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"Ruby Newsday"
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Season: Three — Episode: 12
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Mark Farrell & Andrew Carr — Aired: December 5, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Lacey starts a coffee shop newsletter and invites Brent to draw the cartoons. Brent agrees, only to be slammed by Davis and Karen who see his cartoons as professional attacks. Hank comes up with a way for Lacey to rake in more tips at the Ruby, but when he's cut out of the profits, he gives his services to Corner Gas. Oscar's childhood dream of being a paperboy becomes a nightmare for Emma.


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Ruby Newsday? What kinda lame pun is that?
— Wanda
At the Ruby Cafe, a depressed Hank tells Brent and Lacey he lost his job delivering newspapers. Believing a pre-teen took over his route, it's actually Oscar, who gives a paper to a non-subscriber. At the Leroy's, Oscar laments to Emma that his mother didn't support him being a paperboy when he was young. Learning Oscar will be out of the house every morning, Emma's enthusiastic about Oscar's new job. At the Ruby, Brent tells Lacey that Oscar is the new paperboy. Wanting to create a newsletter for the Ruby, she asks Brent to draw a cartoon and tempts him with the chance to become famous. Brent imagines the fame will lead him to appear on the Vicki Gabereau show where Gabereau insults Brent's lack of imagination. Brent wants to call the newsletter "Ruby Newsday" but Lacey isn't sure it's a good name.

S03E12-Oscar paperboy
Well, ya got one now, jackass.
Citing that he's a native of Dog River and she's an interloper, Brent assures Lacey that the name is a winner. Days later at Corner Gas, Brent shows Wanda a draft of the newsletter. Maligning the title, Brent blames it on Lacey. Wanda finds Brent's cartoon funny but he's confused when she advises asking Karen and Davis if they're all right with it. The newsletter is a hit and Lacey points out to Hank that she wrote the trivia section, in which the factoid is that Saskatchewan is larger than Sweden, to the delight of Premier Lorne Calvert. Hank isn't taken with the trivia section and to prove the cartoon is better, at the Ruby's checkout, he sets up two tip jars, labelled "Brent's Cartoon?" and "Lacey's Trivia?" Karen and Davis read the newsletter and find the trivia obvious, but in his office, Calvert points out Saskatchewan's geography.

S03E12-Lorne Calvert
Nature's most perfect shape.
Looking at Brent's cartoon about new born babies being day olds, Karen and Davis believe it's a jab at them and Karen points out that a character she thinks is Davis has funny legs. The cartoon tip jar wins by a landslide convincing Lacey she's found a new way to get tips. She's oblivious to Hank's blunt suggestions to leave trivia out of the newsletter. Oscar returns home with many newspapers and tells Emma he was sent too many. Emma answers the phone and isn't surprised it's a complaint about not receiving a newspaper. At the Ruby, Wanda's impressed with the amount of money in the tip jar and takes it as a challenge to replicate at Corner Gas. An angry Emma gets more calls, all complaining they didn't get their newspaper.

S03E12-Lacey Hank jar
I have to do is ask people their opinion.
At Corner Gas, Wanda is cloying with several customers, including Al Goar, who don't put any money in the tip jar she's set up. At the Leroy's, Emma nags Oscar to finish his paper route but he whines about trees that block his attempts to throw papers towards people's houses and wants to watch TV. In his office, Calvert has a newspaper thrown onto his desk. At Corner Gas, Brent advises Wanda to be less spooky dealing with customers. Davis and Karen arrive and express their anger about the cartoon to Brent. Davis says he doesn't have funny legs and Wanda sarcastically tells a confused Brent he should have listened to her suggestion to consult with Karen and Davis before publishing the cartoon. At the Ruby, after Lacey tries her own tip jar questions which fail, Hank offers to come up with ones for her.

S03E12-Davis Karen angry
Explain this.
At Corner Gas, having seen Ruby Newsday, Oscar accuses Brent of competing with his paper route job. He vows to wipe the free newsletter out by getting new subscriptions to his paper. Oscar fails to get a current subscriber to sign up again. At the Ruby, a skeptical Lacey lets Hank do the next tip jar questions which are a hit. Oscar can't get Karen or Davis to sign up for the paper and called Davis, "Legs." At Corner Gas, following Hank's pattern, Wanda sets up two tip jars with philosophical questions which Davis misunderstands. At the Ruby, a jealous Wanda sees that Hank's latest tip jar questions have succeeded. Lacey refuses to give Hank a cut, citing her good service as the reason for the tips. She then puts off Brian's plea for coffee. Hank quits working for Lacey so Wanda scoops him up and tricks him into accepting a lesser cut of the tips than he asked for.

S03E12-Oscar Newsday
What the hell is this?
Brent's hesitant when Lacey asks for another cartoon for the next Ruby Newsday. She's able to explain why Karen and Davis took offense to the last cartoon and delights in understanding while Brent didn't. At the Leroy's, Oscar has a cold so Emma has to take over his route. Brent's next cartoon, about two explorers being lost at the South Pole offends Karen and Davis as the explorers are wearing the same clothing, just as cops do. A frustrated Brent makes it worse by sarcastically asking if they also feel lost in their careers. Lacey's hurt too, feeling that the "Pole" reference in the cartoon maligns the "polls" she's conducting with the tip jars. She explains that "Legs" (Davis) explained this to her after she published the cartoon. While delivering the newspapers, Emma throws them with so much force, she scares the recipients.

S03E12-Emma delivers
She's worse than the old guy.
At Corner Gas, as Lacey expresses Brent's supposed betrayal to Wanda, who sympathizes, Hank arrives with tip jar questions for Wanda. Seeing Hank's been poached, Lacey maligns Wanda. At the Leroy's, Emma tells Oscar he's been fired. He revealed the only reason he wanted to be a paperboy when he was young, was to buy a Red Bolt wagon. Musing why he put himself through being a paperboy now that he's old enough to buy the wagon, Emma says she's caught his cold. At the Ruby, Lacey steals the questions Hank wrote for Wanda. Brent shows off his latest cartoon which praises Davis, Karen and Lacey. Finding it sweet, but not funny, they relate that humor isn't about making everyone happy. A confused Brent hears Oscar say that the wagon he wants is a collector's item he can't afford. At Corner Gas, Wanda shows Lacey that the tip jar labelling Lacey as both mean and shameful is full.

S03E12-Nice cartoon
There's no pleasing you people.


  • Tim Allen, who plays "Man", who doesn't get his newspaper, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.
  • Jackass!: Having become a paperboy, Oscar gives a paper to a man who protests he doesn't subscribe to it and calls him a jackass.


"What can I say? I do a good jar."
"All hail the interloper!"


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