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Phil Kinistino Logo 01 Hotel/Bar Owner

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Erroll Kinistino
First Appearance: "Outside Joke"
Family: Paul (brother)
Episode Count: 11
Someone needs to drive Lacey home.
— Phil, "Classical Gas".

Phil Kinistino is a Cree man who owns the Dog River Hotel which he took over from his brother Paul.


Season 4

Karen plays a practical joke on Phil by putting canola oil on one of the Hotel's doors. Phil can't open it but claims the oil is burning his hand as he's allergic to canola. Later it's revealed Phil isn't allergic to canola and was part of a joke Davis played on Karen. ("Outside Joke") Oscar tries unsuccessfully to sell cookies to Phil, saying they go well with beer. ("Kid Stuff") Phil confiscates a beer that Hank brings into the bar in his pants. ("Lacey Borrows")

S04E11-Karen Phil Oscar
Make him buy my cookies.

Season 5

Desperate to find someone to fill in for him while he goes on vacation, Phil settles on Wanda. After she manipulates people into thinking they have problems so she can solve them, Phil gets many complaints. He returns early from vacation and fires Wanda. ("The Eight Samurai") Sitting at the bar, Lacey sees Phil has a sign for classic nachos. Winking to him that she gets the marketing ploy using the word "classic", Phil thinks she's drunk and asks for someone to drive her home. ("Classical Gas")

S05E06-Phil and Wanda
Complaints about you.
Phil holds an employee appreciation event at the Ruby Cafe for his one staff member which Brent and Lacey think is lame. ("Knit Wit of the Month") In front of the Hotel, Oscar overhears Paul telling a couple, the Johnsons, that there's no vacancies. Oscar lies that he knows of a B&B and says it's $100 a night. Later, Oscar steals away customers from Phil, the Watsons. After Oscar wants to kick the guests out of his house, Emma ejects Oscar, who rents a room at the Hotel. Phil raises the room rate to get back at Oscar. ("Bed and Brake Fast") Having drunk Brent's bottle of Scotch 20 years before, Hank tries unsuccessfully to buy a bottle from Phil but is caught by Brent. ("Final Countdown")

S05E10-Phil and staff
Hey, look who's being appreciated.

Season 6

After Karen leaves the Ruby without paying for a muffin, Davis blabs all over town, including to Phil, that she stole it. Later, Karen won't let Lacey buy her a drink. Davis indicates that even seeing Lacey reminds her of the muffin incident. Before leaving, Lacey tells Phil to put all Karen's drinks on her tab and to not let her pay. When Karen tries to pay, Phil says Lacey's got it and that she said something about Karen not paying, which angers her. ("All That and a Bag of Chips")

S06E05-Phil and Davis
The whole town's talking about it.
With a ban on watching TV for a week, Brent resorts to pitting Hank and Wanda against each other for entertainment. They catch on and outside Corner Gas, play act a fight while showing merchandise from several of the town's businesses. Later at the Hotel bar, Hank and Wanda collect some minor perks from Phil and Darren for advertising their businesses. ("TV Free Dog River")

S06E13-Phil and Darren
All right, here's a coaster.
Phil attends the party for Brent at the Ruby when everyone thinks he's going away on a national comedy tour. He's sitting in the second booth from the entrance. ("You've Been Great, Goodnight")



  • As Lacey fakes being drunk, Wanda knows Lacey's been drinking apple juice as she saw Phil serving it to her. ("No Time Like the Presents")


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