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"Road Worthy"
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Season: Three — Episode: 19
Director: David Storey — Writer: Mark Farrell & Paul Mather — Aired: March 20, 2006 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Lacey seeks Brent's "guy knowledge" to help her buy a car while Davis and Karen experiment with snack foods to avoid stereotypes and expanding waist lines. Wanda takes the brunt of Emma's criticism for an anniversary gift she receives from Oscar.


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What a stupid, stupid gift from a stupid, stupid person.
— Emma about Oscar
At the Ruby Cafe, as Hank reads a car buyer's guide, Lacey indicates she wants to buy a new car but is too intimidated by the sales people. Hank brags that he's good under pressure but waffles whether or not to get some pie. Hank recommends Lacey take a man with her to negotiate for the car and thanking him, Lacey asks Brent to go with her. In front of the Police station, as Davis and Karen eat donuts and Davis says he never sees yo-yos anymore, Hank arrives and laughs at the stereotype. Hank also points out how unhealthy donuts are. Oscar enters Corner Gas with new sunglasses which he shows off to Wanda. Mentioning they are an early anniversary gift from Emma, he asks Wanda what he should get Emma. She recommends a day at the spa. Oscar leaves and forgets his sunglasses on a shelf.

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You here to pimp my ride?
At the Leroy's, Oscar gives Emma the spa day gift but she's furious, having told Oscar that she hates spa treatments. At the Ruby, Brent shows Lacey the sunglasses he found at Corner Gas. Brent relates that he's going to keep them as he lost the "lost and found" box that was at the station. Leaving to go car shopping, Hank recommends they pretend to be married and since they have no wedding rings, he creates a story how they lost them at the zoo. At Corner Gas, Emma tells Wanda how disappointed she was with the spa gift from Oscar and that a monkey could have come up with a better gift. Wanda doesn't tell Emma that the gift was her recommendation and has difficulty not showing Emma that she's insulted. At the Police station, Karen offers to bring healthier snacks the next day but Davis is wary.

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Are you two gonna pretend to be married?
At the car dealership, Brent preaches being cool and aloof to Lacey while wearing the sunglasses. However, the first car Brent gets in, he's so taken with the features that he declares Lacey will take it. Seeing Brent is an easy mark, the salesman, Bill, moves in and Lacey has to deal with him. Back at the Ruby, Brent apologizes to Lacey for his behavior and asks for another chance. She's hesitant so Hank reminds her that she's in a fake relationship with Brent and should commit to it. In the police cruiser, having brought zucchini muffins she baked, Karen agrees with Davis that they don't taste good. Liking Davis' idea to add chocolate chips to the next muffins she makes, they decide to throw the muffins out of the cruiser. At the Leroy's, Emma's still steamed about the spa gift and asks Oscar where his new sunglasses are.

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Boy, you can really taste the zucchini.
Back at the dealership, Brent gets excited about another car. Lacey again has to tell Bill that they're just looking but Brent offers to convince Lacey to buy. Bill asks how long they've been married and Brent starts to tell the story Hank gave them about losing their rings at the zoo. Karen throws her muffin out of the cruiser and hits Hank in the back. He approves of it being zucchini and eats it. At Corner Gas, Oscar critisizes Wanda for recommending the spa gift and using Emma's monkey analogy pushes Wanda over the edge. Wanda refuses to help Oscar think of another gift but Oscar's desperate, having asked Josh where Lacey is, asked for Karen's advice at the Foo Mart and a girl on the street, who suggested a spa day.

S03E19-Oscar Josh.jpg
Where's Lacey?
At the dealership, in private, Brent tries to convince Lacey to buy the car without any negotiation. Bill watches them and shows a colleague that he found a pair of sunglasses. Hank arrives at Corner Gas where Wanda tells him to deal with Oscar. Hank has a suggestion but Oscar insists on a woman's advice for Emma's gift. Wanda relents and advises buying makeup. Hank isn't sure of the idea and shows Oscar an item in a catalogue. At the Police station, Karen's brought new muffins with chocolate, double butter and less zucchini, which Davis likes. At the Leroy's, Oscar gives Emma the gift Hank suggested which is a bathroom scale. Emma's thrilled, believing Oscar cares about her health. Asking him to get his sunglasses and wondering if he lost them, Oscar lies he has them and leaves. Karen's next batch of muffins has no zucchini and she's added icing and candy.

S03E19-Emma scale.jpg
Don't keep me in suspense!
At Corner Gas, Emma tells Wanda she's happy with the new gift Oscar gave her. Wanda thinks it's the makeup she suggested until Emma tells her about the scale. Emma's glad Oscar didn't get her makeup, leaving Wanda flustered. Karen thanks Hank for his healthy snack suggestion but relates that after eating one of her latest muffins, she loses energy a while later and has to eat another one. At the Ruby, Brent apologizes again to Lacey and suggests going to another dealership. He promises not to get flustered again but Lacey takes Hank with her instead of Brent. Oscar arrives at Corner Gas looking for his sunglasses and asking where the lost and found box is, Wanda tells him someone stole it. Actually, Wanda put it in the recycling bin, not knowing the box's function. Wanda can't grasp that Oscar chose Hank's gift suggestion over hers.

Yeah, yeah, a monkey.
At the dealership, Hank interrupts Bill breaking up with his girlfriend, Jenny. Bill drops the sunglasses that Brent lost there and Hank picks them up. At the Police station, having gained weight, Karen brings donuts but Davis doesn't know if he has the will power to eat them instead of the muffins. Hank and Lacey drive up to the pumps at Corner Gas in her new car, which Hank managed to get $1000 knocked off the best price, due to Bill being distraught over his break-up. Brent's feelings are hurt and he tells Hank to pump the gas. At the Leroy's, having found the sunglasses case empty, Emma again asks Oscar where they are. Using the excuse that he wants to see Lacey's new car, Oscar leaves. At Corner Gas, Lacey tells Wanda that Brent is peeved at her so Wanda suggests she get a gift to make up with him, but makes it clear Lacey shouldn't buy makeup.

S03E19-Lacey's new car.jpg
I can see I'm not needed here.
At the Ruby, Hank takes off the sunglasses that he found at the dealership and gives Josh his car buyer's guide. Sitting beside him is Oscar who's joined by Emma, who accuses him of losing his sunglasses. Oscar notices they're right beside him and rebuffs Emma's plea to pick them up. Lacey gives Brent a money clip which he takes as a reminder that Hank saved her money. Hank lies and says the clip was his idea and gives Brent a yo-yo, which he says was Lacey's idea. Brent is delighted as is Davis, who earlier told Karen that yo-yos are rarely seen anymore. Wanda arrives, having suggested the money clip to Lacey and is again flabbergasted that Hank had the better gift idea. Davis finds the sunglasses on the lunch counter and Brent, Lacey and Oscar all claim ownership.

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They're mine!


  • In the final scene as Davis picks up the sunglasses, Brent, Oscar and Lacey all claim ownership. However, Lacey never possessed them, though Hank did.


"You always start conversations as though we've been having a conversation."
―Karen to Davis
"I helped you, you threatened me. I think that covers it."
―Wanda to Oscar
"You people are obsessed with monkeys. A spa day is a great gift. A year's supply of bananas, that's a monkey gift."


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