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"Poor Brent"
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Season: Two — Episode: 6
Director: David Storey — Writer: Mark Farrell & Paul Mather — Aired: November 9, 2004 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Brent buys a big-screen TV but circumstances lead his friends to believe he's broke. Lacey buys handmade jewelry from Wanda and finds you can put a price on friendship. Oscar and Emma engage in a battle of petty revenge after Oscar criticizes Emma for never putting the lid back on the sugar bowl.


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I only bought your stupid pendant to be supportive. Then I open up a catalogue and I see the exact same pendant in there for 20 bucks less. So don't you tell me that they ripped me when you ripped me. This whole situation is f***ked!
— Lacey's rant
Outside Corner Gas, Brent shows Wanda a flyer with a 50" flat screen TV he's going to buy. Later, asking Wanda for another flyer, Brent is miffed she threw it in the garbage by the pumps and jokes he's going to fire her. Seeing Hank arriving, Brent tells Wanda not to mention the new TV, to prevent Hank from coming to his place all the time. Wanda tries to sell Hank some amethyst jewellery and jokes with Brent it'll be her new job when he fires her. Hank asks Brent for a loan but saying he's broke, Brent leaves to serve a customer. At the Leroy's, Oscar complains to Emma that she always leaves the sugar bowl lid off and resolves he won't put it back on anymore. At the Ruby Cafe, to be supportive, Lacey buys an amethyst pendant from Wanda and is surprised it costs $80.

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What am I going to do with girl stuff?
Wanda leaves, Hank arrives and he asks Lacey if Brent's business is OK. Seeing Brent going through the garbage at the pumps (for the flyer), he has his doubts. At the Leroy's, finishing a shower, Oscar learns that in retaliation for the sugar bowl, Emma isn't putting towels in the bathroom anymore. Oscar is forced to cover himself with a bath mat. Brent brings his old TV to Todd's Junk and while selling it to Todd, imagines that his new TV will make it seem he's right in the broadcasts where Lloyd Robertson critisizes him for making noise. While in Hank is in his truck outside Todd's store, Brent learns that Todd's dog died. Hank sees Brent pawning his TV and commiserating with Todd and concludes Brent is poor.

S02E06-Lloyd Robertson.jpg
Do I come to your work and crunch chips?
At the Ruby, Lacey shows Davis and Karen a catalogue in which the same pendant she bought from Wanda costs $20 less. Vowing to show Wanda, she leaves and Hank sits with Davis. Hank tells Davis the signs Brent is broke which doesn't convince him. Hank won't ask Brent directly and he and Davis try to explain to Karen that guys don't have meaningful conversations. At Brent's house, while watching his new TV, Brent imagines Robertson asking him for a chip. At Corner Gas, Karen gives Brent a tip but Davis still isn't convinced he's poor. At the Ruby, having bought the pendant from the catalogue, while Josh cooks, Lacey explains the situation with Wanda to Brent who doesn't pay attention.

S02E06-Davis and Hank.jpg
It sets us apart from women.
At the Leroy's, Oscar re-arranges the living room furniture to how he likes it but the couch blocks the door. At the Ruby, Lacey drops huge hints that Wanda ripped her off by mentioning that she charges a reasonable price for fries. At his parent's for lunch, Brent tunes out and they argue about chores they won't do anymore. At the Ruby, a happy Brent tells Lacey about the great day he's having and doesn't remember Lacey telling him about the problem with Wanda. With Hank having told Mayor Fitzy that Brent is poor, Fitzy buys lunch for Brent, who accepts it and says he's not proud. At the Dog River Hotel, Davis, Fitzy and Hank watch from a distance as Brent rubs his eyes and complains to Wanda that his TV is too big. Believing Brent is crying over his situation, Davis concedes Brent is poor.

S02E06-Davis Hank Fitzy bar.jpg
That's a broken man.
Naked except for his hat, Oscar tells Emma he's not wearing clothes around the house anymore. Sitting at the kitchen table and reading the Howler, Emma is non-plussed and tells him to take his hat off. Arriving at Brent's house with some groceries for him, Davis discovers the new TV, that Brent is doing fine and he agrees to not tell Hank about the TV. Learning Brent needs more money to get special sports channels, the next day at the Ruby, Davis lies to Hank and Karen that they need to help Brent more. Davis and Hank start a swear jar at Corner Gas. Oscar thinks it's stupid, swears and leaves without putting money in the jar. Davis pressures Karen into putting in a loonie.

S02E06-Howler Oscar naked.jpg
The glory days are back.
At the Ruby, wearing many pendants and bracelets, Lacey is able to get Wanda to notice them. After relating that all the jewelry cost her $150, Wanda doesn't take the hint and says Lacey was overcharged. At Corner Gas, Brent also swears when he sees the jar, resulting in Karen having to put more money in. Arriving home, Oscar disrobes and entering the living room, finds Emma hosting a group of elderly women. He smiles and sidles out. At Corner Gas, Brent finds $20 worth of coins in the swear jar and changes it for a bill. Wanda sells him a bracelet for $20 which Brent intends to give to Lacey to cheer her up, but doesn't remember Lacey's situation with Wanda. Lacey arrives and unloads on Wanda for overcharging her $20 but her swearing is drowned out by a passing train.

S02E06-Lacey jewelry.jpg
Are you some kind of jewel junkie?
Apologizing, Wanda gives Lacey the $20 Brent gave her for the bracelet. For Lacey swearing, Brent has Lacey put the $20 in the swear jar. Brent takes the $20 and gives it to Wanda for the bracelet and then gives the bracelet to Lacey. Hank arrives at Brent's intending to confront him on his financial situation but discovers Davis watching the new TV. Brent invites Hank in to watch. The next day at the Ruby, Brent is exhausted as Hank stayed until 1:30am. Asking Lacey for coffee, he starts complaining about Hank but Lacey doesn't pay attention. Noticing Lacey isn't wearing her jewelry, she indicates she got rid of them. At the Leroy's, Oscar tells Emma that since she left the lid off the sugar bowl, bugs got into it. Protesting, she looks inside and finds one of Lacey's bracelets. After a kiss and an apology for being difficult, Oscar refuses to put his pants on.

S02E06-Emma Oscar kiss.jpg
I know I can be difficult occasionally.


  • As Lacey rings up a customer at 10:40, the cash register at the Ruby Cafe shows $4.75 facing her, but only $0.46 facing Wanda and then $0.75.
  • Jackass!: After Davis and Hank set up a curse jar at Corner Gas, both Oscar and later, Brent ask whose jackass idea it was.


"So, I guess you could say that was the being-nice-to-Wanda pendant and this is the teaching-Wanda-a-lesson-pendant."
"A man with a big screen TV is never poor."


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