Regina Logo 01 "The City"
Location: Saskatchewan — First Appearance: "All My Ex's Live in Toronto"

Look, I really want to take you somewhere. It's in the City, but it kinda has to be tonight.
Davis, "Whataphobia".

S01E13-Davis and hooker
Davis before his arrest in Regina.
Regina is the nearest large city to Dog River and is the capital of Saskatchewan. Regina was not seen in Season 5 though it's possible that "Raptorman 2" was seen at a theatre there by Brent, Davis and Hank. ("Coming Distractions") Its first appearance is when Emma bowls in the Season 1 episode "All My Ex's Live in Toronto".


S01E07-Emma bowls
   "All My Ex's Live in Toronto"
Featuring: Emma

Emma lies to Brent and Oscar that she has an doctor appointment in Regina but she's actually five pin bowling.

S01E13-Oscar Hank jail
   "I Love Lacey"
Featuring: Davis, Emma, Hank, Karen, Oscar, Wanda

Everyone tries to get to the Grey Cup game but no one actually makes it. Emma and Wanda give their tickets to a Regina Dollar Store clerk, Hank and Oscar get arrested and lose their tickets to a Regina cop while Davis gets arrested for soliciting a prostitute outside the stadium. Brent and Lacey run out of gas on the way.

S02E04-Lacey Davis Regina
Featuring: Davis and Lacey

Lacey reluctantly goes to Regina with Davis, thinking he's taking her on a date, until they arrive at a globaphobia meeting.

S03E07-Emma parking
   "Fun Run"
Featuring: Emma

Emma learns to like the handicapped plates Oscar's gotten for the car as she shops at numerous malls in Regina and parks in handicapped spaces.

S03E12-Lorne Calvert
   "Ruby Newsday"
Featuring: Lorne Calvert

Premier Calvert gives lessons on Saskatchewan in his office in the Legislative Building.

S03E13-Regina Official
   "Merry Gasmas"
Featuring: Lacey

Trying to get home for Christmas, Lacey finds the flights to Toronto from the Regina airport are cancelled due to the weather and is advised to fly west to catch a flight to Toronto.

S03E16-Davis Oscar jog
   "Physical Credit"
Featuring: Davis and Oscar

To get Davis in shape, Oscar proposes following the Canada Fitness Guide and imagines all the activities they could do together including jogging alongside Wascana Lake in Regina.

S03E18-BBQ sign
   "Bean There"
Featuring: Hank and Wanda

Hank and Wanda attend a BBQ for Lamborghini owners where Wanda seeks a rich man and Hank gets them into trouble.

S04E02-Chris egged
   "Dog River Dave"
Featuring: Chris, Hank and Oscar

Hank and Oscar egg DJ Chris, aka "Dog River Dave" outside his radio station in Regina.

S04E12-Burning hutch
   "Mother's Day"
Featuring: Karen and Wanda

Karen and Wanda get a hutch for the Police station from the "Swedish Super Store" in Regina which they later burn.

S04E13-Davis Karen course
   "Census Sensibility"
Featuring: Davis and Karen

Mayor Fitzy sends Davis and Karen on a first aid course in Regina.

S04E17-Popsicle stand
   "Seeing Things"
Featuring: Brent and Wanda

After Brent chickens out of getting laser eye surgery at a doctor's office in Regina, he and Wanda have some frozen treats in a park.

S04E18-Brent DnD
   "Happy Campers"
Featuring: Brent, Davis and Oscar

Forced to go camping by Emma and take Davis, eventually the threesome get on each other's nerves and head to Regina. Brent and Davis play a board game in a teen's basement while Oscar hangs out at a library with "Shy Pete".

S06E08-At the game
   "Reader Pride"
Featuring: Brent, Emma and Oscar

Brent takes his parents to a Roughriders game with tickets given to him by Gene Makowsky.

S06E10-Brent chases
   "Shirt Disturber"
Featuring: Brent, Hank and Peter Moore

Seeing comic book artist Peter Moore in Regina, Brent uncharacteristically acts like a boob when meeting Moore in a comic book store. Later, Brent stalks Moore in a hotel where Hank saves Moore.

S06E12-Wanda wins
   "Super Sensitive"
Featuring: Emma and Wanda

Emma lends Wanda her unused gym membership at the "Rec Plex" in Regina where Wanda impersonates Emma and wins a raffle. Later, Emma is denied using the membership.

S06E19-Brent performs
   "You've Been Great, Goodnight"
Featuring: Brent, Davis, Hank, Karen, Lacey and Wanda

Wondering where Brent goes every Wednesday night, Davis, Karen, Lacey, Hank and Wanda follow Brent and discover that he's performing a stand up comedy act at the Chuckle Barn in Regina.

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