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"Rock On!"
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Season: Two — Episode: 15
Director: Wendy Hopkins — Writer: Brent Butt & Chris Finn — Aired: February 21, 2005 — Viewers (millions): 1.66
Summary: Brent, Hank and Wanda resurrect their old high school rock band Thunderface. The local bar owner is thrilled but not for the reasons the band thinks. Davis takes an unusual interest in Oscar's claim that a famous country and western singer stole his song. And civic-minded Lacey uncovers the dark secret behind Dog River's name.


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They sound like a weasel caught in a chainsaw.
— Lacey
At Corner Gas, as Brent hums a song, he asks Lacey if she knows the title. Commenting that Brent sounds like an animal in pain, Wanda names the song right away. Lacey is further mystified anyone could recognize the song when Hank joins Brent and Wanda in singing it. At the Leroy's, Mayor Fitzy is more interested in Emma's Nanaimo bars than picking someone to write a plaque that outlines Dog River's history. To Lacey's delight, he picks her but after she leaves, Emma thanks Fitzy for giving the task to Lacey. At Corner Gas, Hank rues not keeping the band that he was in with Brent and Wanda in high school together. Brent daydreams what they'd look like if they'd kept being musicians. After several guesses, they remember their band was called "Thunderface" and reminisce.

S02E15-Rocker Brent.jpg
Ah, the road not taken.
At the Ruby Cafe, Karen and Davis are disappointed that country star Dewey Macleod's concert in Saskatoon is sold out. Oscar claims Dewey stole a song he wrote, because the titles were vaguely similiar, which brings derision. At Corner Gas, while Hank tries to borrow money from Brent, Wanda reveals she bought and scalped the last 100 tickets to Dewey's show. To make some money, Hank suggests getting the group back together which surprisingly, Wanda thinks is a good idea. At the Ruby, as Josh cooks, Lacey asks Davis and Karen if they know how Dog River got its name. They both tell different stories and Karen admits she made her's up. At the Leroy's, Oscar searches through old boxes for proof of the song that he claims Dewey stole while Emma makes fun of him.

S02E15-Davis Karen.jpg
They built special aerial silos...
Heading to Brent's house to practice in the garage, he mentions he'll have to kick out a local band that's practicing there. Brent tells the "Garage Band" to beat it while Wanda orders them to leave their amps. (♫ Tragically Hip - It Can't Be Nashville Every Night ♫) At the Ruby, Emma's evasive as Lacey asks if she knows how Dog River got its name. Thunderface starts to practice but stops as Brent is concerned with damage to the garage's ceiling. At the Public Library, Lacey finds the only book about the town has the pages detailing how it was named have been ripped out and realizes Emma did it. At the Police station, Davis is hung up on trying to get Dewey Macleod tickets. Oscar demands they go to Dewey's concert and arrest him. After giving him many reasons why they can't, Oscar leaves.

S02E15-The Hip.jpg
Me and the boys are workin' out the lyrics.
However, after Karen points out that Davis could use the investigation as an excuse to get into the concert, they head to the Leroy's, to look for evidence. Thunderface finishes their practice leaving the members energized. Mentioning they broke up in high school after burning off their high school principal's eyebrows with a flash pot, Brent says the lack of a drummer also held them back. Emma finds Davis and Karen looking through Oscar's old boxes and learns Oscar is watching Corner Gas while Thunderface practices. Lacey heads to the home of Mr. Baker, who has lived in Dog River the longest. Baker seems very confused but after he offers Nanaimo bars to Lacey, she realizes Emma's been there first and Baker's confusion is an act. Holding drummer auditions, Thunderface suffers through acts that aren't drumming. Colin James plays amazing guitar but a threatened Brent hurries him out.

S02E15-Colin James.jpg
We already have a guitar player.
Oscar, Karen and Davis arrive at Brent's garage where Davis shows Oscar a picture of Dewey and Oscar together in 1975, when Oscar said Dewey stole his song. With Davis happy to have an excuse to get into the concert, Brent asks Oscar who's watching the station. At Corner Gas, James gases and goes, smiling. At the Dog River Hotel, Lacey gets Paul's explanation for Dog River's name. Paul learns Thunderface is back together and proclaims he loves them. Davis auditions for drummer and has the gig until Karen proves to be better. On Main Street, Lacey confronts Emma, who blames the torn library book on teenagers. Two very polite teens approach Emma, having found her wallet, but she chases them away, accusing them of being high. Lacey asks Emma what's going on.

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Kids these days are nothing but trouble.
At the Ruby, Emma shows Lacey the torn pages from the book. A sickened Lacey learns that her great-great uncle Eli drowned a dozen dogs in the river, giving the town its name. At the Hotel, Brent thanks Paul for letting Thunderface perform. The audience includes Principal Lumley, who still has no eyebrows. As the band starts playing, Lacey learns Paul loves them because he finds them hysterical. (♫ Thunderface - Capital Cash ♫) A jealous Davis can't get anyone to agree with him that the drumming is bad but when Emma complains Thunderface is too loud, Davis uses it as an excuse to pull the plug on the amps. He takes Karen's drumsticks while she insults him and Brent's appeal to the audience that they be allowed to continue is met with silence. On Main Street, Fitzy unveils the town plaque. Lacey tells Emma she used Karen's explanation of how the town got its name.

S02E15-Plaque unveiling.jpg
They had balloons.



  • Everyone has a difficult time remembering Thunderface's name. Other names the band is called include "Thunder Chunks", "Wonder Chunks", "Wonder Face", "Thunderbird", "Rumble Stuff", "Cloudy Puss" and "Rumble Puss."
  • Brent previously read a book on Dog River's history where he discovered that Wes' father died in the Korean War saving his platoon. ("Smell of Freedom")
  • The Tragically Hip appear as the band of "local kids" practicing in Brent's garage.
  • Colin James attempts to audition for Thunderface but is rejected by Brent.
  • Apart from the drums, all instruments and vocals for Thunderface were done by the actors portraying them. Fred Ewanuick did his own singing, Nancy Robertson learned to play bass guitar specifically for the episode, and Brent Butt was already a guitarist, having performed in a band called Fast Exit whose song "Capital Cash" was performed by Thunderface.


"It's Dog River because from way up in the sky the river is shaped like a dog's leg. So the pioneers called it Dog River."
"The first Europeans to settle the area called it Dogza Rivia, after their village in the Old Country, some Northern European language."
"Hey, let's name the town after that lunatic farmer who drowned a dozen dogs in the river"


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