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"Rock Stars"
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Season: Six — Episode: 9
Director: Don McCutcheon — Writer: Brent Butt — Aired: January 26, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 1.12
Summary: When Brent decides to improve his guitar skills, his instructor makes him feel inadequate and leads Oscar into the path of his nemesis. Wanda secretly writes the horoscope for the Howler to her benefit. Hank tries to prove he's stronger than Emma after taking Karen's workout advice.


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Your arch nemesis is a 16 year old? OK, my confusion and my rage have been replaced by an awkward sadness.
— Lacey to Brent
At Corner Gas, Hank tries to impress Brent and Karen with his biceps, as he's been following a workout from a 1960's pamphlet. Later at the station, Brent tells Emma and Oscar that he's taking guitar lessons and can't help Oscar build a fence. Oscar derides Brent's efforts despite Brent reminding him that he used to play in a band. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey watches with suspicion as Davis does a favour for Wanda in order to follow what was written in the Howler's horoscope section. Seeing Hank exercising by pushing Corner Gas' pumps, Karen offers for him to join her at the gym. Once there, she's concerned with his geeky workout clothes.

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You have to be serious about it.
Brent arrives for his guitar lessons and nervously brags about his skills to the man who answers the door. However, the man is the father of his teacher, 16 year old Toby Dillems. At Corner Gas as Lacey watches, Davis brings Wanda a cupcake to fufill another horoscope. Davis departs and Lacey reveals she knows that Wanda's writing the horoscopes in the Howler. However, she hasn't decided whether to tell Davis or not. At the Leroy's, Oscar struggles with building the fence and wonders when Brent's guitar lesson will be finished. At Toby's house, Brent shows Toby a riff he wrote and is pronounced a beginner. At the Leroy's garden, Hank watches Emma sweat while planting and brags he's been going to the gym. Emma thinks gyms are for suckers and easily lifts a bag of soil that Hank can't.

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Show me what you can do.
At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Davis brings Lacey a bouquet of flowers as per his horoscope. Wanda tells Lacey they can both benefit if she doesn't tell Davis she's writing them. Hank keeps annoying Emma by hanging around while she's gardening and treating it as a workout. In front of the Police station, Karen tells Davis that she doesn't believe in horoscopes, which was predicted for Karen's sign. Hank arrives and tells Karen he's not going to the gym with her anymore as he's working out with Emma. He also relates that Emma thinks gyms are for suckers. Brent doesn't help Oscar as he struggles with the fence and talks about being a better guitar player than Toby. He departs to show Toby some licks, leaving Oscar hanging. Brent's plan backfires though as Toby greatly outplays Brent.

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Those are some nice flowers.
At Corner Gas, Lacey asks Wanda to write a horoscope so Davis will clean her basement on the weekend. Wanda already has plans for Davis so Lacey resorts to extortion. Frustrated with Brent's lack of help, Oscar goes to the Dillems to stop Brent's lessons. He ends up arguing with Toby's father and calls him and his whole family jackasses. At the Leroy's, Karen confronts Emma about her sucker comment. Emma inadvertently insults Karen again and Hank makes her look foolish when he arrives to "work out." At Corner Gas, Wanda fumes about Lacey while Brent's miffed about Toby. Wanda points out that Toby's a kid while Brent has a home, car and a business. Feeling better about himself, Brent tells Toby about his grown-up lifestyle. To get rid of Hank, Emma pretends she can't lift a bag of soil which Hank can. Faking pride in his increased strength, she bids him farewell.

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The student has surpassed the teacher.
As Davis paints Wanda's house, Lacey is miffed when she discovers that Wanda didn't put anything in his horoscope to clean her basement. As Oscar continues to try and build the fence, Corky Dillems arrives. Having bullied Oscar since childhood, to Oscar's horror, he discovers that Toby's father is Corky's son. Oscar cowers as Corky threatens Oscar for calling his family jackasses and warns him not to insult them again. In front of the Hotel, Lacey tells Davis about Wanda's manipulations but he doesn't believe her since his horoscope warned against listening to pushy brunettes that day. Brent's exasperated when Toby pulls up to the pumps in a very nice vintage car. Wanda surprises Lacey on Centennial Street and threatens to write a horoscope that will tell people to not eat at the Ruby.

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You wanna die middle-aged, Leroy?
At the Ruby, Brent sees Toby arrive with his arm around his girlfriend. Not wanting to be one-upped by Toby again, Brent grabs Lacey and introduces her as his special friend. In private, he explains the situation to Lacey who feels pity for Brent. Later at Corner Gas, Brent practices his guitar while Hank brags about being stronger than Emma. Oscar arrives and explains to an apathetic Brent that Corky's going to beat him up if Brent isn't nice to Toby. Hank advises standing up to Corky and implies he'll back Oscar up. At the Ruby, Wanda finds Davis isn't reading his horoscope anymore. Lacey's outsmarted Wanda by giving Davis a magic 8 ball, which he relies on to makes decisions for him.

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She doesn't like to be called babe.
At the Leroy's garden, Corky arrives with two chums and intimidates Oscar. Hank confronts Corky who starts provoking him. However, looking over Hank's shoulder, Corky stops and he and his friends leave leading Hank to believe Corky's scared of him. Karen walks up the driveway and takes credit for stopping the altercation but Emma's behind her carrying two heavy bags of groceries. She's responsible for scaring Corky away and tossing the bags to Hank and Karen, she goes to help Oscar build the fence. At Toby's house, Brent apologizes for being competitive and compliments Toby's guitar skills. This changes when Brent discovers Toby can't tune a guitar manually. Brent's teasing results in Toby playing a difficult piece which Brent ruins by turning a tuning peg on Toby's guitar.

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Keep walking.


  • The band Brent was the lead guitarist in during high school was Thunderface. ("Rock On!")
  • Oscar's had difficulties constructing a fence before. ("Demolition")
  • Toby Dillems had an encounter with Oscar years before and expressed his appreciation for the noise Oscar's car made when driving with a hole in the muffler. ("Hair Comes the Judge")
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it four times while arguing with Corky Dillems' son. Later, Corky threatens Oscar for calling his family "a whole bunch of jackasses."


"You wanna die a senior, Leroy?"
Corky Dillems
"I see, so it's extortion, is it? I never thought you'd stoop so low. I'm proud of you."
―Wanda to Lacey


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