the Ruby's menu, fooling Davis into eating dishes he normally wouldn't.

S05E09-Oscar Davis traps    "Game, Set and Mouse" January 21, 2008
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Brent Butt

When a mouse finds its way into Corner Gas, Oscar makes it his mission to capture and kill it which Davis tries to prevent. Karen and Emma compete to heal Wanda's injured back while Brent and Hank invent a new game that Lacey ruins.

S05E10-Emma Hank knit    "Knit Wit of the Month" January 28, 2008
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Norm Hiscock

To Wanda's dismay, Brent refuses to follow Lacey's example of employee recognition. She seeks appreciation at the Ruby only to find she can't live up to Lacey's expectations. Hank takes up knitting and hounds Emma to teach him a new stitch. Oscar takes over the senior's column in the Howler while Karen and Davis decide to help him to keep him off the streets.

S05E11-Hank Oscar gum    "Top Gum" February 4, 2008
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Andrew Carr

Hank takes Lacey's old gumball machine and starts a business with Oscar which is soon rivalled by Karen. Brent takes over water divination from Emma to impress an admirer. Wanda takes being a real estate agent too seriously, selling a house to Lacey and Davis, who plan to flip it.

Corner Gas-s05e12-The J Word 2    "The J-Word" February 11, 2008
Directed by: Don McCutcheon - Written by: Gary Pearson

Davis and Karen have an adventure with the police cruiser's trunk. A psychic tells Lacey some unpleasant news about her future. Brent gets Oscar to stop saying his favorite word. Emma and Wanda try to organize a non-girly girls party.

S05E13-Wanda Oscar funeral    "Outside the Box" February 18, 2008
Directed by: Don McCutcheon - Written by: Mark Farrell

Hank and Davis fight against the building of a call center in town while Emma promotes it. Wanda starts crashing funerals with Oscar, and a sealed box at Lacey's obsesses Karen and Brent.

Corner Gas-s05e14-Contagious Fortune 3    "Contagious Fortune" March 10, 2008
Directed by: Jeff Beesley - Written by: Norm Hiscock & Dylan Worts

Lacey is suspicious about the illegal duplication of Dog River dollars when Oscar buys presents for Emma. Brent and Wanda panic over Hank's pinkeye and Karen is frustrated that Davis keeps copying her.

Corner Gas-S05E15-No Time Like The Presents 1    "No Time Like the Presents" March 17, 2008
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Kevin White

Karen and Davis bribe Oscar into telling them what Emma is getting them for Christmas. Lacey thinks that Wanda doesn't consider her a friend. Confusion ensues when Hank set his watch to Daylight Savings Time.

S05E16-Brent Hank claws    "Coming Distractions" March 31, 2008
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Norm Hiscock & Gary Pearson

Hank gets Brent and Davis to separately take him to see the latest blockbuster, Raptorman 2. Emma invites Lacey to join a women's club, even though Lacey has a feeling she might not fit in. Oscar gets a sidewalk put in front of his house and Karen is forced to protect it.

Corner Gas-S05E17-The Accidental Cleanist 1    "The Accidental Cleanist" April 7, 2008
Directed by: Brent Butt - Written by: Andrew Carr

Karen and Davis discover Emma's cleaning habits follow a emotional trigger and get her to clean for them. Hank accidentally drops something through the cracks of the Ruby deck and discovers treasures underneath it. Brent donates money to the town and gets a legacy in return causing Oscar to feel overshadowed and get one too.

Corner Gas-S05E18-Bed And Brake Fast 1    "Bed and Brake Fast" April 14, 2008
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Kevin White

With no room at the Hotel, Oscar starts up a bed & breakfast at the Leroy's without Emma's approval. Lacey is the winner of Hank's "Handyman For A Day" silent auction entry and Davis uses Brent's car as an unmarked vehicle.

Corner Gas-S05E19-The Final Countdown 1    "Final Countdown" April 21, 2008
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Kevin White & Norm Hiscock

It's half an hour before midnight when Brent turns 40. Wanda has planned an elaborate fireworks display that goes dangerously wrong when Oscar and Davis help out. Karen tries to keep the peace as Lacey and Emma duel over who should be baking Brent's cake. Brent's plans for the night go awry when he discovers that a bottle of vintage scotch he was saving has gone missing, thanks to Hank.

Awards & Nominations

Gemini Awards

  • WON Best Picture Editing in a Comedy, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series for Wanda Schmockel for "Contagious Fortune."
  • NOM Best Comedy Program or Series for Brent Butt, Mark Farrell, David Storey, Kevin White and Virginia Thompson.
  • NOM Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series for Davis Storey for "Bed and Brake Fast."
  • NOM Best Photography in a Comedy, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series for Ken Krawczyk for "Buzz Driver."
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