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"Pilates Twist"
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Season: One — Episode: 3
Director: David Storey — Writer: Mark Farrell & Paul Mather — Aired: February 4, 2004 — Viewers (millions): 1.14
Summary: Lacey offers free Pilates classes but the town is strangely hostile to the idea. Brent and Hank wear the same shirt, so Hank comes up with a way of making sure they never steal each other's fashion thunder again. Oscar takes steps to avoid being buried in a cheap looking coffin.


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I was wrong, as I was often when we argued. In fact, now that he's gone, I realize that every argument we ever had was my fault and Oscar was always right.
— Emma in Oscar's dream
At Corner Gas, Wanda compliments Brent's plaid shirt. Claiming to have "shirt powers", Brent drones on about the shirt until Hank arrives, wearing the same one. At the Community Church, Emma and Oscar attend a funeral and argue about the identity of the deceased. Looking at the coffin, Oscar comments on its cheapness leading Emma to malign Oscar's carpentry skills. At the Ruby Cafe, as Josh cooks, Hank wants Brent to take off his shirt but Brent thinks it's fine they're both wearing the same one. Lacey comments that they look like they're on a team, causing Hank to leave. Noticing Lacey is grumpy, she says she's not getting any exercise and is thinking of starting a Pilates class in Dog River but is worried as she's not a good public speaker. Brent encourages her but refuses to join her class.

S01E03-Hank Brent shirt
Nice shirt.
At the Leroy's, Oscar tries convince Emma he's a good carpenter but she laughingly points out he's been working on a bookshelf for 13 years and that his other projects were failures. At the Ruby, Lacey's put up flyers about her Pilates class, which is "free." Wanda curtly says she doesn't want to join nor does Oscar, who is studying plans to make his own coffin. It's lost on Oscar that he won't be able to join all the features of the coffin, as he'll be dead. Outside Corner Gas, Hank unsuccessfully tries to get Brent to buy into a plan whereby they'll work out days to wear the shirt. Brent relents into letting Hank wear the shirt the next day. In the basement of the Leroy's, Emma distressed to see Oscar has bought all the materials to build his coffin. She refuses to help him and is creeped out to hear Oscar intends to build one for her too.

S01E03-Oscar measure casket
If it's a little tight, we'll stuff ya in.
At Corner Gas, Lacey wants to put up one of her Pilates class flyers but meets objections from Wanda. Due to the quotes around the word "free" in the flyers, Wanda believes there's a catch and comments the class is stupid. Oscar tries to measure Emma while she's sleeping, causing her to yell at him. At the Ruby, Lacey gives Karen and Davis flyers for the class. Karen also thinks "free" means there's a trick to joining the class and doesn't like the numerous fonts used. Davis is interested but as Lacey explains what Pilates is, Davis is concerned it's named after Pontius Pilate. In the basement at the Leroy's, Emma is impressed with the coffin Oscar built and leaves for a bake sale. Oscar dreams about his funeral where Brent, Emma and Hank compliment him. However, when he realizes he'll be dead, he wakes and runs after Emma.

S01E03-Karen Davis Lacey
You get a free pass to my Pilates class.
In front of the Foo Mart, Hank complains when he finds Brent wearing the plaid shirt when he said he wouldn't and says he's using his "shirt powers" for evil. At Corner Gas, Brent is worried Oscar making a coffin will depress him but Wanda doesn't think it's morbid. At Lacey's first Pilates class, she expresses nervousness about public speaking but Davis is the only attendee. At the Dog River Hotel, Paul gets Lacey some wine and she commiserates with Brent that Davis was the only attendee at her class. Brent advises patience with the community. In their police cruiser, Karen notices a speeding car but Davis is too sore from the class to drive.

Do I get a nametag?
Like Davis, Brent also thinks the class is named after Pontius Pilate. Once understanding what really happens in a Pilates class, he likens it to "mat class", which Wanda teaches. Paul says this is the reason Wanda was so hostile to Lacey starting a Pilates class and that everyone is suspicious of the "free" note on her flyer. Brent jokingly tells Lacey she should have played it safe, contrary to his earlier advice. At the Leroy's, Oscar has turned the coffin into a bookshelf. Complimenting its looks, Emma puts some books on the top shelf which causes all the shelves to collapse.

S01E03-Paul Brent Lacey
She's pissed at you.
At the Ruby, as Brent watches, Karen teaches Lacey what fonts to use on a flyer. Wearing the plaid shirt, Hank arrives and is angry Brent is wearing it too. As the ladies watch them argue and jeopardize their friendship, Karen notes that the buttons are on the left side, making them women's shirts. The guys shift uncomfortably as Lacey compliments their blouses. In front of Corner Gas, Brent uses his plaid shirt to clean windows while Hank uses his to wipe his truck's oil dip stick. Wearing different shirts, they compliment each other. Later, Brent defends his "shirt powers" to Hank as being limited to t-shirts. Lacey tries to apologize to Wanda for unknowingly starting up a rival class. Wanda refuses to let Lacey join her class.

S01E03-Hank Brent shirt end
Nice blouses, boys.



"Goodbye, Oscar. Goodbye forever."
―Emma in Oscar's dream


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