S01E01-The Ruby sign

Ruby Burrows Logo 01 Former Cafe Owner

Character Information
Status: Deceased
Actor: none
First Appearance: "Ruby Reborn (mention)"
Family: Lacey Burrows (niece)

It was hard enough for Lacey to move from Toronto to Dog River, Saskatchewan. Plus everyone's comparing her to her Aunt Ruby. Those are big shoes to fill.
— Brent to Hank, "Ruby Reborn".

Ruby Burrows is Lacey's deceased aunt. She owned the cafe beside Corner Gas in Dog River. When she passed away, the cafe was left to Lacey. Lacey originally had trouble fitting in to the small town, as she was from Toronto, but after several years, she adjusted to small town life. Lacey renamed the cafe The Ruby in her aunt's honour. ("Ruby Reborn")

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