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"Picture Perfect"
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Season: Three — Episode: 9
Director: Mark Farrell — Writer: Brent Butt & Mark Farrell — Aired: November 14, 2005 — Viewers (millions): 1.58
Summary: When people make fun of Brent's old fashioned camera, he decides to go digital. But everyone except Brent figures out how to use the camera. A new trivia game at the hotel causes friction and Oscar's hatred of his neighbour's lawn ornaments comes back to haunt him.


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We have to avoid confusion. I will call you Flesh Oscar.
— Emma to Oscar
At the pumps at Corner Gas, Brent takes a picture of a customer's car with a 1970's camera and is made fun of. Inside, telling Wanda about the incident, she also teases Brent about the camera. At the Leroy's, Oscar grouses to Emma about the lawn ornaments on their neighhour, Helen's, lawn and vows to do something about it. At the Ruby Cafe, Hank displays to Lacey his ignorance about Canada's capital and asks the customer sitting beside him, Ralph Goodale, if he knew the capital was Ottawa. He gets Lacey back by asking her a farming question. In the police cruiser, Karen discovers Davis is going to Los Vegas but doesn't know how to gamble. She offers to teach him.

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How much gunpowder do you put the flash tray?
At the Dog River Hotel, Karen shows a bored Davis blackjack. However, Davis is more interested in the trivia game, "Trivia Zone", that Paul is installing in the bar. At the Leroy's, Brent tells Emma he doesn't think he needs to replace his camera. However, when Oscar agrees with him, Brent realizes he's wrong. As Josh cooks at the Ruby, Hank tells Lacey about Trivia Zone. Insisting they'd make a good team, Lacey refuses to play until Hank tells her about a "Perfect 10" t-shirt she can win if they get ten answers right in a row. Wanting to keep an eye on Helen, Oscar is convinced by Emma to rake the leaves in the front yard. At the bar, Hank and Lacey name their team HALA, using the first two letters from their names.

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You compete against other people in other bars.
Helen arrives home with another ornament, causing Oscar to exclaim out loud. When Helen asks Oscar what he means, he takes off. Entering the bar with a new digital camera, Brent fails three times trying to take Hank and Lacey's picture. Hank easily takes a photo of Brent and Lacey. Oscar sneaks over to Helen's and steals one of her ornaments, a gnome. At home while showing it to Emma, they hear Helen at the door. Oscar hides with the gnome while Emma says she's giving it back to Helen. Answering the door, Helen accuses both Emma and Oscar of theft and threatens to call the police if the gnome isn't returned. Angry that Helen called her a thief, Emma lies they don't have it and tells Helen to get lost.

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This ends now.
At the bar, Wanda watches Karen gambling with Davis and several locals but Davis isn't paying attention as he's watching Trivia Zone. Hank and Lacey answer several trivia questions wrong and get frustrated with each other. At the Leroy's, Oscar's happy Emma told Helen off until Emma points out the gnome looks like Oscar. Protesting it doesn't, Emma teases Oscar while he stares at the gnome. At the bar, Brent still can't operate the camera while Wanda easily takes Brent's picture with it. Hank suggests to Lacey that due to her intelligence, they get Wanda on their team. As Oscar watches TV with the gnome on a nearby table, Emma starts talking to the gnome as if it's Oscar. Oscar isn't amused and says it can go to bed with her.

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It's educational.
At the bar, Lacey isn't happy that Wanda's initials come first in the new team name "WAHALA" and that they're buying her supper for joining their trivia team. Brent fakes he can use the camera by pretending to photograph Karen gambling, threatening to show the picture to Paul. She's not fooled and takes a funny picture of Brent with it. Critisizing Karen for both her and Davis being in the bar leaving the town not policed, Karen doesn't think they're be any crimes and asks Brent to bet on the odds a crime will happen. During WAHALA's first trivia question, Wanda tells the back story to the answer and time runs out before they can enter a response. Informing her that speed is essential, Wanda offers to tells the back stories after answering the questions but Hank and Lacey aren't interested in her showing off her knowledge.

Welcome on board, Wanda.
Seeing the gnome with a sandwich, Oscar thinks for a moment that gnome made the meal himself until Emma arrives and has more fun at Oscar's expense. Wanda's frustrated that the next trivia question is ambiguous and time runs out. Hank and Lacey kick Wanda off their team but Davis partners up with her. Wanda uses "WAN" from her name and "DA" from Davis in calling their team "WANDA." Hank jokes that it'll be harvest time before Wanda answers a question but "WANDA" answers their first question quickly. Tired of being made fun of, Oscar tells Emma he's returning the gnome to Helen's yard. Brent arrives and confirms the gnome looks like Oscar and jokes they are a ventriloquist act. At the bar, "WANDA" continues to succeed but it's Davis answering the questions while Wanda lectures about the answers. Everyone in the bar, including Alice, chants "Wanda."

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That's not me, I'm me!
Davis unsuccessfully tries to point out he's behind the right answers and their team name should be pronounced "WAN-DAY." Oscar returns home with a gnome that looks like Emma. He's delighted with it but Emma insists they return the gnome. The next day at the Ruby, Davis sports his "Perfect 10" shirt to a jealous Lacey. However, he's upset that she mispronounces the team name on the shirt back as "WANDA." At Corner Gas, Brent's gone back to using his 1970's camera and confirms to Hank that he had to buy back the camera from the person he sold it to. At the Ruby, Helen shows Karen pictures of Oscar and Emma returning the Emma gnome to her yard, having taken the photos with Brent's old camera. Karen's surprised a crime did happen while she and Davis were in the bar. Helen brings out the two gnomes which Karen finds creepy.

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Nice shirt, Wanda.


  • Writer and story editor Andrew Carr appears as "Yellow Car Driver."
  • The gnomes of Oscar and Emma aren't seen on Helen's lawn just before Oscar takes the one that looks like him.
  • The answer to the trivia question of which Beatles song was originally titled "Scrambled Eggs" is Yesterday.
  • A year previously, at Oscar's stag, Brent had a digital camera which he had no difficulty taking a picture with. ("Wedding Card")


"With your knowledge of city stuff and my knowledge of not city stuff, we know all stuff."
―Hank to Lacey
"Your stories, while fascinating and educational, aren't really helpful to the game, or fascinating."
―Lacey to Wanda


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