S01E09-Police station

Police Station Logo 01 Dog River PD
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Grad '68"

I don't know if you've noticed Wanda, but Davis and I don't really do anything.
— Karen, "Happy Campers".

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DRPD's Finest at work.
The Police station is the home of the Dog River Police Department (DRPD) and its two officers, Sergeant Davis Quinton and Officer Karen Pelly. The station consists of a bullpen and several other rooms including an interrogation room and a jail cell. The building also contains the municipality's offices including that of Mayor Fitzy Fitzgerald. Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Grad '68".


Rooms in the building include one used for interrogation where the one way glass was installed backwards, the intercom doesn't work and the door locks and traps the occupants. ("All My Ex's Live in Toronto") The station has a jail cell ("Doc Small") which was upgraded over time. ("Jail House") The hallway contains the photocopier. ("Contagious Fortune") ("The Accidental Cleanist")

S02E01-Karen Davis office

S01E07-Police interrogation room
Interrogation Room.

S02E14-Davis Hank jail
First jail cell.

S04E06-Davis in jail
Larger jail cell.

S05E17-Davis Karen copier



"Yeah, but you and I are the force."
―Karen to Davis, "Tax Man".
"Don't go. You're the first partner who hasn't quit in...ever."
―Davis to Karen, "Harvest Dance".
"Nothing is what the town expects from us and that's exactly what we deliver."
―Davis, "Dog River Vice".
"We're not authorized to use lethal force in cookie related situations."
―Karen, "Kid Stuff".
"Yeah, it's important to have each other's back. Whether making a big bust or photocopying a dainty recipe"
―Davis, "The Accidental Cleanist".


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