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"Queasy Rider"
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Season: Six — Episode: 14
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt & Kevin White — Aired: March 9, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 1.12
Summary: Wanda's new scooter brings a European flair to Dog River much to Brent's inconvenience. Lacey tricks Karen and Davis into helping her move. Hank's new greeting puts him in an awkward situation with Emma and annoys Oscar.


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Hank and I kissed just the other day and it was fine, real classy. But you get in there and screw it all up and turn it into something cheap.
— Oscar to Emma
At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey tricks Davis into helping her move on Saturday and promises him pizza and beer. Asking why she didn't hire movers, she relates that Brent convinced her that people in small towns help each other. However, Brent made an excuse why he couldn't help Lacey move. At Corner Gas, Wanda sports a motorcycle helmet and tells Brent and Emma that her uncle is sending her his bike. Brent says he rode a chopper which Emma clarifies was a riding mower he was scared of. At the Ruby, Hank says hello to Lacey and Karen and gives them kisses on the cheeks, having just seen a French film. Both are annoyed but surprisingly, Oscar is not when Hank gives him the double-kiss, as Oscar saw the film.

S06E14-Hank kisses Oscar
Bonjour Oscar!
Outside the Ruby, Davis lies to Karen that Lacey's invited them to her house for a pizza party on Saturday. Karen thanks Lacey so Davis hustles Karen away before she can discover the truth. At Corner Gas, Helen swears at Hank when he gives her the double-kiss and he clunks his head on Wanda's helmet when he tries it on her. When he tries it on Emma, she pulls away and he accidentally kisses her on the lips. With Davis at Lacey's house, Karen discovers that she's been duped into helping Lacey move and is distressed her good clothes will be ruined. At Corner Gas, Wanda's bike arrives and Brent teases her when he sees it's a moped. Oscar joins Brent in making fun of Wanda's bike but unfazed, she rides away proclaiming freedom.

S06E14-Wanda first ride
Sounds like my razor.
Hank runs into Emma in front of Darren's garage and awkwardly talks about their accidental kiss. Emma's forgotten about it but Hank imagines much more went on than really happened and that Emma has feelings for him. At Lacey's, Karen complains about the amount of packing that needs to be done while Lacey doesn't help and instead, talks on the phone about her move. Driving down Centennial Street on her moped, Wanda imagines herself and everyone she meets being Italian. She waves and yells "ciao" and sees Hank double-kiss a surprised woman on the street. At the Ruby, Hank tells Oscar what happened with Emma and blames her for messing up the double-kiss.

S06E14-Hank imagines
I think it was a little bit more than that.
At Lacey's, Davis and Karen carry a couch down a flight of stairs while Lacey gives instructions. Complaining that she isn't helping with the move, Lacey takes two pillows off the couch and tells them to stop whining. Returning to Corner Gas on her moped, Wanda effuses about her drive to Brent. He's perturbed that without her he didn't have time for lunch so she uses this as an excuse to leave on the bike again, promising to get him a chili dog. At the Leroy's, Oscar accuses Emma of messing up the kiss with Hank on purpose, which she protests. Wanda passes in front of Lacey's house where she's asked to help with the move. She drives away speaking mock Italian and says she speaks no English. With the moving done, Davis and Karen are angered when Lacey can't find the beer, has a frozen pizza and that Brent is showing up to "help."

S06E14-Italian movers
Please, help us move. She's a tyrant.
Wanda returns to Corner Gas with no food for Brent so he leaves for pizza at Lacey's. However, as he's backing his car out, he drives over Wanda's moped. Later, Oscar points out the damaged moped to Wanda who's furious. Lacey finds the beer packed in a moving box and Davis decries that it's warm. Having baked the pizza, Lacey pulls it from the oven where it's badly burned. Brent arrives and is denied a beer by Davis who opens one, spraying him in the face. Outside the Ruby, Mayor Fitzy is leery of Emma, having been warned by Hank that she likes greeting people with kissing on the lips. Emma's had enough and tells Hank they're having a talk which he thinks means more kissing. Brent returns to the station and learns Wanda's discovered her damaged moped. About to confess, he stops when Wanda threatens intense retribution on the transgressor.

S06E14-Davis sprayed
I'm too tired to laugh at that.
Davis and Karen have had enough and demand freshly baked pizza from the Ruby. Lacey tries to give them coupons for it but threatening to smash her crystal, she's forced to bake pizza for them at the cafe with Josh's help. As customers arrive, Karen orders Lacey to bake pizza for them too and dismisses Lacey's concern that they're drinking beer. In the Corner Gas parking lot, Lacey sees paint from her moped on Brent's car's bumper. She vows revenge and imagines hiring the mafia to beat Brent up. Confronting Brent, he promises to fix the moped. Outside the Ruby, Emma double-kisses Hank properly which Karen sees through the window. Telling Davis, he denies Karen any more beer.

S06E14-Wanda Kirk moment
You will pay!
Brent's attempt to fix Wanda's moped are shabby but appreciating the effort, she forgives him. The bike works but is wobbly and as Wanda drives through town, she imagines everyone's Italian again but they're disgusted with her moped. Returning to Corner Gas, she likens the ride to a paint shaker and is visibly ill. Brent's worried she's going to seek revenge but Wanda's already imagined her thugs have taken it. The next day at the Ruby, Hank's done with double-kissing and is into fist bumps. Oscar relates, having seen the movie Hank saw this in but Karen isn't and accidentally gets a fist bump in the face from Hank. Reaching for her pistol, she threatens she's taking the safety off.

S06E14-Hank hits Karen
Pound it!


  • Brent likens Wanda's appearance wearing a motorcycle helmet to The Great Gazoo.
  • As Davis and Karen struggle to carry Lacey's couch down a very wide flight of stairs, a door with a crash bar is seen in the background. The scene was shot in an apartment building though Lacey lives in a house.


"What the hell are you doing going around kissing Hank on the lips?"
―Oscar to Emma
"You don't share pizza with Brent. He eats and you try and keep the cheese from flying into your hair."
"Word on the street is that you like it on the lips. Most of us take the classy route. Kissing on the cheeks? Apparently, you like to get down to business."
Fitzy to Emma


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