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"Reader Pride"
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Season: Six — Episode: 8
Director: Don McCutcheon — Writer: Norm Hiscock & Dylan Wertz — Aired: January 19, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 0.98
Summary: Brent goes too far proving to Lacey and Hank that he's a true Roughriders fan. Davis enlightens Wanda to the unwritten rules of making mixed CDs, while Karen volunteers to read books at the Senior's Home which stirs Oscar's libido, causing problems for Emma.


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I'm here in support. And I'm not Sasquatchman or Alaskaman or Marvin the Martian or fat Kermit.
— Brent
At the Hotel bar, Brent, Hank and Oscar watch the Roughriders on TV, who are losing. Oscar maligns the current team and remembers players from past glory days, whose names he gets wrong. While praying for the Riders, Hanks promises that he, Brent and Lacey will all paint their faces green for a month if the Riders win. Brent agrees immediately but as a novice fan, Lacey needs some coaxing. She agrees and the Riders win the game on the next play. At Corner Gas, Davis gives Karen a mixed CD he made for her. This prompts jealousy in Wanda so Davis says he'll make one for her and indicates it'll be very involved. At the Ruby Cafe, Helen gets Emma and Karen to volunteer at the Senior's Home but can't get Oscar to.

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Yeah, we won! Yeah!
At Corner Gas, Hank and Lacey have painted their faces and are wearing Riders gear. They're disappointed to see Brent hasn't kept their pact and he lamely points out several green items in the station as his show of support. At the Ruby, Davis shows a disinterested Wanda covers for the CD he's making and learns she just wants to listen to music while cleaning the toilet. At the Senior's Home, Karen meets Mrs. Carmichael who asks for a romance novel, "Passion in the Willows," to be read to her. Karen begins reading aloud a racy passage and is embarrassed to find that Emma's been listening in. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, as Hank and Lacey show their support for the Riders, Brent interrupts with several excuses why he didn't dress up. Glaring at him, Hank says he's pathetic which Lacey supports with a high-five.

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This is one of my favourites.
At the Leroy's, Emma's returned from the Senior's Home and tells an interested Oscar that she overheard Karen reading smut. At Corner Gas, Davis brings the finished CD to Wanda. Indicating he put a lot of work into it, once Davis leaves, Wanda tosses the CD aside. At the Senior's Home, Oscar arrives as Karen's reading and invites himself to listen in. Karen is uncomfortable as she reads a love scene which Oscar laughs at. At Corner Gas, Davis pesters Wanda how she liked the CD. Having not listened to it, she lies that she liked it. Davis coerces her into making one for him, indicating returning the favour is an unwritten rule of making mixed CDs.

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What was that in the moonlight?
At the Leroy's, Oscar tells Emma about Karen's discomfort and unknowingly, begins to rub her shoulder. Emma's puzzled about Oscar's behavior and pointing it out, he leaves abruptly. Watching another game at the Hotel bar, the Riders lose which Hank, Lacey and a fan blame on a plain-clothed Brent not keeping the pact. At the Senior's Home, Karen tries to read something besides "Passion in the Willows" but Oscar and Mrs. Carmichael are having none of it. Continuing to read the book, a plot twist piques Karen's interest. At the Ruby, Davis tells two customers that the Riders lost because Brent didn't dress up. Brent counters that real fans also know the game and derides Hank and Lacey's enthusiasm. They arrive just in time to overhear Brent critisize them.

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They can cuddle when they huddle.
Wanda arrives at the Police station and gives Davis a mixed CD. He's surprised she made it so quickly so she lies that her in-depth knowledge of him made the process easy. Actually, she randomly burned songs from her collection. Outside the station, Emma tells Karen that she's going to get her out of reading to Mrs. Carmichael as Oscar is getting frisky with her. Now interested in the book, Karen doesn't want Emma to, but to no avail, as Emma wants to cool Oscar's libido.

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Oscar can't keep his hands off me!
Davis catches Wanda leaving the Foo Mart and has to chase her down. Wanda thinks Davis is going to be angry about the CD she put so little effort into but she's surprised that he loves its variety. Downcast that his ability to make CDs pales in comparison to hers, Wanda's ego becomes inflated. At the Ruby, Brent arrives in an incredible Riders costume, complete with face paint and a cape. Hank and Lacey think he's mocking them despite sincerely indicating that he's on-board and is dressed as "Saskaman." Hank makes fun of Brent's character name with Wanda joining in. At the Senior's Home, Emma lies to Mrs. Carmichael that Karen can't read to her anymore due to her religion. Oscar arrives and offers to read but Emma stops him and reluctantly gives into reading one chapter.

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I was just out for a run...
At the Corner Gas pumps, Mayor Fitzy asks Wanda to make a CD for him. Exaggerating the effort it will take, later, Wanda makes the CD using shuffle, as she did for Davis'. At Corner Gas, Brent discovers that Hank's removed his Rider gear as he felt Brent's "Saskaman" character was making fun on him. Wanting to know how the book ends, Karen head to the Public Library to find a copy. Librarian Alice rebukes Karen for reading smut to seniors. At the Senior's Home, Emma constantly coughs instead of reading the book. To the relief of Mrs. Carmichael and Oscar, Karen arrives, eager to read. At the Ruby, Brent mistakenly asks a woman who looks like Lacey to watch the next Rider game. The woman and Lacey both make fun of Brent's costume.

Maybe you could try the library in Smutsville.
At Corner Gas, Davis is talking to Wanda as Fitzy arrives, angry that all the songs on his CD are about idiots. She confesses she made both his and Davis' CDs using shuffle. Davis scolds Wanda for breaking another unwritten rule of making mixed CDs and agrees to make one for Fitzy. Gene Makowsky and Matt Dominguez arrive at the Ruby, but Lacey doesn't know they play for the Riders. They love Brent's costume and Makowsky calls him "Saskaguy." Giving Brent two tickets to the next game, he asks for one more. Indicating there's two people he wants to take, Hank and Lacey look at him expectedly. However, Brent takes Emma and Oscar to the game in Regina. At the Senior's Home, Karen finishes reading the book and expresses her fondness for it. Asking Mrs. Carmichael if she agrees, Karen sees she's motionless and gets no reply.

I think it's pretty cool.


  • Lacey jokes about the Riders having moved to Saskatchewan from Ottawa. For decades, both clubs were named "Roughriders" until the Ottawa club folded in 1996.
  • D.J. Flick scores the touchdown that wins the game being watched at the Hotel bar.
  • Abe Vigoda wasn't dead when this episode aired. He was 94 years old when he passed on January 26, 2016. He was mistakenly reported dead by several media outlets during his acting career.
  • Jackass!: While watching the Riders on TV at the Hotel bar, Oscar calls Brent a jackass for suggesting he has dementia. Oscar insists that Joe Dementia played baseball.


"Well, don't let me stop you. Enjoy your smut book."
―Emma to Karen
"Until last week, Lacey thought the players went into a cuddle before each play. And Hank only wants to wear that green face paint so he doesn't have to shower."
"I don't care, Oscar can't keep his hands off me!"
"Look, I know the deal. You get your jollies reading dirty books to seniors."
Alice to Karen


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