Phil Mallett

Phil Mallett Logo 01.jpg Painter

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Ryan Josephson
First Appearance: "Oh Baby!"
Last Appearance: "Self-Serving"
Episode Count: 5
He babysat for Wanda. Ever since that night he hasn't been able to go ten seconds without lookin' behind him.
— Hank, "Oh Baby!".

Phil "Mark" Mallett (not to be confused with Phil Kinistino) lives in Dog River and paints houses. He likes to play pinball at the Dog River Hotel.


Season 1

At the Hotel bar, as Wes, Wade and Hank bet that Brent will suffer an injury when babysitting Wanda's son, Tanner Dollard, Hank points out to Brent what a terror Tanner is. He mentions that Phil suffered permanent trauma after he babysat Tanner. ("Oh Baby!")

Watch. Three, two, one.

Season 2

As Mayor Fitzy appoints Hank the town's goodwill ambassador to escort and American tourist, Brent points out that Mallett is already assigned to the position. Mallett is shown drunk at the Hotel and Fitzy indicates they're going in a different direction with the position. ("An American in Saskatchewan")

S02E12-Mark Phil Mallett.jpg
Welcome to Dog River!

Season 4

Hank tries to carry everything anyone could ever need in his pants and at Corner Gas, Phil asks Hank for a thimble. Hank doesn't have one, gets exasperated and tells Brent to add it to his shopping list. ("Lacey Borrows")

S04E15-Hank w Phil M.jpg
What do you people want from me?

Season 5

Emma hires Phil to paint the upstairs at the Leroy's, sending Oscar to leave for Davis' house, due to the fumes. Emma stays and once Phil is done painting, the fumes make her hallucinate. ("Dark Circles")

S05E04-Phil and Emma.jpg
Are you OK?

Season 6

After Brent offers self-service at Corner Gas, he begins missing interacting with the customers. Asking Phil and Dwight about a joke they shared at the pumps, Phil tells Brent he had to be there to get it. ("Self-Serving")

S06E03-Dwight and Phil.jpg
You sorta had to be there.
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