"R2 Bee Too"
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Season: Six — Episode: 15
Director: Don McCutcheon — Writer: Norm Hiscock — Aired: March 16, 2009 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Jealous of Hank's new toy robot, Davis places an order online but is surprised when his robot arrives. Despite Emma's warning, Lacey's quest to expand Brent's culinary horizons turns him into a food critic from hell. Wanda suits up to help Oscar combat a beehive.


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Way to go Yarbie!
— Hank
At Corner Gas, Hank shows Wanda and Davis his new robot, Yarbie, which talks. Davis loves Yarbie and is jealous while Wanda goes on about studying robotics. At the pumps, Oscar warns Karen about a bee hive and she keeps purposely mishearing the word "bees." Brent arrives and told about the hive, tasks Wanda with getting rid of it. At the Ruby Cafe as Josh cooks, Lacey maligns Brent for ordering chili dogs everyday. Emma insists that Brent is delicate and only likes her cooking. To prove Emma wrong, Brent tries something new, Chicken Kiev. At Corner Gas, Oscar discourages Wanda from calling an exterminator and suggests using a broom to whack the hive and then run into a car for safety. Remembering he did this once and forgot to roll up the window, he reminds Wanda.

You suck.
Brent tries the Chicken Kiev and Emma tries to convince him it's bad. He's apprehensive until learning it's fried and filled with butter. Pronouncing himself a fan, Karen's surprised and orders one too. In front of the Police station, as Hank rolls Yarbie on the sidewalk, Davis tells him that he bought the actual R2-D2 used in "Star Wars" for $700. Hank's blown away and proposes they all hang out when Davis gets his robot. At the Ruby, Emma warns Lacey there'll be consequences to her getting Brent to try new food. However, she rebuffs Emma's concern and gloats as Brent orders penne off the menu. In front of the Police station, Davis shows Karen that he bought R2-D2 and admits he paid $3500. Karen doesn't believe it's the actual robot but Davis verifies that the ad says it's not a rip-off.

S06E15-Brent likes.jpg
The verdict's in. I likes it.
At the pumps, Wanda stops Oscar from throwing a rock at the bee hive and plans to climb up a ladder and get the honey. She accidentally hits the hive with the ladder and Oscar laughs as the bees chase her. At the Police station, Davis plans to install R2-D2 into the cruiser prompting Karen to wonder what use they'd have for it and if she can transfer. At the Ruby, Brent critisizes Lacey's penne and doesn't recommend it to Karen while Emma smiles as her prophecy has come true. At Corner Gas, Wanda's dressed to take down the hive, planning to put it in a box and extract the honey. However, Oscar beats her to the hive and whacks it down with a broom. Wanda throws the hive into Oscar's car, which Oscar left running, and closes the door. Davis' R2-D2 arrives but it's a trash can with two plywood legs.

S06E15-Princess Karen.jpg
I need to borrow your stapler.
Lacey runs into Mayor Fitzy in front of the Foo Mart and learns he's been shunning the Ruby because of a list Brent keeps at Corner Gas which pans nearly everything on the menu. Joining Wanda outside, Brent sees Oscar go in his car and fail to turn the ignition off as he's chased by bees and stung. At the Ruby, Emma makes Lacey grovel and ask Emma to cook one of her dishes to put on the menu so that Brent will stop maligning her food. Hank arrives at the Police station with Yarbie to see Davis has been ripped off and keeps pressing the button that makes Yarbie put down Davis. Davis confesses he drove around town telling everyone that the real R2-D2 would be at the station. Sure enough, a line-up of kids is waiting outside. Karen suggests telling everyone that he couldn't get the robot and Davis and Hank haul the "can R2" away under a blanket and tell the line-up it's a bomb.

S06E15-Brents list.jpg
I wish I'd seen that before I ate.
At the Ruby, Brent displays food critic affectations while Lacey recommends the special, which she promises is like "Mom used to make." At the Corner Gas pumps, Davis and Hank stop for gas and Oscar uncovers the "can R2." Wanda announces she has a plan to get rid of the hive in Oscar's car. At the Ruby, Brent eats mac and cheese, not knowing Emma made it. After tasting it, he immediately insults the dish. Lacey tells him who made it and Emma advises Brent to stopping analyzing the food he eats. Brent's worried that he may not be able to and that he may not love his beloved chili cheese dogs anymore. At Corner Gas, Wanda's rigged a remote control opener to the "can R2's" trash hatch.

S06E15-Can R2.jpg
Check this out.
Outside the station, Hank has Yarbie push "can R2" to Oscar's car. Wanda opens the hatch and with Davis holding a door open, Oscar puts the hive into "can R2" with a broom. Wanda closes the hatch and everyone cheers. However, Oscar's car has run out of gas. At the Ruby, Lacey serves Brent a chili cheese dog while Emma and Josh watch with anticipation. Brent takes a bite and loves it. Lacey tries to take away Emma's macaroni but Brent stops her and declares it dessert. At Hank's house, Yarbi and Hank dance to music and Hank says that Davis doesn't have as much fun with his robot. At the Police station, Davis throws a wad of paper into "can R2" and praises him. Karen uses a slide whistle to imitate a response from it.

S06E15-Brent eats.jpg
It's good to have you back.


"When you were a baby, you wouldn't eat your pablum unless I put gravy on it."
―Emma to Brent
"You're playing fast and loose with Brent's taste buds. This is a dangerous game, Lacey."


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