The Ruby

The Ruby Logo 01.jpg Restaurant
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"

You did a real good thing here, Lacey.
— Hank, "Ruby Reborn".

The gang at the Ruby.
The Ruby is the only restaurant in Dog River, is owned by Lacey Burrows and is attached to Corner Gas. Josh works there as the cook and busboy. It was passed to Lacey by her aunt Ruby after she died. Lacey renamed the restaurant "The Ruby" to honour her late aunt. Brent often eats a chili cheese dog there. Its bulletin board is used for various messages by the community. It's been used for various functions including a wedding rehearsal dinner. ("Wedding Card") Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Ruby Reborn".


  • Hank briefly worked at the Ruby as a busboy as did Ted. ("Safety First")
  • Wanda, Karen and Emma all worked at the Ruby. ("Happy Campers")
  • The dishwashing area changes significantly from when Emma helped Lacey when her dishwashing machine broke ("Dress for Success") and when Oscar washed dishes to pay off using counterfeit Dog River Dollars. ("Contagious Fortune")
  • Items on the permanent menu above the cooking window include "Perogies", "Liver and Onions" and "Piece of pie." ("Coming Distractions")
  • A buffet service was briefly offered in 2008 ("Self-Serving") and it lost part of its "CAFE" sign for a time in 2009. ("Get the F Off My Lawn")
  • The restaurant was originally called Ruby's Cafe (seen in the menu of the Season 3 DVD).
  • The Ruby and Corner Gas were set structures and no longer exist. They were dismantled on November 4, 2016.


"No offense Lacey, but maybe we just won't buy your stupid sandwich. Your stupid yet delicious sandwich."
Wes, "Hero Sandwich".
"Dining establishment? You're just above a greasy spoon. Maybe an eatery."
―Wanda, "Happy Campers".
"But I thought everyday was a birthday at Lacey's shack of insanity."
―Davis, "Happy Career Day to You".


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