Corner Gas Wiki Policies

  1. This wiki is for the live action Corner Gas, that is, the original series that ran from 2004-2009 and Corner Gas: The Movie. Appreciating the work done on the animated series on this wiki, there is a separate Corner Gas Animated (CGA) Series Wiki. Information from the animated series including that relating to characters that overlap with the live action should be made on the Animated Wiki, not here. ANY PAGES CREATED OR CHARACTER REFERENCES TO CGA WILL BE DELETED other than the Corner Gas Animated page.
  2. Be polite and respectful. In other words, be Canadian.
  3. Do the work. A page that only says "John Doe played Rick Green in the episode I Hate Wullerton" doesn't provide useful information. Proliferation of such pages reflects poorly on the wiki and soon, people stop visiting.
  4. No Cast pages. Except for the cast who portray the main characters, cast pages aren't created on this wiki. Instead links to IMDb or Wikipedia are used. Why? They provide a lot more information and are kept up to date. And see above point.
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