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  Season 3  

Premiere: September 19, 2005 — Finale: March 20, 2006 — # of Episodes: 19    
Summary: Dog River celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Season 3 of Corner Gas featured 19 episodes, premiered on September 19, 2005 and concluded on March 20, 2006.


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S03E01-Wanda makeup.jpg    "Dress for Success" September 19, 2005
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Brent Butt & Andrew Carr

Brent starts behaving differently when Wanda wears a skirt to work. Oscar and Hank invest imaginary money in the stock market and Emma comes to the rescue when Lacey's dishwasher breaks down.

S03E02-Howler Hank Phycic.jpg    "Key to the Future" September 26, 2005
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Brent Butt & Mark Farrell

Hank dreams he can predict the future which Wanda and Brent have fun with until one of the predictions comes true for Wanda. Lacey decides to fix the town's pothole under Oscar's misguidance and Davis and Karen learn where you should never leave your keys.

S03E03-At bar.jpg    "Dog River Vice" October 3, 2005
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Brent Butt & Paul Mather

Brent gives up drinking coffee in a competition with Emma who gives up knitting. Davis and Karen start a ride-along program that becomes a little too popular and Hank is at the mercy of his new electronic organizer.

S03E04-Oscar Emma will kit.jpg    "Will and Brent" October 10, 2005
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Brent Butt & Kevin White

Oscar and Emma become suspicious of Brent when he encourages them to get a will. Brent does damage control, but not before his parents make sure Brent's inheritance is more punishment than reward. The town takes a surprising shine to Karen and Davis' drinking and driving check stops but not Lacey's new bulletin board.

Corner Gas - s03e05.Littlest.Yarbo 1.gif    "The Littlest Yarbo" October 17, 2005
Directed by: Jeff Beesley - Written by: Brent Butt & Mark Farrell

When a dog finds Hank's sunglasses, he's sure that it's TV's The Littlest Hobo, the fictional dog who helps those in trouble. Hank tries to prove his theory but can't outsmart the Hobo. Brent waffles on the designs for the new travel mugs for Corner Gas and The Ruby while Davis and Karen's status in Dog River is threatened when two firefighters show up in town.

S03E06-Lacey confronts Brent.jpg    "Mail Fraud" October 24, 2005
Directed by: Jeff Beesley - Written by: Brent Butt & Kevin White

Brent's unusual vacation bothers Lacey causing her to interrupt it. Karen goes to great lengths to make sure Davis brings more than just napkins to the annual potluck and Oscar's experiments with email causes everyone problems.

S03E07-Lacey w car.jpg    "Fun Run" October 31, 2005
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Mark Farrell & Kevin White

Lacey and Wanda start a running group to train for a 10km fun run, but are thrown off when Brent joins. Hank takes his new crossing guard job too seriously and Oscar gets treated differently by everyone in town when he scams handicap plates for his car.

S03E08-Tree house.jpg    "Trees a Crowd" November 7, 2005
Directed by: Mark Farrell - Written by: Brent Butt & Paul Mather

Brent and Hank stumble across their old tree house, only to be intimidated by the new kids who've taken it over. Wanda escapes Davis' police custody with ease, Lacey's bad at Kung-fu and Oscar's in denial when an old friend shows up with lust in her eyes.

S03E09-Emma and Oscar gnomes.jpg    "Picture Perfect" November 14, 2005
Directed by: Mark Farrell - Written by: Brent Butt & Mark Farrell

When people make fun of Brent's old fashioned camera, he decides to go digital. But everyone except Brent figures out how to use the camera. A new trivia game at the hotel causes friction and Oscar's hatred of his neighbour's lawn ornaments comes back to haunt him.

Corner Gas - s03e10.Safety.First 1.gif    "Safety First" November 21, 2005
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Mark Farrell & Paul Mather

Karen has to come up with a colouring book about bike safety but she can't draw or write so Brent and Wanda help. Before long, artistic visions clash, with kid's bike safety being the biggest casualty. Hank learns he's a Libra, not a Virgo, forcing him to change his life to match his horoscope and Davis and Oscar get stuck on the Leroy's rooftop.

S03E11-Lacey primps Brent.jpg    "Hair Loss" November 28, 2005
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Brent Butt & Andrew Carr

When Lacey learns that Brent is paranoid about hair loss, she promises to help, but her solution makes him smell weird. Wanda buys a lamp at an estate auction and sparks a heated standoff at Corner Gas with Emma. Oscar develops a hunger for Lacey's magic tricks and Hank shows off his vast inexperience at fixing appliances.

S03E12-Brent Wanda Newsday.jpg    "Ruby Newsday" December 5, 2005
Directed by: Robert de Lint - Written by: Mark Farrell & Andrew Carr

Lacey starts a coffee shop newsletter and invites Brent to draw the cartoons. Brent agrees, only to be slammed by Davis and Karen who see his cartoons as professional attacks. Hank comes up with a way for Lacey to rake in more tips at the Ruby, but when he's cut out of the profits, he gives his services to Corner Gas. Oscar's childhood dream of being a paperboy becomes a nightmare for Emma.

S03E13-Brent Lacey mistletoe.jpg    "Merry Gasmas" December 12, 2005
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Brent Butt, Mark Farrell, Paul Mather, Kevin White

Brent must cope with Emma's plans for a traditional Christmas. Lacey decides to head home to Toronto but the weather forces her to take a route that won't get her there. The holiday spirit moves Hank to organize a gift drive for a needy family who seem oddly unappreciative and, Wanda struggles to buy the season's hottest toy for her son.

S03E14-Lacey Connie.jpg    "Friend of a Friend" January 30, 2006
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Mark Farrell & Paul Mather

Lacey's friend Connie comes to Dog River and is rude to everyone. Lacey is oblivious so Hank devises a plan to make it plain to her. Wanda and Brent try to keep a Corner Gas rewards card program from spiraling out of control and Davis thinks Karen would make a bad undercover cop.

S03E15-Lego DR.jpg    "Block Party" February 20, 2006
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Paul Mather & Kevin White

It's Dog River's 100th birthday, and Hank wants to pay tribute by building a scale model of the town using Lego blocks. He demands perfection but when he runs out of Legos, he's forced to take desperate measures. Karen becomes a laughing stock when it's learned she excelled at a sport nobody knew existed and Wanda's campaign to keep people from celebrating her birthday is too successful.

S03E16-Davis Oscar golf.jpg    "Physical Credit" February 27, 2006
Directed by: Jeff Beesley - Written by: Mark Farrell & Paul Mather

Brent and Lacey battle for the title of who can best keep a secret with Karen stuck in the crossfire. Wanda's angry and perplexed when she is turned down for a credit card especially when she finds out Hank was approved for the same card. Oscar coaches Davis to his physical peak, at least according to an old Canadian standard.

S03E17-Hank Brent scope.jpg    "Telescope Trouble" March 6, 2006
Directed by: Jeff Beesley - Written by: Kevin White & Paul Mather

The door closer at Corner Gas breaks, so Brent takes Lacey's advice and hires her "door guy," Terry. However, teased for not being able to make the repairs himself, Brent vies to regain his masculinity. Wanda goes to great lengths to protect her new telescope and witness astronomical history while Oscar and Emma drive everyone crazy when they borrow an RV and camp in some unusual places.

S03E18-Brent Emma Karen beans.jpg    "Bean There" March 13, 2006
Directed by: Brent Butt - Written by: Paul Mather & Andrew Carr

Dog River's children's play park is falling apart so Brent suggests a fundraiser to fix the place up, a jelly bean jar contest. However, when those in charge start cutting corners, the contest raises more anger than money. A convoy of truckers passing through town has Davis reliving trucker/cop movies, and Hank drags Wanda into a web of lies when he joins an exclusive club for people who own Lamborghinis.

S03E19-Brent Lacey dealership.jpg    "Road Worthy" March 20, 2006
Directed by: David Storey - Written by: Mark Farrell & Paul Mather

Lacey seeks Brent's "guy knowledge" to help her buy a car while Davis and Karen experiment with snack foods to avoid stereotypes and expanding waist lines. Wanda takes the brunt of Emma's criticism for an anniversary gift she receives from Oscar.

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