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"Potato Bowl"
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Season: Four — Episode: 16
Director: Brent Butt — Writer: Andrew Carr & Kevin White — Aired: February 19, 2007 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: When Wanda accidentally breaks Emma's famous potato bowl, the pressure is on for her to amend the situation. Hank tries to become a better story teller by making fun of Brent and Lacey. Oscar, Karen and Davis start their own fraternity club.


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You don't understand. Potatoes taste amazing when they come out of that bowl. It's like it's enchanted.
— Brent
At the Hotel bar, Brent tells a funny story to Hank, Lacey and Davis. Hank tries telling one but fails miserably. At the Harvesters' meeting at the Town Hall, Oscar is caught not paying for coffee and refusing to pay his dues, he's kicked out of the club. At Corner Gas, Emma gives Wanda a bowl of potato salad. Brent is distressed that Emma is lending out the bowl, as he believes it lends potatoes incredible flavour. Emma assures Brent that they'll get the bowl back and as Wanda teases Brent, she sets the bowl down on a box and it falls, smashing on the floor. Wanda starts poking fun at Brent again but stops when Emma yells at her. At the Ruby Cafe as Josh cooks, Lacey eats a sandwich and gives Hank advice on public speaking. Hank notices a piece of bread on Lacey's face and asks if that helps tell a story. Embarrassed, Lacey leaves.

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And don't come back!
At Corner Gas, Karen sees Wanda shopping on-line for a new potato bowl and is saddened that Wanda broke it. At the Leroy's, Emma's made rice for dinner and feels liberated that she's not stuck making potatoes all the time. At Corner Gas, Hank tries some of Lacey's story-telling advice on Brent, but comes off as creepy. Hank tells Brent that Lacey had food on her face when giving the lessons. Brent jokes it was a pork chop and explains embellishment to Hank. On Centennial Street, Davis and Karen see Oscar proudly sporting a sash. Angrily explaining that he started his own club since the Harvesters are jackasses, Karen doubts anyone would want to be in a club with Oscar. However, Davis joins, as he likes the sash, and walks down the street with Oscar where they are made fun of.

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Did you guys win a beauty contest?
At the Hotel bar, Emma effuses to Lacey that she has other side dish options besides potatoes. Lacey says that she's teaching Hank how to story tell and they find Hank entertaining a crowd by relating that Lacey had a pork chop on her face when she was giving him speaking tips. Wanda arrives at the Leroy's with a replacement bowl for the one she broke but Emma isn't interested in it. At the Ruby, Lacey's angry with Hank for maligning her during his story at the bar and says everyone is calling her "Pork Chop Face." Hank blames the "embossing" on Brent. Lacey heads to Corner Gas where she scolds Brent but after he points out that Hank's adopted her teachings well, she perks up and begins to tell a story about her slouching father taking the family on a camping trip. Lacey falters during the story so Brent has Wanda listen while he leaves.

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She musta looked like an idiot.
At the Police station, Karen asks to join Oscar and Davis' club but is told it's only for men. At the Ruby, Wanda brings potatoes she's made in the bowl she bought for Emma. Lacey's not happy to find her customers eating them in the cafe and scolds Wanda but trying the potatoes, she finds them delicious. Emma credits the bowl, not Wanda's cooking, and Wanda belittles Emma for believing the bowl is enchanted. However, when Lacey tries to borrow the bowl, Wanda refuses. At Corner Gas, as Brent tells Hank about Lacey's lame slouching father story, Hank knocks coffee all over Brent. In front of the Police station, Karen tells Davis and Oscar she's starting her own club and shows them a very elaborate sash. Impressed, they allow Karen to join their club and adopt her sash as their own.

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Even better than Emma's.
At Corner Gas, Emma's changed her mind about wanting the replacement bowl but Wanda won't give it to her. That evening at the Hotel bar, Hank, with an accent, makes fun of Lacey's slouching father story while Lacey's in the crowd listening. Saying Brent told him the story and lying that Brent laughed so hard he spilled coffee on himself, Hank insists his story isn't "embezzled." Lacey isn't amused and glares icily at Hank. The next day at Corner Gas, Emma and Oscar laugh at Brent for spilling coffee on himself, which Lacey thinks is just retribution for him teaching Hank to embellish. Brent protests that Hank spilled the coffee but it doesn't stop Wanda from calling him "coffee crotch." Wondering what their club should do, Davis imagines riding in little cars, like the Shriners and Karen proposes raising money for a charity. They sell Wanda's potatoes at Corner Gas to raise funds.

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Can't we imagine the little cars again?
At the Ruby, Brent is peeved that Hank blabbed Lacey's slouching father story as it made Lacey angry at him. Hank says a slur that Lacey called Brent, which Lacey denies, and Hank is proud that he's getting good at "embroidering." Emma brings a dish of potatoes to Corner Gas and insists that Brent try them in front of Wanda. Demanding to know whose potatoes are better, Brent concedes that Wanda's are and credits her bowl. Davis and Karen bring the cash box from the potato sale back to the Police station, but find it empty. Oscar's taken the money and uses it to pay his dues and is reinstated in the Harvesters club. At the Ruby, Lacey sees Wanda with the bowl and warns her it better not have potatoes in it. It's empty but Wanda won't let it out of her sight, fearing Emma will take it. Emma steals it and nearly escapes.

S04E16-Brent tastes.jpg
Better than Wanda's?
A tug-of-war ensues and Wanda proclaims the bowl cost her $50 on eBay. Mayor Fitzy and all the customers in the cafe overhear and later in front of the Foo Mart, Fitzy shows Emma and Wanda his new potato bowl. Another denizen displays his, which Wanda smashes on the sidewalk. However, Helen happens by with two of the bowls and kindly gives one of hers to the denizen. Emma offers her noodle recipes to Wanda. At the Hotel bar, Lacey tells a crowd about Brent insisting he didn't spill coffee on himself and Hank's various replacement words for "embellishing." Brent and Hank aren't happy to be made the brunt of her jokes. Davis and Karen confront Oscar over the theft of the fund raising money. Oscar reassures them he plans to pay it back, a little each week. At the next Harvester meeting, Oscar steals change from the coffee kitty.

S04E16-Tug of war.jpg
I stole it fair and square.


  • The Harvester Club of Dog River is Branch 252.
  • Tim Allen, who kids Davis and Oscar that they won a beauty contest, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.
  • This is one of only two episodes that Oscar doesn't wear his green baseball cap, the other being when he and Emma go to the 'Whistling Brook" motel. ("Security Cam")
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it four times, all to or about the Harvesters after they kick Oscar out of their club.


"You smashed the potato bowl!"
―Emma to Wanda
"I don't know where you're goin' with this, but I just wanna be friends."
―Brent to Hank
"Emma thinks these bowls are magically enchanted by flavour fairies of the forest."
"I'm Lacey. I like ta tell stories about me slouchy father."


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