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"Safety First"
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Season: Three — Episode: 10
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Mark Farrell & Paul Mather — Aired: November 21, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Karen has to come up with a colouring book about bike safety but she can't draw or write so Brent and Wanda help. Before long, artistic visions clash, with kid's bike safety being the biggest casualty. Hank learns he's a Libra, not a Virgo, forcing him to change his life to match his horoscope and Davis and Oscar get stuck on the Leroy's rooftop.


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Fudgee Puffies are for closers.
Mayor Fitzy
At the Ruby Cafe while reading the Howler, Hank discovers that he's not a Virgo, he's a Libra. He leaves in a daze. Then Josh, the Ruby's cook and busboy, quits to pursue llama farming. Lacey sarcastically warns Josh that llamas bite fingers off while Brent comments he's never heard Josh speak before. At the Leroy's, Emma's concerned that Oscar and Davis are going to fix the roof and predict one of them will fall off. At Corner Gas, Karen shows Wanda, Lacey and Brent that she made a bike safety colouring book. Bragging she was handpicked by the head of the safety committee, Emma, Karen was actually stuck with the job by Davis. Emma in turn was made head of the committee when Mayor Fitzy asked a group of women and Mertyl sluffed it onto Emma.

S03E10-Josh Lacey.jpg
That's all you see me as, a busboy?
Wanda critisizes the artwork which Karen acknowledges isn't good and she drew herself. She implores Brent to help and he starts drawing. Climbing up a ladder at the Leroy's, Oscar bosses Davis around. Both reaching the rooftop, Oscar accidentally kicks the ladder off the roof. At Corner Gas, Brent isn't pleased with the story Karen's written for the book. At the Ruby, Lacey doesn't recognize Hank at first as he's not wearing his usual baseball hat. Deciding to change his look now that he knows his sign, he relates that he tried a different hat earlier but was made fun of by Brent and Wanda. Wanting to be more industrious, a trait of Libras, Lacey offers Hank the vacant busboy job. On the rooftop, Davis wonders how long they'll be stuck but Oscar has no sympathy for Davis' concern.

S03E10-Hank no hat.jpg
I'm lookin' for a job.
At the pumps at Corner Gas, Wanda tells Karen that Brent's artwork is going fine but that her story writing is poor. At the Ruby, Hank overhears Emma's comment that she's surprised Hank is doing all right at busing tables. As Lacey looks at the Ruby's accounting books, Hank expresses a desire to do more. Lacey patronizes Hank and asks him to put her books on a shelf. Taking the books to Wanda, Hank asks her to do them. Wanda agrees only when Hank inquires whether Brent is hiring at Corner Gas. Karen then railroads Wanda into writing the story for the safety colouring book. Emma arrives by the fallen ladder and learns Davis and Oscar have done no work on the roof. Davis begs Emma to pick up the ladder while Oscar claims Davis blaming him for knocking over the ladder is the reason he did no roofing.

S03E10-Wanda w books.jpg
This sounding smart thing is backfiring.
Taking credit for Wanda's work on the Ruby's books, Hank shows them to Lacey. Fitzy sees them, is impressed, and offers Hank a job working for the town, whose books are being audited. Hank agrees and a miffed Lacey is left with no busboy again. Returning to the ground, Oscar grudgingly apologizes to Davis. Climbing the ladder, they reach the rooftop and Oscar again accidentally kicks the ladder off. Seeing someone passing by, Oscar tells Davis to call them for help but Davis refuses as it's too humiliating. Oscar teases Davis that he was fine begging Emma for help but as another person passes by, Oscar won't lower himself to call out. From the Mayor's office, Hank calls Wanda asking that she balance the town's books. She only agrees when Hank points out that without his new job, he'll go back to hanging around Corner Gas.

S03E10-Hank Fitzy.jpg
That's a feather in my cap.
Having read the rewrites on the safety book, Brent calls them pretentious so Wanda blames the writing on Karen. Karen overhears Brent's criticism so he claims that the writing is good for kids as it allows them to pretend more. Fitzy takes Hank for lunch at the Ruby where Lacey claims he came to gloat. Lacey's mood is made fouler when Josh, sitting at a booth, asks her for more coffee. At Corner Gas, Brent and Karen get into an argument about the colouring book and Karen tells Brent to focus on drawing and leave the writing to her. Having passed by the Leroy's and heard Davis calling for help, Wanda raised the ladder. Oscar apologizes for Davis' whining while Davis points out it was Oscar who knocked over the ladder. At the Mayor's office, Fitzy encourages Hank who is stressed and bingeing on grape candy. Wanda arrives and he secretly gives her the town's books.

S03E10-Josh coffee.jpg
Go farm a llama.
At the Ruby, Lacey is busing tables and realizes how hard it is. Brent and Karen meet with Emma about their differences concerning the colouring book. Emma puts the trivial task into perspective for them. Karen is again able to wrangle an exhausted Wanda into another rewrite by claiming that everyone who read her previous work thought it was bland. While climbing up the ladder, Davis surprisingly apologizes to Oscar for getting mad at Oscar. Once on the rooftop, Davis kicks over the ladder to see how Oscar likes being stuck on the roof when it's someone else's fault. Wanda finishes the rewrites which Karen passes off to Brent as her own. He's impressed with them but as a stressed Hank drops by Corner Gas for more grape candy, he asks where Wanda is. Brent doesn't know and believes Wanda's lazy.

S03E10-Karen Brent CG.jpg
I'm a perfectionist, a workaholic.
At the Ruby as Helen has a coffee, a barely conscious Wanda gives Hank the town's books. On the rooftop, Davis and Oscar refuse Lacey's help when she sees the ladder's on the ground. At the Mayor's office, Hank gives the town's books to two provincial auditors who ask about the grape smell in the office. At the Ruby, Brent and Karen finish the colouring book while Karen eats a salad. Lacey introduces her new, huge busboy, Ted, who hovers above Karen, waiting for her to finish eating. On the rooftop, Oscar finally breaks and calls for help. Having made Oscar understand what he went through, when they see Emma and Wanda below, Davis joins Oscar in crying out. Emma complains to Wanda that the colouring book is taking too long and asks her to do it. Wanda claims she's too busy, which Emma doesn't believe. Both ignore Davis and Oscar.

S03E10-Davis Oscar roof.jpg
Last time I go up on a roof with you.
The auditors tell Hank and Fitzy that the town's books started out fine but then became gibberish that involved a bicycle. Claiming he hired Hank as a lark, Fitzy fires him. At Corner Gas, Brent and Karen are pleased with the colouring book, even though there were cost breakdowns in it. However, Emma isn't happy with it as several bike safety laws are wrong. Saying she can't publish it, an exhausted Wanda says she needs to lie down, who Brent calls lazy. After a llama bites Josh's fingers off on his right hand and they're reattached, he returns to work at the Ruby. Complaining of being in constant pain, he drops a stack of dishes in the kitchen. Hank comments that high pressure work isn't for him and Brent notes Hank's a born again Virgo. Because Emma wouldn't put the ladder up earlier, Davis and Oscar refuse to come down off the roof. While eating a sandwich, they talk about when they're going to start roofing.

S03E10-Josh w cast.jpg
I'm in constant pain.


  • This is the first episode that Josh speaks.
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it two times to Davis. Once when telling him to follow his lead while climbing up a ladder onto the Leroy's roof and after Davis kicks the ladder off the roof, stranding them, as payback for the times Oscar knocked the ladder over.


"My whole life I've had the wrong personality."
"That's all you see me as, a busboy? You don't know that I've always wanted to work on a llama farm."
"I didn't even know he could talk."
―Brent about Josh
"You're stuck up here too, jackass."


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